The Lack of Manners When Playing Online
by ZackC on February 15, 2013 at 04:00 PM EST


Everyone has heard the horror stories of the little kids or college “bros” who play online and swear all the time. This has become an unacceptable fact and practice. It is slowly becoming more acceptable to be a gamer in the current culture we live in. However there are people who still look at people who play video games as immature and childish. This notion is only perpetuated when there are stories coming out about children swearing and using racist language. If we as a community want to be taken seriously then we need to stop acting like idiots and figure out how to play without resorting to unacceptable language.

Most of the gaming community is extremely polite, almost all of the players of Starcraft 2 are polite and always GG at the end of games. “GGing” is short for saying good game — basically telling your opponent that they have played well. In most online games, it is a common practice to say “GL, HF” short for “good luck, have fun”. Games should be for fun, and when people are polite online, then other players will have fun as well. However, if one player is rude, then it typically ruins the game for the other players.league-of-legends-logo

There are games that are worse than others in terms of the language that is used. League of Legends, the huge multiplayer game, recently had two of its pro players banned from competition for using unacceptable language. If pro players are seen using language like what these pro’s used, then other players will think it’s all right, and the language will persist. Thankfully, those players were banned, showing that that sort of language is not acceptable.

Another game that doesn’t have the best community is the Call of Duty community. This community is probably the biggest reason that gamers are not taken seriously. When playing online, players can expect to hear profanities from little kids (the game is rated M, how did they get their hands on the game in the first place?), teenagers, and college kids alike. Surprisingly, it’s the younger kids who are swearing up a storm. If you want to know the type of language that is being used by these children, you can find that out yourself. I will not repeat the things that they say, simply because no one should be saying it in the first place. cod

We as a community should not sit by when people are using language that would not be spoken even in the most private of environments. While most gaming communities are very polite, there is always the odd person out who is having a bad day and will swear a little. But there are communities where swearing and using foul language is acceptable. Riot Games, the developer of League of Legends, is on the right track with how to deal with this issue. By setting an example of professionals, they are telling people that some things should be left unsaid. As long as there are people who act rude, the video gaming community will not be taken seriously.

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  • wienerfarts

    fuck you faggot

  • Mike Jones

    sure it sucks that most tard kids do these things….but since the start of online gaming there have been mute/block features…nowhere else in life can we make those that annoy us dissappear with a press of a button,so use it if it bothers you that much

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