The PlayStation 4 Could Be Announced On February 20th, Here Are the Key Points For Improvement
by Gregory Laporte Editor Vice President on February 10, 2013 at 04:25 PM EST

Better launch titles

Uncharted 3

I honestly cannot remember all the launch titles that released with PS3. I remember when it did launch however everyone was going crazy over Resistance: Fall Of Man. While it was a good game it wasn’t a certified system seller like Mario is to Nintendo or Halo is Microsoft. Games that would be awesome if they were announced as day 1 launch or launch window titles would be Uncharted 4, Final Fantasy XV, Watch Dogs,  among other new intellectual properties. With new hardware, come many growing pains. That’s why in an effort to curb these pains Sony needs to make sure the PlayStation 4 is easily accessible for developers as I mentioned before. We have heard rumors about it being better in that regard but that’s rumor and not fact. Many new titles that were announced last year at E3 like Watch Dogs as well as Star Wars 1313. I am really hopeful that these will be next generation games.

Improve Upon Services

This generation has not just been all about making good quality games. It’s also about providing services that gamers are going to use. In the end of the current generation we have seen how this has come into fruition. It seems that our society is becoming completely interconnected. That is why we need services that allow us to link together much more freely. Whether is it having a way to link your Vita to your PlayStation 3 or PlayStation 4 there must be a way. Everything should work on one singular basis without the need of extra accessories. If the PlayStation 4 can make your gaming experience into an immersive network that doesn’t require much. It will help to solidify a great future for the PlayStation brand.

Lastly if the PlayStation 4 is indeed announced on Feb 20th, it’s has to make sure that there are no delays, backwards compatibility, better launch titles, and that they Improve upon their services. I think that if they can manage a strategy like this than the system is going to be well received. If launched at the right price point of course. This is all my conjecture on the subject, I want to hear your thoughts and opinions. So go ahead and debate me.

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  • Jeremy Barnes

    All of the rumors point to no backwards compatibility. They also plan for online activation of games to eliminate the used game market. I’ll be passing on it.

    • Gregory Laporte

      I highly doubt they would get rid of used games on the PS3. If you make those games obsolete whats the point of trading them into to places like gamestop. Gamestop and other retailers that take trade ins would be out of business.

  • pick up bart

    I was opposed to the idea of next generation systems “locking” out used games, but a writer at IGN made a good point; how other services already do this and I don’t really seem to care. For example the app store, you don’t buy a physical copy of anything, you don’t even own it. Just a license to use that app, same with Steam. Those apps are only a couple dollars though, I get it, but we’re going to see more digital content with every future iteration of gaming consoles. I don’t see brick and mortar stores lasting forever, even if you can get games for cheap.
    Hopefully much like Steam, lets see if games on demand are a little less taxing on our wallets.

    • Gregory Laporte

      The only way that I see Sony and the PlayStation 4 doing this is incorporating Galkai after their acquisition earlier this year.

  • Carlos Albarran

    No backward compatibility and locking games because they are “entitled” to dissapear used games marketshare. Anyone who believes this is fine is a sucker. PREDATORY CAPITALISM.

    • Gregory Laporte

      That what it would appear like and the impact on used game shops like GameStop would be tremendous

  • clevelandchief

    Well if I cant play my old games and I have a console already with a ton of games then buying a new console ranks low on my priority list…

    • Gregory Laporte

      You have every right to think that.

  • DarthDiggler

    Backwards compatibility will be a last gen feature. It’s a nice thing to have on your feature list, but by and large people don’t use it all that much beyond the transition between consoles.

    • Gregory Laporte

      Personally I like backward compatibility I feel it is easier as a system seller for many consoles at launch

  • RyanGonzo

    I could really care less if it has backward compatibility. As soon as I get a next gen system whether it be the PS4 or the Xbox 720, I don’t EVER plan on playing an older generation game. Why would i? I just spent all this money on a new system, I want to enjoy it with newer and better games that utilize all the aspect of the system.

    • Gregory Laporte

      Thanks for your input.

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  • Thommo-san

    As an ‘older’ mid forties gamer, from my perspective, I would like to see the following:

    1. Clarification as to whether the unit is a gaming machine solely, or a gaming machine with multiple media capabilities.

    2. If the unit is meant to be used as a music / video player; stop half arseing around with those capabilities and make them truly functional; i.e. a music player better than itunes, and just about every video codec supported.

    3. I know the base unit always starts out expensive, but please release a premium unit that fits on top of my ‘standard’ sized home theatre components. let it have an enormous hard drive and multiple USB 3 ports. I’ll pay extra so that it fits within my cabinet.

    4. If the unit is pretty much just a games machine, great, but please include more LAN titles. Living in Australia, we have a fairly slow internet speed (like many parts of the rest of the world). Not being able to LAN GT5 has been really frustrating. I have 3 50″ plasmas ready to go, alas no dice (if there is a way to LAN GT5 I would really like to know)

    Just my thoughts….

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