The Walking Dead Survival Instinct Developer Talks Co-op, Survivors and More
by Gregory Laporte Editor Vice President on February 13, 2013 at 10:00 AM EST

The Walking Dead Survival Instinct

The Walking Dead Survival Instinct is a game based on AMC’s smash hit drama The Walking Dead. This game is do-whatever-you-need-to-survive first-person action game that features you taking control of Daryl Dixon, brought to life by TV series star Norman Reedus, alongside his overbearing brother Merle, voiced by Michael Rooker. This looks like it is going to be a great game for fans that love The Walking Dead. I recently got to ask Glenn Gamble, principal FX artist/system designer at Terminal Reality some key questions about the game and many details were revealed. Read our full interview posted below!

GamerFitNation: The Walking Dead is such a well-liked show and comic book. How much does it mean to the team to create an authentic Walking Dead experience? How has it shaped the development of the game?

Glenn Gamble: There’s a lot of (healthy) pressure that comes from working on such a high end property. We’ve been fortunate enough to work on some great properties in the past, like Ghostbusters, so we know about these expectations. We’re looking to keep it as authentic as possible. If you’ve seen the show, you should be able to pick up our game and understand exactly what you can and can’t do. We have been really focused on our source material. The show has really come into its own and since the game is based on this, we crafted the game to complement the more action based nature. However, having AMC’s show bible helped out tremendously as well.

GamerFitNation: The Walking Dead is an emotional experience. How hard was it to portray the bleakness of this apocalyptic society and choices that plague gamers throughout the roller coaster ride that they will be in for?

Glenn Gamble: As we were developing, we almost all got to pitch a story idea for a survivor or two. It became this “wow his story is grim, but I have one better” and so on and so forth. Once the writers got their hands on it, it all got rewritten to be a more cohesive narrative, but you really got to see how dark certain people you thought you knew could go.

In the end, we roped a lot of that in. The Walking Dead Survival Instinct is set in the early days of the apocalypse while Rick is still in his coma. We are seeing the introduction of this strange new world through the eyes of Daryl. We contrast with the series a bit, because there is still a glimmer of hope that things may one day return back to normal. People are nicer or are just hiding out till the military can show up. However, we all know the outcome, as things aren’t going to get better. So the decisions the player makes as Daryl to survive suddenly become far more grim, knowing that leaving someone behind means almost certain death.  Props to the writers since that alone creates a far darker story than any of us could have imagined.

The Walking Dead Survival Instinct

GamerFitNation: Is there going to be an online multiplayer mode like Co-Op or a survival mode that gamers can expect to play?

Glenn Gamble: Considering time is the enemy of every game, we just simply didn’t have the time to give it the justice it would deserve. Multiplayer, either co-op or competitive, is a lot of extra work. You have to do a ton of extra to incorporate it into the game to accommodate the addition of another player. It just didn’t seem right if we short changed the time it would take to make and tell Daryl’s story. Definitely something we would like to do if given the chance in the future.

GamerFitNation: The success of Telltale Games’ The Walking Dead has been a surprise to many. As you might have heard, it won Spike’s Award for 2012 Game of the Year. How has that shaped the team’s vision for The Walking Dead Survival Instinct and how committed are you to making a quality Walking Dead game?

Glenn Gamble: Before I start, I just wanted to say to the Telltale team, you really did a great job and hit it out of the park. Serious, good job! When designing a game, you want to play as many games as you can to try to see what works and what doesn’t work. It is a way to add to your bag of designer tools. We played all sorts of games that in one way or another shaped what we were doing with The Walking Dead. In fact, when the Telltale game was announced, we were already knee deep into production on Survival Instinct. Telltale’s version is more focused on an episodic adventure, and we focused in on first person survival. Looking at it as a gamer, how amazing is it where we can have two totally unique, but complimentary Walking Dead games at the same time!

GamerFitNation: The story of The Walking Dead is one of tough choices and severe consequences. How were the writers able to create a cohesive story that explains the brothers’ journey in this zombie wasteland while remaining true to the core ideals? How did Robert Kirkman contribute (If so) to the story and what has been his overall impression of The Walking Dead Survival Instinct?

Glenn Gamble: We had two very talented authors who wrote the script for the game, with the second season progression of the character Daryl at the core. I know everything we do goes through a rigorous approval process as well, but that is about all I can comment on since that really isn’t my area of expertise.

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  • Yettti

    I stopped reading when I saw there is no co/op

  • Eric Ill Will Williams

    Co op should of been the main thing in this game, its not double dragon with out co op!

  • Charity Diary

    I don’t care if the developers were short on time. They should have just chosen something to leave out of the game, and replace it with co-op. Myself, my best friend, and lots of other people will simply NOT buy or even rent this game because it’s not co-op. Co-op can make even crappy games fun to play, and I think it says a lot about the state of the games industry when most developers just choose to leave out online co-op.

  • Yea mate

    I was really stoked for this game, telling my mate about it and both of us really excited thinking it would be coop because the game follows the Dixon brothers daryl and merle. But now I don’t know what to with my life, I’m confused mentally and sexually. Life will never be the same now.

  • dementorrain

    It seems to me a game made about two brothers on the move would focus on co-op game play more than anything else. What happened to split screen co-op games? I think that any game that will have online co-op should also include split screen co-op! Half the fun of video games is playing it with a friend… at least for me.

  • yeyeyeyeye

    this game was all about coop when they annonced it, now there is nothing left, but a sad old singer player game.

  • Truth

    Why not coooooooop??????? the walking dead serie is all about coooooop…. Just cancelled my preorder,,,,,I´m so disappointed…

  • die young

    no coop… no fun…what have they done??

  • rafii44

    No coop…. Story of 2 brothers….. No coop…. I just dont get it….. No coop?? You just lost like 1000000 buyers around the world…. Just think about it!! Will wait a litlle longer!!!!! =]]]

  • Walker

    Hell yeah, I like to play with myself anyway

  • Yogscast

    Why can’t there be coop me and my friend were going to play game a lot,but now it is ruined,especially there is nothing to do were I live.

  • PrivateGannon

    This game will obviously be shit if the developers say themselves that it’s too much effort and time for Co-op.. If they want this game to be successful they give people what they want. I would wait for PS4 for this game if it had co-op. They’re too stupid to realise that giving people what they want give them more buyers.
    There were jets in San Andreas, they removed them in GTA IV and due to high demand they’re bringing them back in GTA V. GTA V was delayed and because of that the game will be much better than it would have been if it was released this Spring, it also raises the hype for the game.


    Quick cash in. That is obvious. But at least it’s focusing on single player. Multiplayer is getting too much attention lately.

  • hardcoregamer14

    bring out co op otherwise nobody is gonna buy it use your sence

    • m


  • hardcoregamer14

    please im begging you just bring out co op

  • louis carpenter

    wow… you just ruiend my day… me and my mate have been talking about this game since the first hints of this game being made… no co-op= no point in buying… now… if your not too busy making this game singleplayer then please take your time to read the comments below aswell as mine… i dont think you are going to do as well as you were with your sales… please im begging you guys add co-op or i will get a hired pedo to hunt you down and rape you guys multiple times. thank you… for listening

  • hardcoregamer14

    just bring out co op and you will make everyone happy

  • hardcoregamer14

    y no co op!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    NO CO-OP?! F#(% THAT!

  • Buy this

    Stop crying u bunch of baby’s! Talk all the shit u want becuse we all know your still going to buy this game!

  • Nickel Sackson

    im an old school gamer and co op is a fringe benefit id rather play a MGS type walker killing game with the best characters from the show. preordered yesterday too. severed ear keychain? nice.

  • Nickel Sackson

    im an old school gamer and co op is a fringe benefit id rather play a MGS type walker killing game with the best characters from the show. preordered yesterday too. severed ear keychain? nice.

  • m

    you’ll all still buy it lol

  • Bradders69

    They should just bring out the game then they will have enough time to make a dlc for co-op and possibly better graphics

  • thewalkingdead fan

    im a fan of the walking dead yea its bad there aint no co/op but im still stoked for the game

  • Mattias


    Activision should pay me 50$ for this..

  • afsd

    No coop? well, skipping it then…Singleplayer ONLY games are so old fashion nowdays.. wtf? really….

  • Coop Cook

    what a F_UCK?! Wasn’t this supposed to be a coop?? i just love zombie action in Coop…i guess i’ll just buy Dead Island Rip-Tide then :(

  • GClev

    Even if there is no co-op I still love this game it is so awesome!

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