Analyzing the Assassin’s Creed 4 Trailer
by ZackC on March 6, 2013 at 03:11 PM EDT

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The new Assassin’s Creed game has recently been announced and a trailer was put out along with the announcement. Let us try and figure out as much about the game as we can from the facts that are presented to us. We know who the main character is going to be.  We have a general idea of who the may be, as well as the location of the game. The game is also going to feature sea combat, which was a fun little side quest from the previous game. The one thing we don’t know, and probably won’t know for a while is who the main antagonist is going to be. We also have to keep in mind that this reveal was all computer-generated images (CGI), and we didn’t see any actual game play.

Edward Kenway is going to be the protagonist. This is stated early in the trailer. From outside material and the Assassin’s Creed novels, it is stated that Edward is Haythem’s father. This is going to lead to a very interesting story as we don’t know what Edwards role in the overarching of the story is going to be.

Blackbeard as imagined in Assassin's Creed 4

Blackbeard as imagined in Assassin’s Creed 4

Blackbeard the pirate narrates the trailer; a little history lesson, Blackbeard’s real name is Edward Teach, and he lived from 1680 to 1718. This is going to be the time period for the game, and more specifically, since Blackbeard was only active as a pirate from 1716-1718, we can say that the trailer takes place sometime during those two years.

Blackbeard states that Edward works out of the West Indies, which is also called the Caribbean. This would be a logical setting to place the game if Ubisoft wants incorporate the sailing from Assassin’s Creed 3. During the trailer Blackbeard says that Edward likes to go exploring, and the Caribbean lends itself to much exploration, due to the large amount of islands that are there, as well as the number of caves that could be included in the game.

We know that Edward is going to fight the Spanish, but what we don’t know is whether they’re going to be his only enemy. The Spanish make the most sense as an enemy because at the time that the game is going to take place, the Spanish and the English were bitter rivals. We can make this conclusion for two reasons; one, Blackbeard says that he has seen Edward clear the deck of a Spanish galleon with ease, and secondly, Ubisoft has only taken slight liberties with the history that they put into Assassin’s Creed games.Edward Kenway

There were several interesting things that were shown in the trailer and it mostly had to do with Edward and his fighting. As a pirate, he does a lot of ship-to-ship fighting, but if you come across a ship on the open seas, will the player have the option of boarding the ship and not just destroy it? I am also curious as to how the hand-to-hand fighting will feel. In the trailer it shows Edward wielding two swords as well as several pistols. It will be interesting how the use of the two swords play out, because the trailer depicts Edward as a force of nature who can’t be stopped. How is Ubisoft going to balance that with making it a challenge?

All in all, the reveal trailer tells people a lot about the game—Who we are going to play as? What is the setting going to be? and who the main enemy?  But it also begs more questions, how will Edward play into the overall story, and what do we get to do as Edward, aside from sail the seas and wreck other ships?  Until more details come out, and some actual game play is shown, the trailer is just a really nice work of CGI that sets up excitement for the game.

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