Co-op, Bro-op, or No-op: What Type of Player Are You?
by Gregory Laporte Editor Vice President on March 26, 2013 at 10:30 AM EST

Co-opCo-op…sweet Co-op. We have all played some type of co-op in the past couple of years. Whether you are at home with a friend, or gaming online—you’ve played with someone else. However, there are things that certain individuals do that will irk you when playing. Well, at least I believe so. I’ve classified co-op styles into 3 different categories: Co-op, Bro-op, or No-op.

What is your co-op style?

First, we have the Co-op player or cooperative player. Essentially, this is where you and a player work as a team. Now, this is the easiest to explain. Both players share the workload of the adventure that they are going through. Both players take on the same amount of enemies and share the equipment that they find throughout the levels.

Each player helps the other one out—giving items and sacrificing the selfish tendencies for the greater good of the team. The partner revives you as soon as you fall incapacitated or as soon as humanly possible. Each player works as one unit, and you know that no matter where you go, that person has got your back.

This is one of the best ways to play a co-op game.


Second, we have the Bro-op player. He is the partner that always takes one for the team. If you’re playing any type of co-op game whether it’s Dead Space 3 to Gears of War he always takes a hit for the team. Whether it is running shamelessly in front of a whole army of enemies to get that one item that will save you all. He could even be that guy in Black Ops that dies trying to get the max ammo on round 30 so that you all will survive.

He is the unsung hero of the game, and he looks out not only for himself, but also for his fellow gamer. He might not have the most kills, but he is the player that makes sure the gears keep churning. When it’s all said and done, you might not have completed the level without his disregard for life. That’s how you know you can treat him like a brother.

He is a true person that looks out for you and your interest at heart.


Third, we have the No-op player. This player leaves his partner to fend for him/her self. They leave their teammate unattended in times of desperate battles. Then, after the battle, the No-op player believes it was the other person’s fault. They blame them for everything that went wrong, when in actuality—it was truly their own fault.

They are the selfish gamer. They don’t share items or equipment that could potentially help you get that trophy/achievement that you are trying to get. They skip through cut scenes and progress through the story in an effort to pass through the game. They simply want to say, “I beat the game” regardless of the consequences. It makes the game completely un-fun and annoying as you play with them. You should (probably) find a better person to play with.

Is this a terrible way to play a co-op game? Or not?

We all know someone like this. The real question is—which category do you fall under? What type of co-op player are you?

Post your comments below. I would love to hear what type of player you are.

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  • James

    Co-Op gamer all the way. Gamerscores and ‘cheevos don’t matter in the least. This is why retro gamers keep coming back to old classics like NBA jam for sega genesis… awesome co-op.

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