Dave Cox Talks Mirror Of Fate Story, Breathing Life into a Caslevania
by Gregory Laporte Editor Vice President on March 2, 2013 at 01:00 PM EST


Castlevania Mirror of Fate is releasing early next week. While we have some time before the game releases I decided to have some of my questions answered about the game. I reached out to Dave Cox about the title and asked him a few key questions. The Q and A interview is posted below for you all to see. Read below to see what you can expect from the game when it releases.

GamerFitNation: When creating and developing the story in Mirror of Fate, how important was it to stay true to yourself and to your fans in keeping up with the core ideals of Castlevania, while incorporating new gameplay features

Dave Cox: We always had the overarching storyline for Dracula but we didn’t have the details and how the Belmont clan fit into it. We wanted to explore the blood feud that had been present right from the original games and so that element was important to keep. Of course, we wanted to elaborate and offer our own vision on the universe and so you have to be brave and make bold decisions if you want to make things interesting especially for new players who may not know about the rich history of the series. The success of the Castlevania: Lords of Shadow meant we had the freedom to explore these aspects more deeply.

GamerFitNation: How does the gameplay benefit on the 3DS when there are other handhelds which seem like they would be much more suited for a full console experience?

Dave Cox: The 3DS has one unique feature that we wanted to explore and that was the stereoscopic 3D. We like screwing with players perceptions and what at first appears to be a 2D game is in fact a modern 3D one. The camera moves constantly into the world immersing the player fully and on occasion is presented in third person. It was this feature alone that excited the team and the possibilities of exploring it in this game made us really only consider 3DS. Can this game be done on other platforms? Sure but we think the 3DS has the advantage here and certainly we designed the game to look its best on the Nintendo handheld.

GamerFitNation: Creating Castlevania Mirror of Fate must be a daunting experience, what has been the greatest challenge that you have faced creating this game.

Dave Cox: I think just fitting the highly detailed visual style we established with the original game was the most difficult. We didn’t want to compromise on the art style or direction and we wanted to very much show a world, as opposed to just levels. The team are very good at portraying materials like wood, stone and armour and getting that to look right with the lighting system was fraught with issues. We also worked very hard on the fighting system and giving it the depth and playability fans enjoyed in Castlevania: Lords of Shadow. We tweaked and tweaked and changed many things right up to the last minute until it all clicked and the combat felt fluid and powerful.

Dave Cox Castlevania

GamerFitNation:  When I first played Castlevania Lords of Shadow, I was taken with the storytelling and emotional atmosphere of the character Gabriel. What can we expect to see in Mirror of Fate in regards to characters emotions between one another?

Dave Cox: This is ultimately a family tragedy and we explore the role fate can play on our lives and how the choices we make have deep and fundamental ramifications on those around us. We wanted to portray Dracula as a nuanced character.  A character that is not just a black and white villain but one we can sympathise with and identify with. His choices affect the fate of his son, Trevor and Trevor’s choices on his son Simon. I think Mirror of Fate has a very satisfying and emotional conclusion that will surprise fans. You will see Dracula in a completely different way than in previous Castlevania games.

GamerFitNation: How satisfying has it been to breathe life into a franchise that has had such mediocre titles for years to come and if you could re-imagine any other Konami or old school game, what would it be?

Dave Cox: It’s been challenging yet very rewarding. There were many doubters and even we questioned if we were doing the right thing on several occasions but the success has proven to us that people are still interested in Castlevania and their is an appetite for a different viewpoint on an established universe. One thing we wanted to do was give the Dracula trilogy more of an old school feel and reference the classic games we all grew up on. I think Mirror of Fate is a much better combination of old and new and it feels like a classic Castlevania game but at the same time modern, fresh and exciting too.

I would like to bring Contra back if I was ever given the chance. It’s a series that has little cache these days but could, If done right, redefine the shooter genre. One lives in hope! :)

Thanks to Dave Cox for taking out the time to answer some questions we had about the game. I love that he thinks Contra would redefine the shooter genre. Castlevania Mirror of Fate launches on March 5th. Be sure to be on the lookout for our review later that week. Hope you enjoyed and be sure to add your thoughts below!

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