Hyperdimension Neptunia Victory Interview With Nick Doerr
by Gregory Laporte Editor Vice President on March 28, 2013 at 02:00 PM EST

Hyperdimension Neptunia VictoryHyperdimension Neptunia Victory is a quirky RPG that is currently available. We recently got the chance to have some of our questions answered by Nick Doerr, script editor at NIS about the game. We found out many details that you may want to know. Read below about the game and be sure to check out the game.

GamerFitNation: What is Hyperdimension Neptunia?

Nick Doerr: Hyperdimension Neptunia is a franchise that takes place in a fictional version of the game industry, aptly dubbed Gamindustri, and is a comedy. It takes game consoles and personifies them as deities who happen to be cute, adorable, or downright gorgeous girls, and then pits them against each other as a nod to the “console wars.” Due to the nature of the game, as in focusing on pop culture, Internet humor, and meta-discussions, there is no fourth wall, which leads to a pretty interesting style of storytelling. Nothing is sacred, and everything is silly.

GamerFitNation:Tell us a little bit about the gameplay for the game. Is this turn based, strategy, action?

Nick Doerr: The game is turn-based, but the battle maps are free-roaming so you can move and position your fighters as you see fit during their turn. It offers elements of strategy that way, so you can box enemies in, or prevent them from flanking you and taking out your healer.

GamerFitNation: What makes it different from other RPG’s?

Nick Doerr: Is it enough to say the humor? The ability to not take itself so darn melodramatic and serious? It’s a game meant to be played to put you, or keep you, in a good mood without requiring a whole lot of intellectual debate or philosophizing. Basically, a light snack of laughs delivered by a lot of cute anime girls.

GamerFitNation: RPG fans love themselves a good story with great characters that will immerse them in the experience. What is unique about this game that they won’t find anywhere else?

Nick Doerr: I think the characters are unique. Maybe they still hold to some standard archetypes and tropes, but the way they talk to each other and tackle the problems they come across is nothing short of amazing. They are always joking, or talking directly to the player, or commenting on game design in a way to keep the player smiling and wanting to progress.

GamerFitNation: How has fan feedback on the franchise contributed to the development of the franchise going forward?

Nick Doerr: I think if you look at the evolution of the franchise from the first title to mk2, fan feedback is always taken seriously. When the game takes place in “Gamindustri,” you almost HAVE to keep the fans in mind. Without them, there would be no “Gamindustri,” after all.

Hyperdimension Neptunia Victory

 GamerFitNation: What is new and different in this game?

 Nick Doerr: Compared to the previous entries, you’ll notice better character models, new outfits, more dungeons, new characters to recruit, a Scout and Flag system meant to change the rewards you get from dungeons and battles, and Challenges that each character can accomplish to increase their stats! There’s a lot to do in Gamindustri!

GamerFitNation:If there is one thing that you can tell our readers about why they should want to play this game what would it be?

Nick Doerr: If you follow gaming news, or have been a long-time gaming addict, this game is for you. “Fanservice” tends to make people think about panty shots and whatnot, but this game is fanservice for a different reason. It is made for fans of gaming. Please give it a try!

GamerFitNation: Are there any plans for DLC after release?

Nick Doerr: Yes, lots of DLC is incoming! Items and outfits and characters and events and battles and all sorts of great stuff!

GamerFitNation: Finally, there are a many things I probably have forgotten to ask. What would you like to tell fans about the game?

Nick Doerr: There will be a nonexistent prize for those who submit their favorite quotes. Winners will be chosen at random. Many will enter, none will win, but it’s the thought that counts, right? But in all seriousness, we all just hope that everyone will enjoy the game as much as we loved working on it!

GamerFitNation: Thanks for taking the time out to answer some questions. Have a great day!

Hyperdimension Neptunia Victory is out now exclusively for the PlayStation 3. You can expect a review from me sometime in the near future. Until then, I hope you enjoyed the interview.

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