Innovation, The True Goal Of Next Gen Games
by Gregory Laporte Editor Vice President on March 11, 2013 at 12:00 PM EST


Innovation, we hear about it all the time. What exactly does this mean though? Innovation is the key idea of creating a title or new gaming experience that has never been seen before. There have been many innovative titles and experiences that we have seen. Products and games such as the Wii U, Xbox live, Wii Remote and Kinect are all products/services that have been proven to be innovative.

Then there are games like Uncharted, the Assassin’s Creed franchise and others that have used some of these innovations. In turn they have furthered their greater ideals and goals. However, there is still much more in the well of knowledge that has to be tapped. With next generation hardware set to release later this holiday season. Will we see newer innovations?

I hope so!

These new games, accessories, and hardware have created new ways to revamp gaming culture. However these new creations don’t ensure that the innovations will continue. It’s hard to keep creating. That’s why we start to see stagnant properties that release overtime.

We see development teams take initial risks, but fail shortly after. That is because they fail to include new gameplay improvements. Think about many of the new trilogies that you have played recently. Franchises like Uncharted, Dead Space, and Crysis come to mind.

Crysis 3 innovation

These are titles that have tried new gameplay innovations. Some of them have successfully moved further in progression while others have fallen back. Could we attribute this to a lack of trying on the developer’s part? Perhaps we could, or perhaps we are the problem.

Many times most gamers are content with receiving the same iteration with a few adjustments and tweaks to the gameplay. This causes developers to copy the same format and fine tune to their liking. In some instances this might work very well. Although I believe it can attribute to some developer’s lack of innovating.

Take the Call of Duty (COD) franchise for instance. When COD Modern Warfare 1 was released it was herald by critics as being groundbreaking, an innovative first person shooter. Now after a few games and titles later saturation has caused an innovative title to become an average shooter at best. It is still one of the top tier games. However, I honestly believe that it could be better. 

I know that the creation of new and innovative ideas will create new games that will break through the normal conventions of gaming. Games have come a long way since Pong, Atari, Nintendo, Genesis, and more recent generations. I want that to be clear. However, throughout the past years it feels as though we have reached a stagnant impasse within the industry.

Now, I call upon my fellow gamer, trophy/achievement hunter, gaming enthusiast and just your average joe gamers. Let us get the word out that we want true innovation next gen. Some may want sequels to current titles and that’s fine with me. The only thing I ask is that they incorporate new and exciting ways to game. This is how innovation will spark a flux of creativity that can be rode throughout the generation.

Now who’s with me?! Post your thoughts below!

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