Is Tomb Raider Everything You Wanted and More?
by Gregory Laporte Editor Vice President on March 5, 2013 at 12:00 PM EST

Tomb Raider

Reboots to franchises tend to irk gamers more often than naught. A prime example of that would DMC by Ninja Theory. It was rifle with fan concerns, but has now been praised by gamers and critics almost everywhere. Now Crystal Dynamics may have received some bad sentiments from fans and Tomb Raider loyalists, but that has been in the minority for the most part. Now that Tomb Raider has released, where do you stand? Are you for it or against it?

When Tomb Raider was announced at E3 almost two and half hours ago, do you remember your initial reaction. I remember mine. It was something like this “HOLY $%#@” that was hot! Now, that I have seen footage and played gameplay as recently as can be I can honestly and genuinely say that I was excited for the game. The game which just released today has me excited. I know that there are many of you out there are already getting your Lara Croft in today. I know I am!

Tomb Raider has a great single player story line that takes you through the struggles of a young Lara Croft and a crew of survivors shipwrecked on an island. It also features very realistic situations like hunting animals for survival as well as very mature themes. This was one of my anticipated titles of 2013 and its holding its weight against other great games. It’s even got a fun multiplayer component that you can lose hours upon hours while playing. Even though the multiplayer is not the best of our generation it is still a fun addition to a great game. I am hopeful that this game makes much in sales because it looks like Crystal Dynamics and Square Enix have successfully rebooted Lara Croft. The reviews are going to speak for themselves. The game which stands currently in the 80’s on Metacrtic is a prime example of why you should get this game.

There were honestly some moments in the game where I felt really intrigued and engulfed in the character that was Lora Craft. The way she develops as a character overtime really makes you feel like you are playing with a child that turns into a well liked and renown heroine.

Finally, 2013’s Tomb Raider has been a great thrill ride to me. As a fan of Naughty Dog’s Uncharted series, this game serves to satisfy my insatiable hunger for an epic adventure, while maintaining an engaging story arc. The addition of multiplayer is a nice change of pace. While not the level of Uncharted I found myself still having much fun. If you are looking for something new to play I suggest you check this out. If you have the game already let me know your opinion on the game. Hope you’re enjoying it!

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  • Marcia Webb

    I’m in love with the game!!

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