MLB 13 The Show Review PlayStation 3
by Gregory Laporte Editor Vice President on March 31, 2013 at 12:00 PM EST
MLB 13 The ShowMLB 13 The Show Review
Developer: SCE San Diego Studio
Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment
Platform: PlayStation 3, PS Vita
Release Date: March 5, 2013
Genre: Sports
Price: $59.99

MLB 13 The Show is the latest title from the number one selling baseball franchise. After years of being on top, can this baseball dynasty continue its record of creating new and interesting gameplay?

Read our review to find out!

MLB 13 The Show is the newest title in the franchise. You might not expect the game to innovate because there is no direct competition for the title. However, this is not the case. MLB 13 The Show features several new features, such as new online modes and a beginner mode to name just a few.

Although this is just a baseball game, it feels like much more. If you are a baseball fantasy junky, you will be pleased to know that this title has it all. Whether it is cross platform play with the PS Vita or starting a dynasty mode with your Red Sox. This is a fun game to play—start to finish.

The gameplay in MLB 13 The Show is much more accessible than its predecessor. The gameplay allows for easier pitching and hitting controls. This is an improvement over the previous title. Pitching and hitting is one of the main areas that I didn’t like in the previous MLB titles. I felt it was too hard and convoluted in batting, while pitching was simple.

MLB 13 The Show

Now both areas seem to be fixed, but it appears to have ushered in a new problem—fielding. Fielding balls can be troublesome at first. Each face button is attached to a base and can confuse you when throwing an opposing player out.

However, that’s the only issue that’s problematic for this game. Games are fun to play as you can hop into a game at the drop of a hat. You can play games that are happening currently, which brings that sense of realism I mentioned before. After you get the hang of pitching and batting, you will never want to stop. It’s that fun hearing the crack of your own bat.

The animations and presentation are the perfect way to help ring in the baseball season. The attention to detail and accuracy of the baseball fields really allows you to feel like you’re actually on the field or at a game. The commentary is pleasant and really brings that true to life feel of baseball. Players look like their real lifelike counterparts and its fun hearing/seeing your players do what they do best.

You can get details during the game on your player. These details range from fatigue to the blatantly obvious. It’s just another reminder that this is a game that you can really enjoy.


  • Improved batting and pitching
  • Sense of realism


  • Fielding

Final Thoughts:

MLB 13 The Show is a great baseball game. It improves upon its predecessor in several ways from gameplay to additional added features. The graphics and gameplay are better, but the fielding feels a little outdated. This is a welcomed iteration to the MLB franchise for any fan. Well played Sony, well played.

Final Score:


MLB The Show 13 gets a safe 8 out of 10.

A review copy was provided by PlayStation for review.

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