The PlayStation 4 Is A Monstrous Console: But Specs Shouldn’t Matter
by Gregory Laporte Editor Vice President on March 12, 2013 at 12:00 PM EST

 Next Generation PlayStation 4

The PlayStation 4 on paper appears to be a console with no match. It is only comparable to a PC as it features a PC like architecture. The industry has been sent ablaze lately when the PS4 (PlayStation 4) was announced and was said to feature GDDR5 8 gigs of ram.

This allows it to process quite a bit of data per second. In laymen’s terms this console is a powerhouse that can possibly do multiple things at one time.

Now Xbox hasn’t even announced their next console yet. So all I’m going off right now is are supposed specs and rumors so please take that as you will. According to recent rumors Microsoft’s next console has a DDR3 which also supports 8 or 12 gigs of ram. That is the brief synopsis of the rumor. So take that with a grain of salt. It does include more hardware to compensate but a good search can find all those details for you.

Essentially, it has extra things that support it to compensate for the things it lacks in regards to the PlayStation 4’s memory. I don’t really want to focus on the specs because though they matter, they really shouldn’t in this case.

It’s in my honest opinion that I feel that hardcore gamers are putting too much of an emphasis on specs. I understand that specs are very important in a console. They are basically a staple at which developers should try to reach. Now for the reasons why I believe that specs are not important.

It is because you can have the biggest and strongest console in the world. However, if the content being produced for those platforms are not up to par. All that power is wasted talent.

I know there are going to be many gamers that will agree with me. Gamers want and deserve quality content for the prices companies are asking. A game can have the most beautiful graphics in the world. Although it looks beautiful, if it is riddled with glitches and poor gameplay no one will benefit from the tech. There has to be middle ground during the development process.

Take a look at the Crysis franchise. 3 games that have for the most part- been some of the most beautifully crafted games. There is much attention to detail within the character models and environments. The big problem that it has is that the experience doesn’t differ too much from your average everyday shooter.

Is this really something that we need going into another generation of gaming?

PlayStation 4 Xbox 720 Wii U

Now don’t get me wrong. I think that whatever Sony and Microsoft put into their consoles is going to be great. You can even make an argument on which is better depending on your loyalty to a brand. My loyalties if you ask me lay with, you our readers. I want to ensure that you’re not only seeing great new graphics but you’re playing great gameplay as well.

I honestly feel that in this upcoming generation we will see true Innovation not a checkpoint to a goal. In actual advancement in creating new experiences that revolutionizes the way games are played. It’s something that should happen and must happen for the industry to keep thriving.

Treating consumers as nickels and dimes will not encourage this. Involving them, listening to their words, criticisms, and interests will benefit publishers more than the suits in a board room.

In conclusion, I titled the article “The PlayStation 4 Is a Monstrous Console, but Specs Shouldn’t Matter”. I stand by my claim that specs shouldn’t matter. However, when you look at the monster that is the PlayStation 4 and potentially the Xbox 720, it’s up to developers to embrace or fear it. I think that if they combine fan interest with their divine intellects. The outcomes and experiences could be insurmountable. That is until next generation.

Well, those are my thoughts laid out on the table. How do you feel about this topic? Are specs really that important to next generation games?  Comment below!

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  • DangetT

    It doesn’t matter to you, but it does matter for developers & most gamers, so please stfu!!!

  • EveryDayIsRealLife

    Of course specs matter, otherwise we still be in the stone age playing ET on the atari

  • Lemondish

    You essentially say “..if the content being produced for those platforms are not up to par, all that power is wasted”.

    Well, I guess its a good thing then that Sony has the most talented, capable, and genre-spanning first party studios than anyone else. Better yet, they’re all working on unique Playstation 4 experiences designed to take full advantage of the system’s architecture. The best part? Third party studios are on board – games like Witcher 3, Destiny, and Assassin’s Creed 4. Hell, the definitive edition of Watch Dogs will hit Sony’s console at launch.

    Trust me, there’s no fear here. You have a valid point, I mean just look at the Vita. It’s the best handheld out there…but lacks the software to truly prove that. Thankfully we can see early on that the PS4 won’t be missing out on games that take full advantage of these specs. Now we just have to wait for Microsoft to show off what they’re cooking – unfortunately, with the lack of first party support the 360 has shown, I really doubt we’ll see much in the way of titles that actually take advantage of those specs.

  • Barry badpak

    The best specs never won the war and Sony will lose the next gen as well.
    It’s good that we are seeing progress, but the specs of the PS4 are an unbalanced mess.
    Be fit, be dead!

  • Wayne Ashley Simons

    Developers who are working with current PS4 devkits are singing the praises of the machine. One developer even stated the PS4 is as basic and straightforward as PC architechture but without the annoying Windows hangover to worry about. i will take the words of the actual devs over armchair devs any day of the week.

    • Lemondish

      I’m pretty sure that was industry darling Jonathan Blow that said that. His claim to fame is the unique platformer Braid and the upcoming PS4 timed-exclusive The Witness. I’d rather trust him over anybody else, particularly when you consider how indie development has always shown itself to be the true source of risky innovation.

  • ephoenix6

    the main point is true, but looks aren’t the sole functionality of performance. Another benefit is stability and scale so that games don’t run slowly (think of a computer trying to run crysis), and so that you have games running in a large scale. Multiplatform games would water down to the lowest common denominator, but you definitely had ps3 exclusives that took advantage of the fact that blu ray has 3 to 6 times the storage of a 360 dvd9. This led to bigger games, larger stages, more content, etc.

  • Ajonos

    “The industry has been sent ablaze lately when the PS4 (PlayStation 4) was announced and was said to feature GDDR5 8 gigs of ram. This allows it to process quite a bit of data per second.”

    As a programmer who stumbled across this article, all I can say about that statement is: argh, my brain…

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