PlayStation 4 Social Aspects: Why It’s Great and Awful
by Gregory Laporte Editor Vice President on March 5, 2013 at 12:00 PM EST

PlayStation 4 Share Button

The PlayStation 4 is going to be here this holiday season. When it was announced there was one feature that really peak my interest. That feature was the social sharing included with the system. I know people out there like their privacy and rightfully so. The world is a crazy place and there are wackos. However, this is one feature that I could not help but revel in.

As many people might have heard the PlayStation 4’s controller features a share button. This share button allows for many features. Although, we haven’t seen much of it in action. We saw it used during the Killzone Shadow Fall presentation.

Now you must be thinking, but why is this a great feature?

The social features of the PlayStation 4 are great mainly because of two things- sharing gameplay and formulating brand new connections online. There are many people out there that would love to create YouTube videos helping friends beat bosses and levels. You could do that or just play the game for them as the PlayStation 4 now allows. This is an easier cost effective way of doing things. This essentially cuts out using a Hauppauge or any other type of capture card. I honestly feel this is more of a benefit than anything else. A Hauppauge or any other capture card is good for recording footage but the convenience the PlayStation 4 provides is important and innovative.

The mere fact that the PlayStation 4 can do this on its own is a plus. Even though I found that aspect of sharing pretty intriguing, it’s not the one that I am most looking forward too. Those features are the new profiles and the linking of our real life personas.

Think about your friends whether they are online or in your personal life. Think about just how well you know them and for how long. I bet there are some of you that play on the PS3 that have been on each other’s friends list for quite some time. You have formed a long-lasting relationship with a complete stranger whether they are male or female. That is where I feel the most benefit will come with the PlayStation 4.

PlayStation 4 logo White

They say the system is made for the developers and gamers. I believe that this is true. I feel that the online community through the lack of anonymity will come into a new age. It will formulate into a cohesive community that will blossom throughout the years to come. I only hope that the PSN is ready for such a drastic change.

The only concerns I have are the potential horror stories. Horror stories with people putting faces with names. Sometimes arguments get heated and people say things they don’t really mean. There have been times where evil people do bad things. I can see this happening with people taking things too far online. I really hope I never have to report something like that as it would hurt me to do so.

These are valuable concerns that any parent, brother, sister, or spouse could have for a significant other. That is why the PlayStation community has to band together from day one to stop this from happening. That will ensure the community is well represented. I think that if this is done. This social aspect of the PlayStation 4 will truly be as ambitious as it hopes to be. Only time will tell and only gamers can mold.

What are your thoughts? Share your opinions below.

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    Thankfully its all optional so if a user does not feel comfortable, he/she does not have to use them.

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