PS4 Is It Really Worth It?
by GamerFitnation on March 2, 2013 at 11:30 AM EST

by: Fidan Mustafayeva


The PS4 has officially been announced this past week as Sony’s next generation console. From the announcement the system looks like it is full of new and exciting features such as 8GB of unified memory (the PS3 only had about half a GB split between its video and system ram) and x86 architecture which makes the PS4 very much like a PC. The system’s graphics look better than ever; they are all finely detailed and textured. The PS4 plays Blu-ray disks and DVDs along with a whole slew of other features involving smartphones and the PlayStation Vita.

Next Generation PlayStation 4

All of these new features sound fantastic but a gamer still has to ask themselves if they feel that the system is really worth it. Personally, I was disappointed when I heard that the system was not going to have backwards compatibility. Not many gamers want to have an overcrowded entertainment system filled with a PS2, PS3, Vita, and a PS4. One of my favorite features of the PS2 and the early models of the PS3 was the backwards compatibility. Sony tried to compensate for this by stating that on the PS4, players would be able to buy and download older games from all systems on the PlayStation network. Although I can understand why backwards compatibility is close to impossible on the new system, due to its use of a completely different framework; it is still pretty disappointing.

During the reveal, the system was sadly not shown, so we still have no idea what it looks like. Although, we were shown the controller; it came off as too interesting. The controller while similar to its predecessors in design and shape, now features a touchpad in the center along with a brand new “share” button. This button which allows players to record or take pictures of their gaming in real time and share it online (all with the push of a single button). I found this feature to be really amazing and one that gamers will definitely enjoy. We may end up with more than a few meaningless YouTube videos but overall, this feature shows great promise.

The PS4 will come with an “Eye”, which is a newly developed camera system that may be utilized in not only gameplay but other features such a facial recognition for logging on. However, this feature came off as unnecessary and just a perfunctory add-on. If the cameras are, however, going to be involved in the PS4‘s PlayStation Move features, then they would serve a better purpose. At this time it is still unclear if the system will come with its own version of the PS Move or if the current PS Move will be compatible with the new system.

PS4 Interface

While the cost of the PS4 is still being negotiated, the price is estimated to be around $400 to $500. This price is far more economical to cost of the PS3 when it was first released, and definitely a relief. On the other hand, there were rumors that Sony was attempting to destroy their second-hand games market by tying future games to the player’s Sony Entertainment Network. This might have upsetted many gamers with used games, but that this was just a rumor.

All in all, the PlayStation 4 looks to be a promising system, but as with every system there are many desirable and undesirable features. So, when I ask myself if the system is worth it, I can only cringe in indecision. What are your thoughts on this topic? Is the PS4 worth it?

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  • Brian

    Yawn. Anyone crying over no backward compatibility needs to grow up and get over it. I’m sure Sony could have added it if they went with less RAM but having 8GB of RAM is going to be more important in the future than playing old games will be.

  • benbenkr

    What the…? Do you even KNOW the system’s price yet to say if its worth it or not?
    I’d bet if it comes at $300 you’re gonna be camping for one on launch day.

    Your article is just about what is impressive to you and what isn’t.

    • Jacob

      It won’t be $300 as that will be financial suicide for Sony.

      • benbenkr

        Obviously it won’t. I’m just pointing out an example.

        Not even all the features, games and capabilities of the PS4 has been laid out yet to the public and people are already questioning if it’s worth it or not, that is quite pre-mature, no?

  • EverythingIsRealLife

    Why did you buy a PS3? Why did you buy a PS2? Of course, its worth it, have you seen those specs and promising games they showed and E3 is not until JUNE!!!!Yes its worth it, im ready to move on from my buggy 360 and ps3, they makes that override the hardware, my body is ready

  • XanderCage

    I actually wouldn’t write off backwards compatibility just yet. In a couple of interviews PS1 and PS2 backwards compatibility were brought up through emulation, which Sony said they would look into (with 8 gigs GDDR5 Ram this should not be a problem) PS3 games on the other hand will be much more difficult to do.

    • Jacob

      RAM doesn’t dictate the possibility for BC, the CPU and GPU do.

      • Manoj Varughese

        This also hints at why next gen will have a very short span of life. The current gen of consoles was the longest ever in history. 360 having completed almost 8 years.

        • MSFTW

          That’s why it’s so stupid that people hype everything up about Sony’s specs. If MS releases another machine in 5 years and manages to massively undercut Sony on price alone during this gen because of slightly lower spec components, it’s going to be a very rough ride for Sony next gen, a lot rougher than this one even.

      • Falmer

        John Carmack also commended the PS4 for being a major leap forward.

        Games will always look better on the PC, but because Sony owns so many excellent first party developers Ill get PS4 too. Also, theres no Red Dead Redemption on PC.

        Eye was briefly grazed over with little to no focus, (why would they fully abandon the casual market, its a lucrative business)

        The interface I agree with you on though, its pretty ugly compared to the XMB or the Blades.

        The touch pad could be utilized well; think browsing the internet and using it as a mouse, clicker for RTS’s, or selection wheel for Fallout/Oblivion.

        The PlayStation 4 isnt actually out yet so I’m going to ignore your point about the touch pad being too small. There’s no way could have judge it thoroughly without actually using it.

        But what really impressed me about how Sony handled themselves was that they were/are sticking with the core/hardcore market rather than utterly abounding it all for the causal crowd.

        Looking like I will have PS4 and a PC for gaming the next 5-7 years.

  • mark

    how long do people actually play previous gen games for? I barely played a PS2 game after PS3 came out

  • AlexJones4President1995

    nibeiru is going to make the desishen for all of us this spring anyway i culd care less aboout another failstation

  • Nadeem Khan

    PS 4 FTW !!!

  • PlatanoGames On YT

    It has been confirmed that the existing PS Move will function with the PS4! It has also been confirmed that the eye will always be in sync with the controller or PS Move. Now as for backwards compatibility, its one of the top things that hurt the PS3. It made the console more expensive to produce and forced Sony to launch it at a high price. By eliminating the chance of any backwards hardware, Sony can focus on the PS4, but also keep the producing price and retail price at a minimum. Back in the day it was standard to understand that your NES games dont work with your SNES games, just like neither work with your N64 or Gamecube! Are you going to throw your PS3 in the garbage? I know I’m not!! It will be right below my PS4 and PS2!

  • Alex

    All games shown were running on PC, not the PS4

    • extermin8or2

      no only watchdogs was running on a pc.

      • Alex

        i bet all were…but they will not tell, at least watch dogs has been confirmed and capcom game was a CG animation, not gameplay

        • extermin8or2

          Deep downs trailer was apparently a mixture of cutscene stuff and some gameplay- a hud does appear for abit in that trailer look closely- killzone was played live onstage and then uploaded to fb using the share button…. and infamous:second son was confirmed to be gameplay and cutscene with some camera angles altered to make it more cinematic. Evolutions dricing game clearly showed gameplay and knack was alsobplayed live on stage as was the game after it whos namei forget- as such watch dogs which was confirmed to bebonly one playingbon a pc was the only one playing on a pc and the ps4 version was shown online shortly after…

          • Alex

            It seems that way, but is very common given the architecture (x86) that developers started building this games on ultra pcs modded to work as debug units, i don’t buy sony excuse to not showing the console

          • extermin8or2

            Well clearly i think they didnt show the hardware because they dont hsve final models but do have final debugs which are the same spec and architecture as the final thing but in a rough outer shell…. so itd have been playingbon a ps4…


    Um. What is the writer of this article on about? The actual console hasn’t even been unveiled yet, let alone the price. Is the PS4 worth what?

  • OldBuford

    what was the point of this article? its like going up to a salesman and asking “hey im looking to upgrade to a newer car, is it worth the higher sticker price?” and him saying “well, they have a lot of nice new features, but you cant see the car yet and we really dont know what its going to cost…so its really up to you, care to leave some feedback for other customers about your decision?” i mean, was it even worth the authors time to type out a short novel that doesnt answer any questions the readers may have? after reading it im not in an any better position than i was before reading it. THANKS FOR NOTHING!

  • Nathaniel Gross

    I might wait awhile just on the fact it won’t be backward compatible with ps3 games unless that changes I am keeping my decision

  • mike

    I think it is worth it. It will take youtube videos to a hole new level! instead of having to research a sytem and going to the store to BUY, the ps4 will record it for you. IT IS WOOORTH I!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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