Sims 3 Expansion Packs that are Worth Buying
by GamerFitnation on March 13, 2013 at 02:00 PM EST

by: Fidan Mustafayeva

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I have been playing The Sims since its beginning in 2000. The Sims has made a huge impact on the world of gaming, without even trying. The Sims is unlike any other game, it allowsthe player to create their own story and that is the very reason for its success. Personally, that is what entices me to play, there is just something really amazing about having the ability to create people and play through their lives; the game thrives on its simplicity. Currently, The Sims is on its third generation, The Sims 3 and is still widely successful.

The game now has many expansions that range from the addition of jobs in Ambitions to the inclusion of fairies and witches in Supernatural. Some of the expansions flourished while others flopped. In the wake of the release of The Sims 3 University Life, here are my personal favorite expansions: the ones that feature lots of new content, giving you the biggest bang for your buck!


The base game comes with very limited interactions so an expansion pack that I found to be really great was Late Night. The pack comes with a whole new town that is set in a downtown city area. Late Night allows sims to go to bars, lounges, and clubs; they can also meet celebrities and–if they’re lucky–become famous themselves. This expansion also adds vampires to the mix which is always exciting, not to mention all of the new interactions between your sims. I was amazed by the amount of content from this particular expansion, it really added to the blandness that was the base game; I definitely suggest Late Night, you won’t be disappointed.


Another expansion that is essentially a necessity is Generations. The expansion expands on what is already there in a way that makes gameplay more realistic. Although there is no new town for your sims there is a lot of new content such as new hairstyles, clothes, and interactions. There is also a new feature called memories; sims can now remember big events in their lives. Nearly each stage of life has been given new content to make gameplay more true to real life, children can now play on playgrounds, teens can go to prom, adults can have a mid-life crisis and more. I enjoyed this expansion because it added a lot to the storytelling aspect of The Sims; if you’re big on creating stories this is an absolute must-have.


A very enjoyable expansion is Seasons; it is full of new content and many new things to do! Not only has your town been given seasons, there are also town festivals every season, with each festival hosting activities that match the current season. For example, the spring is is all about love so the festival has kissing booths and even a spring fling dance. There are also other fun additions such as being able to go trick or treating or having a feast party in the fall and a gift-giving party in the winter. These little additions are what make the expansion so much fun to play. I was very surprised by the amount of content that was in seasons and was very glad that I decided to pick it up; Seasons is worth it.

the sims 3 university

And of course there is the newest expansion, University Life, which was released on March 5th. It features lots of new content, and even though you still can’t see inside most lecture halls like the trailers lead you to believe, it is still worth buying. The University campus is located in an all new town where students can choose to live in a dorm, fraternity, sorority, or off campus housing; this addition alone is great for storytelling. Sims are also able to pick majors, hang out in social cliques, and have crazy college parties. This is something completely new for Sims and that is why I am sure that this expansion is definitely worth the money.

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  • Gamer101

    Didn’t mention World Adventures, Ambitions, Pets, Showtime, Supernatural, Island Paradise or Into the Future. They’re all great.

    • SimmerForever

      Dif people have dif opinions Dude. Chill.

      • Gamer101

        I’m not complaining, I’m just saying there are lots of great expansion packs that the author didn’t mention. I do agree with the authors choices. In fact, all the expansion packs are great. The whole Sims series is great.

        On a related topic, do you think they’ll bring back pools for the Sims 4? They’ve been in the series since the very beginning, after all, and are a base game staple.

        • SimmerForever

          Ok Sorry then, but Pools are back in The Sims 4.

          I hope they bring back Toddlers and Cars soon though.

          • Gamer101

            They have? How? They haven’t released any expansion packs yet, have they?

            I would like toddlers back too, but since the towns aren’t exactly open world, I can’t see cars coming back, unless cars work they way they did in Nightlife for the Sims 2.

            They better do nighttime, pets, holiday, magic, university, and seasons expansion packs.

          • Simmer

            They have 1 Ep, Outdoor Retreat

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