5 Snacks Every Gamer Should Have
by Alfredo on April 21, 2013 at 08:00 AM EST


Before any gaming session, you want to make sure of two things, that your batteries are full charged and that you’ve got the right snacks on you. Personally I’ve gone both the healthy and non-healthy routes when it’s come to snacks. I’ve gone for the Doritos bathed in chili sauce and lime, and I’ve gone with the snacks I’m about to recommend. From experience, the healthier snacks are the better option because they are easy to prepare, healthy, not messy and best of all, they are delicious!

Yams are one of the easier to prepare, less messy snacks and healthier snacks, making them one of the perfect snacks for gamers. Yams are packed with vitamin B6 which helps reduce cholesterol and because yams are rich in potassium, they also help reduce high blood pressure! They are also great for controlling your weight because of all the fiber in them. Fiber is digested slowly but the body, making it so that your stomach feels full for a longer period of time, getting filled by a yam is better than getting filled by a bag of chips.


Popcorn might not pop into mind as a healthy snack, but it’s a far better alternative if eaten the healthy way. According to a post by ABC News, popcorn is packed with antioxidants. One of the good things about antioxidants is that they boost your immune system which ultimately fight off germs and keep you from getting sick. Popcorn is also low in calories, according to USA Today, a small unbuttered popcorn at the theater typically has 650 calories!

almonds and cranberries

The almond/cranberry mix has to be one of my favorite snacks. You don’t have to prepare it, simply toss the almonds and cranberries into a bowl and you’re good to go! Almonds have phosphorus which helps build strong bones and teeth. Possibly the best reason this is perfect for gamers is because they help provide good brain function. Almonds contain riboflavin and L-carnitine, both which are known to boost brain activity, which will help you make better choices in video games!


Smoothies are generally good for you because they keep you hydrated and contain vitamins and milk that you wouldn’t have found in your typical junk food. Generally a smoothie has milk and some sort of berry thrown into the mix, that milk is filled with calcium and the berries are often filled with a variety of vitamins. A homemade smoothie without sugar is good because it’s filling, which may likely keep you from overeating and packing yourself with unwanted calories.

Freshly cut carrot sticks are extremely good for gamers. Gamers are more probable to straining their eyes and weakening their vision. Having good vision is especially important for gamers because seeing that little movement from a hidden opponent or catching that open player might be the difference in you winning or losing. Carrots have vitamin A, lacking vitamin A can reduce your vision because the retina uses that vitamin A, along with protein opsin so that it could form rhodopsin, a light absorbing molecule used to capture light.

Don’t Just Be Fit, Be Gamer Fit

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    1. Meh not a yams eater
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