Ways FIFA Can Improve In The Next Generation Consoles
by Alfredo on April 4, 2013 at 12:56 PM EST

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As the next generation consoles grow technologically, so should the games we play. As of now, next generation consoles offer touchscreen and sensor technology, sensor technology has already proven to be a huge success among gamers, and I believe titles like FIFA could bring players closer to an at home football-soccer experience by using that technology to their advantage.

Penalty Mode
With the sensor from Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4 and the Wii U, FIFA could create a Penalty Mode where people could physically swing their foot as they shoot for goal or use their hands to go for the save. This kind of gameplay has already been seen on Kinect Adventures so why not bring it to FIFA? Many of us wouldn’t mind pretending to be Gianluigi Buffon or Messi when we’re at the penalty box!

Touch Pad Substitutions
I know FIFA 13 on the Wii U already has a feature where you make substitutions on your touch pad while you’re still playing on the field, I would love to see something similar to that on the PS4 and any other future console that have a touch pad on the controller. Touch pad substitutions is honestly a great feature because instead of pausing the game, you could quickly do those changes while keeping a fast paced game going.

Sensor Celebrations
It would be nice to have the sensor catch you physically celebrating after you score and then show it on the screen as the player. Something like this would save the FIFA development team some time from updating their celebrations. With a feature like players would be able to do a Balotelli or even a Cuauhtemoc celebration without having to remember the code to the celebration.

Working with the Touchscreen and Sensor Technology are not the only things I’d recommend, FIFA could majorly improve their next game by working on the following…

Permanently Remove Scripting/Momentum Bug
The fact is that anyone who’s played FIFA-at least on the Xbox 360-knows that FIFA has a bug where momentum is given to one player, making it literally impossible to win a match. This has to be one of the most irritating things and is by far the biggest complaint I have about FIFA 13. Don’t get me wrong, FIFA is a great game, but there’s no arguing the fact that it’s so irritating to clear the ball out, only so that the ball always goes directly to your opponent, or to have an open target at goal and missing for no apparent reason. FIFA needs to improve on that bug drastically, I love the game, but I believe many people could potentially stop buying this game if the bug continues to appear.

Eliminate the Replays In Online Mode
It’s just plain rude when you start watching all your replays-especially when your opponent skipped their replays. There is no fair play in that and in all honesty, people watch their replay to only troll around with others. I believe there should be a stop to that as far as online mode goes.

The one thing I admire about the team working on FIFA is that they make noticeable changes for the game on a yearly basis, it would really be something to see one of these ideas – or something close to them- considering that they’re realistic with the technology that’s available.  Penalty Mode, Touch Pad Substitutions or Sensor Celebrations would really show off the amazing technology these consoles possess and would really bring in players closer to an at-home football-soccer experience.

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