Will Kingdom Hearts X Be Successful?
by GamerFitnation on April 5, 2013 at 12:00 PM EST

By: Fidan Mustafayeva

Kingdom Hearts X

Square Enix has recently announced that they will be releasing a Kingdom Hearts title for PC browsers. Kingdom Hearts X will be the first of its kind in the 10 year Kingdom Hearts saga. Kingdom Hearts X can be played on nearly any PC browser and will be free to access. The game will allow the player to play through familiar Disney worlds and defeat evil foes, but in this title the player will also be able to play together with friends.

In this title, the player will be able to create their own avatar and customize their appearance from a wide variety of clothing and accessories before they roam various worlds. While the base game is free it seems that specific items and accessories for avatars will cost a fee. This is a completely new dynamic for the world of Kingdom Hearts, but will it be successful?

In my opinion the game sounds like it will be fun and unique, the only issue I have with it is that it is not going to expand on the story of Kingdom Hearts. This seems to be a spin-off game similar to Kingdom Hearts Mobile (Japan Only).

Kingdom Hearts X

This title could go one of two ways, it could either be widely successful and become a way to bring fans together–while we wait for the next real title– or it could flop. This all depends on the amount of time Square is willing to put into the worlds and missions; if the missions are fun then people will continue to play.

Currently, the game will have a card based battle system, I’m not sure that this is good news because of the way fans negatively reacted to the card based battle system in KH Chain of Memories. However, collecting cards will make your avatar learn special techniques and synthesizing cards will enhance keyblade power. Even though it is still too early to tell if this game will be successful, it has many promising factors that other Kingdom Hearts titles have never offered before.

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  • rimedur

    WTF square enix i want kingdom hearts 3 not some shitty facebook game

    • http://twitter.com/MeltingComet MeltingComet

      As long as they throw us stuff, I will stay in the series. This is not a facebook game, and Kingdom hearts 3 will not be in development until after KH 2.5 Remix. You better wait. It took many years for ambitious games to come out, and the new games expand the story. Trust me, KH 3 won’t come for a while, so don’t wait and try what disney and square have to throw at you.

  • Jeremy

    The battle system isn’t that different from recent battle systems. It is the command system without a regular “attack” button

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