FCBD 13: Founder Joe Fields Plans to Make Everyone a Comic Book Fan. (Interview)
by Tamika Moultrie on May 3, 2013 at 10:55 PM EST
Joe Field, Free Comic Book  Day Founder - (AP Photo/Ben Margot)

Joe Filed, Free Comic Book Day Founder – (AP Photo/Ben Margot)

Just a day away where millions of comic book fans around the world rejoice to participate in what is called the “holiday for comic book fans “, Free Comic Book Day. GamerFitNation had a chance to catch up with the founder, Joe Field, the man behind the largest comic book event in the world. We get to discuss Free Comic Book Day’s origin and his love for the community that grows every year.

Take a look at the interview below.


GFN : How did the idea of  joining the comic book industry with local shops around the world,  come together, and make Free Comic Book Day for fans?

Joe Field : Back in 2001, I wrote a column in an industry magazine proposing Free Comic Book Day. I saw that there were a lot of good things going on in comics and that [the] comics culture was being more widely embraced by Hollywood.  I wanted to come up with something to shine a bright light on the comics, which  are the foundation for so much of pop culture.

GFN – Is there a committee ?

Joe Field : FCBD is coordinated entirely by Diamond Comic Distributors. There is a committee of retailers that combs through publisher applications to determine which comics are offered for FCBD.

GFN – How can companies, writers, and shops become involved?

Joe Field : This year, 40 publishers are producing 52 special edition FCBD comics. There will be 2000 stores in 60 participating countries,  giving away more than 4.5 million comics to more than  1 million visitors to stores for FCBD. It is the world’s largest comic related event.

GFN – Does it grow each year as far as the participation?

Joe Field : Absolutely! Last year, there were 3.5 million comics and stores in 50 countries. This year, we’ve added 1 million more comics and 10 more countries.

GFN – I noticed a lot of new indie series have been able to shine and display their work to new and current fans.

Joe Field : One of the greatest things about FCBD is that it shines the light equally on ALL kinds of comics. I am convinced that there  are comic series and graphic novels for anyone who loves to read. That’s what FCBD is about— introducing everyone to the great pleasure of reading comics!

GFN – This is quite some year for comics with Iron Man 3 launching a day before FCBD. There’s also Wolverine’s new movie this summer and the greatly favored Walking Dead series and  video game  that won GOTY., What are you guys’ thoughts?

Joe Field : I think it’s wonderful that Hollywood gets its best ideas from comics! Think about it, comics really are the creative center of all visual entertainment. FCBD is really an invitation for everyone who loves those movies to discover the comics that will become the next big thing in other types of media.

GFN –  Celebrities  participate to spread the word and embrace our Christmas day for comics fans. Who was a favorite?

Joe Field : I personally love the Hugh Jackman spot for FCBD. Although, it would be great if every celebrity who loves comics or stars in any of the movies based on comics would at least get on Twitter and send a tweet to their fans to promote FCBD.

GFN – What has been the craziest year for FCBD?

Joe Field : This year! Each year gets bigger, better and crazier. I can’t wait for Saturday!

GFN – What’s next for FCBD?

Joe Field : Bigger, better and more comics! I still haven’t reached my goal with FCBD yet– that is, to make sure that everyone who loves to read also becomes a reader of comics and graphic novels.

GFN – What comic series would you all love to be made into a movie franchise which  has not yet been done?

Joe Field : I would love to have Will Eisner’s graphic novella, “The Dreamer”, made into a movie. It tells the story of comics art pioneer, Will Eisner, breaking into comics in the 1930s.   It is full of humor and heartbreak.


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