Gig It
by Brandon Russo on May 2, 2013 at 02:17 PM EDT

Gig It

New Social Game For FaceBook 


Have you ever wanted to organize your own Hip-Hop concert,  planning out every little detail from artists who perform to the clothes that they wear? Well, now you can. Gig It, the up and coming Facebook game from the mind of  John Acunto, CEO and Creator, combines all the elements of customizing your very own Hip-Hop gig, without all the stress of being a contractor. As the player, you’re in absolute control of everything. You choose the artists, the songs, the moves, the clothes, and everything in between, resulting in over one billion different combinations. Over 40 artists will be included, ranging from 2 Chainz to T-Pain, and the number of them is constantly growing higher. After all is said and done, you get to sit back and watch the concert you created from any angle you wish, and then share the final product with hundreds of Facebook friends.

It doesn’t just stop there. On top of being an interactive gaming experience, Gig It also brings artists together with their fans in a new way. Fans will be able to stay updated to their favorite musicians via Gig It, getting special updates only available first through the game. People will get first time knowledge of upcoming shows, new singles, and other various knowledge. If a player loves the clothes they provide the artists with, they’ll have the opportunity to purchase them for themselves. Gig It brings together a plethora of social goodies into one big, expansive game.


So, after all this, what could Gig It do to top a virtual concert? They threw a real one, featuring some of the biggest names in hip hop. Tons of celebrities lined the red carpet, including Love and Hip Hop’s Tahiry, Sean Kingston, Cody Simpson, Fame, Fabolous, and even Jamie Foxx. Smoke consumed the air, as Rick Ross stepped onto the carpet with a cigar in hand and DJ Khaled by his side. Randi Zuckerberg made an appearence, with many others following. The red carpet held a ton of appearences, but the real experience began on stage.


Tons of musicians took the stage, one after the other, delivering high energy performances for the game. Allison Park kicked everything off, followed up by R&B singer Miguel who each performed with a full band behind them. Busta Rhymes rushed on stage to say a few words, and Elle Varner delivered an incredible vocal performance shortly after. Fabolous performed next, and 2 Chainz brought an electrifying presence on stage right after. Nas kept the pace going, and brought it to new levels, proving that he’s still one of the best rappers in the game today. SWV closed off the night with a beautiful harmony of hits, proving that their name (Sisters With Voices) still stands true.


All in all, the people behind Gig It provided an unforgettable night. They are bringing an innovative, new way to interact with friends and giving people the opportunity see their ideal concert perfomed right in front of them. Not only this, but they provided an amazing ballad of hip hop performances to kick off the upcoming release. Gig It sets itself up to be a great interactive experience, that surely looks to become the next big thing in social media. Get a glimpse of it yourself at, and play it for yourself this Spring, 2013. If you love the concept, spread the word on social medias and hashtag “gigit”!

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