Saints Row 4: Can You Really Expand DLC to a Full Game?
by ZackC on May 3, 2013 at 11:04 PM EST

saints_row_4_titleSaints Row 4 was announced a little while ago with a very over the top trailer. I am a fan of the series, but what was said about the game following the trailer has made me slightly nervous. Volition, the developer of Saints Row has said that the game was originally intended to be Down-loadable Content (DLC) for Saints Row the Third, but they wanted to include so much stuff that they simply made it into a full game. This scares me a little because I am a practical person and want to get the most bang for my buck. If this game was originally just DLC, the amount that the game has been expanded is what is going to justify the price increase.

If you watched the trailer to Saints Row 4, then you will know that the game looks just as fun as the games that came before it. There looks to be super powers and odd weapons, which is in line with the direction of the series, which has gotten more and more goofy as the games progressed. From what I have heard, the game is going to focus around the third street saints, and follow them as they make a push for the White House. This will make the game interesting because the President has always been someone who is a law-abiding citizen and the saints have not always been ones to follow the law.  So how this plays into the game will make it interesting. Saints_Row_4

So now that you have the background of what is going to take place in the game, we can talk about how much bang we can get out of it. The other Saints Row games have been pretty in-depth and had several different side missions as well as huge maps. Will there be a return of missions from the other games? I simply wonder this because the missions have only changed slightly from game to game, but now because the player is trying to take over a country , will these missions be changed? If the player is going to become the President, does this mean we will get to go to different cities? And if the game takes place over several cities, how big will these cities be, and how much can a player do in each city?


When the developer talked about the game there is not a whole lot to worry about, but when you look at what has been shown, it is a different story. The trailer looked very much like Saints Row the Third but with some more goofy stuff added. I have no problem with goofiness in fact it is what made me a huge fan of the series. But if all that is changed is the plot and the gear that you get, then I will have a serious problem having to drop $60.

Sequels don’t have to be completely different from its predecessors, after all, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. However, there needs to be enough content to justify the cost of a full game. With the Saints Row series, the games have not only looked better and better as the series has gone on, but they added and changed the game enough that it is almost unrecognizable going from game to game. With going from Saints Row the Third to Saints Row 4, I don’t know if there is going to be that significant jump in the look and feel.

Without that significant change though, there still may be enough content change that the price change is warranted. I mean, there are going to be super powers! Just adding super powers and changing the plot may be enough for the game to be different enough that it will see a change in the price. I’m personally going to wait until more information comes out about the game to make a final decision about whether it is going to be worth spending $60 on something that was originally going the be DLC.

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  • corokou

    its an rushed addon just like sr3 , gta5 comes in sept and sr4 releases in august lol

    • dakan45

      There was nothing rushed or add on on saints row 3, the game was rebuilded from scratch and couldnt put many things in it.

      CASE AND POINT, gta iv had less guns, less features, less vehicles, no aiplanes,smaller maps, less clothes.

      • corokou

        compared to sr2 , sr3 had only grafix , in sr3 city is smaller and less vehicules, when was the last gta before gta4?

        oh yeah gta san andreas and where was that?
        oh yeah on ps2

        cant blame the transition to a next gen console

        sr2 is on current gen consoles and so is sr3

        GTA5 for the win , SOLLY


        • Dakan45

          yeah like i said, they made it from scratch. You might wanna take a look at how much money rockstar burns. GTA IV and max payne 3 are the most costly games ever.

          Volition is nowhere near as big.

  • dakan45

    Well, the original saints row had some cool mp modes that were removed from sr2. Sr2 had tons of guns and various items, hidden minigames and easter eggs that got removed. In saints 3 they killed off the mp for coop and it had far less content with tons of dlcs.

    It is not a matter of can you do it. Its a mater of games systematically lose content for more dlcs.

    Still its gonna have more content than saints row 3 that had to be made from scratch.

    That doesnt look like it though considering how in saints row 2 or 3 they said that they were removing content every week because it didnt fit the game.

    WTF? leave it there, we like content that we dont have to pay extra for. That is wasted work, dont throw it away.

    Saints row iv is ALSO doing this. They had a monkey gun and dragons, but they removed Them. STOP REMOVING CONTENT DAMN IT. In a game like this, there is no such thing as ” we had crazy things that didnt fit into the theme of the game”

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