Sequels Next Gen. Consoles Should Release
by Alfredo López Editor GFN, LA West Coast on May 16, 2013 at 08:05 PM EDT


In the past there have been video games that get us hooked, whether it’s the story, the gameplay, or both, they become addicting to the point where that’s literally all you want to do, is play that game. After beating the game, all there’s left is to wait for the sequel. However, many great games have left us with no sequel, nothing to continue with, even if there was potential for another game. With the next gen. consoles approaching us, there are games that developers should consider making, considering these are games that had a huge fan base and never released a sequel for the games many of us grew to love. Below is a short list of popular games that are in need of a sequel for the next gen. consoles.

Story-wise it would seem that by preventing the explosion Krone initially succeeded in, nothing ever really happened. The story could have led into events that could’ve happened even days after that event at the lab. Timeshift had an incredibly fun gameplay and a great story to compliment it, what I liked about the gameplay was, of course, being able to control time by freezing and reversing it, as well as the variety of weapons. There was variety and it was always convenient to be switching your weapon based on the level you were playing.

Mirror’s Edge
The game is about messengers and even after Faith completes her missions and proves her sister’s innocence, there was still plenty of story material that the game could base itself from. The gameplay for Mirror’s Edge was unique and highly addictive, no other game offers what Mirror’s Edge did, running on walls and jumping over obstacles across the highest skyscrapers from the first person’s point of view. After finishing Mirror’s Edge I was-and still am-eager to play more.

Bully followed the story of a boy stuck at the fictional Bullworth Academy, filled with drama from just about every clique around the academy. By the end of the game, Jimmy and Zoe are reinstated to the academy after having been expelled, each for different reasons. The game was fun and had the potential to continue onto the upcoming school year. A potential new student could have given the game a story to base itself from, or a number of other things could have opened the doors for a sequel.

Perfect Dark
After defeating the Skedar leader, Johanna Dark and Elvis make it out of the Skedar planet safe and sound. The story could’ve continued, whether it was fighting aliens on Earth or outside of Earth, Perfect Dark had-and still may have-the potential to continue. The gameplay behind Perfect Dark Zero was on the right track, but they failed with the story, Perfect Dark fans want to know what happens after the Skedar leader is destroyed, were there Skedars left wandering the Earth, and are the Maians now at piece? The story had so much potential to grow, Perfect Dark fans deserve to get a sequel to what is one of the most popular games of the N64 era. With the next generation consoles coming out, this would be the perfect time for this game to come out.

Killer Instinct
To this day, Killer Instinct falls among one of the greatest fighting games of all time because of its vast playable characters and the quality of gameplay. When you would play Killer Instinct, it wasn’t solely about smashing the same button rapidly so you could corner your opponent and beat them, there was actual tactics involved. In all reality, fighting games don’t need a fancy story, it helps, but as long as the gameplay is great, the rest isn’t as important. Killer Instinct managed to pull of a Killer Instinct 2, but it was only playable at arcades. With next generation consoles approaching us, it would be nice to see a Killer Instinct 2, whether it be on arcade mode, or a playable disk with added features not seen in the previous arcade version.

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