E3 2013: DTS Headphone: X Brings Surround Sound Technology In Your Headphones
by Alfredo López Editor GFN, LA West Coast on June 22, 2013 at 02:40 PM EDT


When it comes to entertainment, audio quality is one of the key elements to bringing a story together, whether that story is from a song, movie or video game, DTS Headphone: X technology brings audiences closer to a life-like experience with their 11.1 surround sound technology. You could be playing a game like Killzone 3 and from a small pair of headphones, get surround sound technology. The same goes for listening to music, with DTS Headphone: X you get closer to experiencing your music in an almost life-like setting. When it comes to gaming, DTS Headphone: X technology reproduces the home theater surround sound experience, making movies, music and video games all the better and more enjoyable.

DTS launched their Headphone: X technology in January at CES 2013 and in this month (June 2013) it was announced that Turtle Beach will be releasing a line of headphones that uses the DTS Headphone: X technology. Some may wonder how DTS Headphone: X will add to some of the top gaming headsets like Turtle Beach and Astro.The way DTS Headphone: X adds to some of the top line gaming headset companies like Turtle Beach and Astro are by adding depth and dimensionality to the games you play.

DTS Headphone: X adds to your gaming experience-whether it’s online or offline- by accurately pin-pointing where sounds are coming from and how loud they actually are. From non-directional effects like raindrops to overhead effects like those from a low-flying jet, the sound quality you experience is almost life-like! DTS aims at delivering a high quality audio experience anytime, anywhere and on any device, now anyone can do so with DTS Headphone: X.

After hearing the DTS Headphone: X demo for myself, I was amazed by how DTS Headphone: X gives you a surround sound quality from such a small pair of headphones. While playing Killzone 3 the audio sounded deep, you could hear enemies moving and shooting from all directions, I was able to using the audio as an advantage when I didn’t quickly spot an enemy. The music demonstrated sounded as if I were at a live venue-minus the screaming fans. DTS Headphone: X delivers when they promise you a surround sound technology from a simple set of headphones.

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