The 3 Most Irritating Things in Online Gaming
by Alfredo on July 30, 2013 at 12:55 PM EDT


Like many people, I enjoy online gaming. I love being able to go online during any point of the day or night and play against other people in whatever game I feel like playing. As much as I enjoy online gaming, there are things that really irritate me about it.

One of the things that I get most irritated about are trolls. When I play video games, it’s so that I can relax. I want to enter another world and forget about everything that’s wrong in this world. But-no, somehow trolls seem to make it into this sweet escape and remind you that there are horrible people wherever you go. At first, I would talk back to them, feeling that I had to deal with them, but eventually I didn’t care and that’s when they became less irritating. Still, it sucks to outshine someone and then be harassed by them either by audio or text messages.

Another thing that sucks when it comes to online gaming is playing with people who have the worst lag possible. I don’t get it; it’s not fun for either party, so why play online? This is especially irritating for me when I play a sports game like FIFA or NBA 2K because quick decisions make the difference in the outcome of the game. I hate having to wait about 5 seconds before my player takes a shot. I get that not everyone has the luxury of having a good internet connection, but be considerate. There was a time when I had one of the worst internet connections possible. It was not fun to play with lag for me, so I didn’t play online until I got a better connection.

Rage quitting has to be one of the highest displays of un-sportsmanship. If you suck and are badly losing, make this into something positive. Instead of quitting, use that time to test what works and what doesn’t. I’ve been in the position where I’m losing badly, but instead I use that time to do trial and error. It’s helped me get better at games like Call of Duty – which I used to really suck at before.


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  • Andy_Dufresnes_Awesome_Posters

    or the racial ephitats you hear from everyone…i usually mute everybody.

  • Delta

    I support trolls in cod because the community is so annoying and douchery that they deserve the rage

  • TheRoosh

    In COD, racist rants and emblems. Nazi or KKK symbols. In general, griefers (although the creative ones can be funny). You also have glitchers and hackers, the latter of which I classify as a pestilence to be eradicated from the planet. Anyway, clearly there are many more annoying things online to complain about … including complainers!

  • o3mta3o

    rage quitting is a perfect way to retain your peace when retards are wasting your time.

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