EVE Online TV Series Directed By Baltasar Kormákur
by Antwand Pearman on August 1, 2013 at 06:03 AM EDT
Eve Online TV Series Directed By Baltasar Kormáku

Baltasar Kormákur, the director of the film 2 Guns

Baltasar Kormákur working on EVE Online TV series

On Sunday July 28th, 2013, GamerFitnation had the chance to speak with Baltasar Kormákur, the director of the 2013 film 2 Guns starring Denzel Washington and Mark Wahlberg. We talked about a few of our favorite things such as his film, video games and comics. One thing that stuck out was that Kormákur said he was currently working on an EVE Online TV series, and hoped to make a movie.

GF: Are there any video game titles that you would like to jump on and make a movie of?

Kormákur: Yeah, EVE Online. We decided to make a EVE Online TV series first, and then maybe will go on and make a movie. Kind of like how Star Trek did. There’s not a specific one right now, but I’ve been approached with a couple of them. Though my plate is kind of over booked.

GF: There any other comic books you might be interested in making a film adaptation of?

Kormákur: I haven’t look at any specific ones. What’s interesting is that I’m working on something that comes from both the video game and the comic side. I’m doing a Viking movie. Building the world of the Vikings makes me think it can also become a video game and a comic book(…). I would like to see all those come together, but I am first and foremost a filmmaker.

GF:  Are there any thoughts on a possible sequel to 2 Guns?

Kormákur: Well, we’re kind of winking at it. You want to get more? There is more you know. So we’re kind of winking at it. It’s based on a lot of elements. The movie has to do really well and all of that, but I believe there’s an opportunity to do that. Like a natural opportunity, not like because the story had to end, and we have to back spin the whole thing to make a sequel. So we can make a great franchise.

Eve Online TV series

Eve Online TV series

GF: Have you ever thought about going the Peter Jackson route and directing a video game title? Making a video game?

Kormákur: I would love an opportunity to do that. I think [it's] a very interesting [concept]. I would probably come from a story direction into that. That would be my approach. And I’d try to do something very different.

GF: Tell us about what attracted you to EVE Online.

Kormákur: What I love about the EVE Online idea is basically that it’s an interactive game. The gamers create the story.  People now are spending more time in the game then in their own lives. If someone crashes his or her spaceship, it’s probably more of a problem then someone stealing his or her real life car. If you put time into building a spaceship in your game, it has real value. So people have made heists inside the game and sold the items for value gaining real value.  Now I’m thinking what is reality and what isn’t. I’m sure that you can even fall in love, more then in the street, just from being inside of the game. That got me like “Ok, we can actually make things based on the people creating the stories”. I feel this can be on a bigger level than what I’ve done before.

We are looking forward to what Baltasar Kormákur has in store for the EVE Online TV Series. Be sure to also check out what he has in store in his film 2 Guns2 Guns is set to be in theaters on August 2, 2013.

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