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by ZackC on August 19, 2013 at 11:48 AM EST

While a lot of games have gamers pay up front, there are many games that allow gamers to play without paying at all. This current generation of free-to-play games are better than they’ve have ever been. These games are almost all multiplayer games, with League of Legends and World of Tanks being the among most prominent. While these games are free to play, there are ways to get advantages by paying a little bit of money. Many free-to-play games have some sort of payment option, but the best games are not pay-to-win models.league-of-legends-logo

Free-to-play games have come a long way. They were originally simple flash games that could be played online. Now that developers have found ways to monetize their games, the games can be more expansive. League of Legends is a very popular multiplayer online battle arena game, where players pick over a hundred unique characters to take into battle. This means that the developers had to do a lot of balancing, so as to not make any one character or group of characters too over powered.

Another really good free-to-play game is World of Tanks. World of Tanks is a game that only recently went free to play. In the game, the player controls a tank to fight in a battle against 15 opponents. The great thing about World of Tanks is that there are over 200 tanks that can be unlocked. There are tanks from six different countries, with each country having five classes of tanks. Each tank is different, and that variety is what allows the game to be played over and over of tanks logo

The one issue with free-to-play games, however, is that there is often times a system in which players can pay money to get an advantage over other players, which is referred to as a pay-to-win model. In both League of Legends and World of Tanks, players can pay money to unlock playable units faster. In World of Tanks, players can purchase premium ammunition, which can give them a slight in-game advantage which can be overcome by a skilled player. League of Legends, in constrast, has only purchasable items that will allow players to level up faster.

These two games are probably the most well balanced of the free-to-play games because while it is possible to pay for better things, skill and teamwork are still a huge part of the game. As long as players who pay for the game don’t get an overwhelming advantage over players who are not paying, then the game can still be fun to play.money_stack

Free-to-play games have been around for a long time, but only now are they becoming some of the better games available to gamers. The games offer players a way to pay a little money for better in-game content, but the best free-to-play games don’t let money make bad players great.

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