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by GamerFitnation on August 20, 2013 at 07:41 PM EST

By: Matthew Van Dyke

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Fans of Naruto Ninja Storm 3, start practicing your jutsu and tie on your leaf village headbands because all new DLC is coming your way October 22 of this year. Full Burst is going to be packed with worthwhile content that will expand almost every feature of the game. And don’t worry, everyone can get in on the fun, as the game and Full Burst DLC will be coming out on Xbox 360, PS3, and now, for the first time ever, Steam. PC lovers rejoice! For now you too can fight to the top of the ninja world, and cost conscious gamers will have something to buy during the ever multiplying Steam sales.

Now, let’s dig in to what fan’s can expect in the upcoming DLC. In this release Naruto and his nakama (friends) will have 38 additional costumes to fight in. Don’t worry early adapters to Ninja fashion because Bandai has announced you will not have to pay twice for the same costumes (check out the video below for more details). They don’t want people re-buying DLC – the official word on the subject.

Getting past the updates to your wardrobe, Full Burst will be introducing a whole new chapter to the game. It will add new, difficult missions for fan’s to attempt; revamp all the previous cinematics in the game, especially for those emotional scenes; and feature an extremely difficult battle between Kabuto, Sasuke, and Itachi. It has also been revealed that Kabuto will be a playable character for versus and online play – sage mode included!

Kabuto Sagemode

Kabuto Sagemode

So, until the October release, make sure to keep up with the manga or continue watching the anime. With this content heavy addition, Naruto Ninja Storm 3: Full Burst will keep you occupied long enough that you’ll be in danger of falling behind on the ever expanding Naruto universe – Believe it!

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