Zumba Fitness World Party: Travel to Europe Trailer
by GamerFitnation on August 30, 2013 at 10:00 AM EST

By: Matthew Van Dyke

Zumba Fitness World Party

The latest sneak peak has been released for Zumba Fitness World Party. For those of you registered on the official web site (zumbafitnessgame.com), you will get your third passport stamp code at the end of this destination trailer. The fourth, and last, stamp code will be released with the fourth trailer in October, right before the game comes out. If you haven’t started stamping your virtual passport, consider doing so – it is actually worth your time.


Members with all four stamps will be entered into the World Party Sweepstakes for the chance to win an all-expenses paid trip to Puerto Rico, one of the destinations in the actual game. That will be the grand prize for one lucky participant; but everyone else, who has all four stamps, will get a $10 dollar discount coupon for when they purchase Zumba Fitness World Party (Exclusively at GameStop). With such a clear win-win situation, why not take advantage of the sweepstakes? I am sure you have already watched the other two trailers, and can not wait for the last, and final, installment this October.

So, check out the trailer below, and travel to europe with Zumba instructors Melissa Chiz and Nick Logrea, and let us know what you think about everything Zumba in the comments section. Check back soon for more updates on everything gaming and fitness at GamerFitnation.com.

Developed by Zoë Mode, Zumba Fitness World Party is expected to launch this October on Kinect™ for Xbox 360®, Wii™ U and Wii™

Zumba Fitness World Party

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