FlowDoku – New Mobile Game That Helps The Brain
by Tamika Moultrie on September 4, 2013 at 06:31 PM EDT


Give your brain a new exercise with FlowDoku

Released today, HepaFive presents us with FlowDoku , a new free-to-play puzzle mobile game that is Sudoku reinvented. Numbers are replaced with blue squares, green triangles, orange circles, and purple diamonds. Sounds simple, but this new game takes more than just matching along shapes it also takes some logical thinking just like its precursor, Sodoku.

Here are the two simple rules :

Rule #1 - Each row, column, and box must include a certain number of each shape. 

Rule #2 - In each box, matching shapes must be next to each other (with the exception of circles)

Take a look at the trailer to see how the gameplay unfolds to switch from the old classic game to it’s nuance of FlowDoku.


Key Features

  • Tons of puzzles: 250+ free puzzles spanning 5 difficulty levels and 4 grid sizes (from 6×6 to 12×12)
  • Not another Sudoku clone: Wholly original puzzle gameplay mechanic
  • Designed for touch screens: Tap to set, or drag to paint; free of numbers, number pads, typing, and input modes
  • Built for demanding players: Clean, colorful graphics; a gorgeous ambient soundtrack; and a streamlined interface that is never in the way
  • Play on the go: Progress is saved automatically . . . all the time
  • Perfect for both daylight and bedtime: Light and dark themes fit any environment
  • See things clearly: Tap and hold to enlarge a small area of the board
  • Challenging yet approachable: Includes hints and a “roll back to first mistake” feature
  • Never-ending content: Unlock new puzzle packs with Gems earned throughout the game
  • Socially aware: Includes GameCenter achievements and leaderboards

The logic and deduction of Sudoku were left intact in FlowDoku; in fact, they’re at the forefront. What we wanted was a game that plays within the familiar Sudoku layout but with a completely different strategy. - HapaFive


FlowDoku is a free-to-play title with in-app purchases. If players get past the bundled 250+ free puzzles, ‘à la carte ‘ level packs can be purchased with Gems (FlowDoku’s in-game currency). You can download FlowDoku on iTunes, Google Play and Amazon Store. So give your brain a couple of crunches on the go.

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