The Last Guardian For PlayStation 4? Possible TGS Surprise?
by Tamika Moultrie on September 2, 2013 at 01:42 PM EST

the-last-guardian-ps3-435141 copyCould the Last Guardian be put on hold for PlayStation 4? 

If you remember E3 2009, then you should definitely recall Team Ico’s surprise reveal of The Last Guardian; it was an unexpected announcement since the developers’ last title was Shadow of Colossus on the PS2.  Originally set to release in 2011, the title suffered many delays, including the departure of director and lead designer Fumito Ueda. While no longer a full-time employee at Sony, Ueda remains a consultant on the project. With its release date up in the air and Sony’s recent confirmation that the project is still in development, one has to question: will The Last Guardian  premiere on the PS4?

During an interview at Sony’s Holiday Showcase this summer in New York City, Gamer FitNation’s Antwand Pearman had a chance to sit down with Team Ico developer and Senior Producer at Sony, Tsubasa Inaba, to test Playroom. At the end of the demo, Antwand brought up the topic of The Last Guardian and whether or not the project was still underway. The answer was “yes.”

PS4’s Power 

the last guardian

Over the years, we’ve come to expect a lot of graphic detail from Team Ico. With PlayStation 4’s technical capabilities, it would be a no-brainer to premiere The Last Guardian on the upcoming console.  The benchmark to develop a seamless world with a rich environment, detailed lighting/shading, and high number of frames per second can now be achieved with the PS4’s graphic card and memory capacity.

PS4’s New Move Controls


When it comes to Team Ico, it’s not about just visual presentation but also performance in game play. The Last Guardian is a third-person action/adventure puzzle game with a young male protagonist, following the format of its predecessors Ico and Shadow of Colossus. The new movement integration of the PS4 allows in-game interaction in a non-gimmicky way with the Dog/Bird creature friend feature. Based on Playroom’s demonstration of the Dual Shock 4’s new movement capabilities, there are several possibilities of implementing such a feature in a game like The Last Guardian.

During Japanese game magazine Famitsu’s interview with Ueda about the PS4’s conference at Gamescom, they asked the future of The Last Guardian. Ueda replied that Knack  and Puppeteer are their priority.

Prioritizing Knack and Puppeteer  makes sense since the two new IPs are two fresh titles to market alongside upcoming PS4.  Sony also made a statement saying the release of The Last Guardian does not have a deadline. It takes years for a diamond to form but there so many fans anxious to see developments of The Last Guardian finally make way. Time will tell, but it looks more and more likely that it will head to the PS4. Sit tight because after Knack and Puppeteer are released, we will inquire once again.

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