World of Tanks at PAX 2013
by ZackC on September 12, 2013 at 12:00 PM EST

I got a chance to play the console version of World of Tanks, which will be coming to the Xbox 360, but is currently only in closed beta. While I have been a fan of the PC version of the game for a while now, I was interested to see how the console version differs from the PC version. I was able to sit down and play the game for a little while and enjoyed it. While the game is very much a World of Tanks game, it plays very differently than the PC version.

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The controls for the game should feel right at home for someone who has played console games. The standard control layout has the right thumb stick control the turret and the left control the tracks. There are other layouts that can be used, but I am used to the standard layout, so I didn’t try the others. Each tank, like in the PC version, plays differently. Light tanks are faster and more mobile, but lightly armored and lightly gunned. Heavy tanks, of which there are few, are less mobile, but have very big guns.

The console version of World of Tanks felt faster paced than the PC. The players who were playing did not seem as patient as the players on the PC. This is probably due to the fact that console players typically play games that rely on individual speed instead of teamwork. This led to matches ending very quickly, with one team typically losing rapidly. This trend of only one team doing well will probably die off as players get used to the tanks and the maps.

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There are some tanks missing from the game. The only two countries from which the player can choose are the Americans and Germans. Not all of the tiers were available, either; tier eight is the highest available tier so far. The game is still in closed beta, so many updates are going to be coming, but I would very much like to see the other countries available. Premium tanks are also not yet in the game, but as more tanks are added, so, too, will premiums come along.

Aside from the matches feeling faster and the game having fewer tanks, the console’s upgrade system is also different. Unlike the PC version, in which upgrades are all individual, upgrades on the console version come in packages. The only effect I can see this having is making players want to get back into the fight and play more so that they can get up to the next upgrade.

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I like the direction that World of Tanks is taking. The gameplay feels faster, which is perfect for console gamers. I also like that the upgrades have been streamlined; it makes going after new upgrades more rewarding. The one thing that I look forward to is more tanks. When more tanks are added, the game will be a great adaptation of the PC game.


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