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Back to Our Undead Roots with I Frankenstein
by GamerFitnation on October 16, 2013 at 04:46 PM EST

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By: Matthew Van Dyke

I Frankenstein

Kevin Grevioux

GamerFitNation had the chance to interview Kevin Grevioux at New York Comic Con 2013. When you watch the interview below chances are you’ll instantly recognize the voice actor, comic book writer, and screen writer. You may remember him as the creator of the 2003 -2012 Underworld  movie franchise, the voice of Black Beetle in the 2012 -2013 animated Young Justice, or from any other of his numerous projects. With a talent like Grevioux’s, it’s hard to forget the characters he both creates and becomes on screen and in comic book form – though, his voice might have something to do with it.

Well Grevioux is back and bringing something familiar, yet new, to fans. From the historic crypt, Frankenstein is making his way to the big screen in the action-movie form of I Frankenstein. I Frankenstein is a continuance on the themes presented by the creator of the famous novel, Mary Shelley.

Unlike the pervasive silver-screen portrayal of Frankenstein’s monster, both the book and I Frankenstein give a much more rounded monster for audiences to empathize with and understand. The title of Grevioux’s new movie explains the struggle the monster will be undertaking in the film – one of identity. The upcoming film will take place two hundred years after Shelley’s novel. Where we’re left in the classic novel is with Frankenstein’s monster wandering through the cold, arctic planes, as his creator finishes recounting his life story and dies on a marooned ship.

With the major leap in time from the original novel, I Frankenstein is bound to be a thrilling take on the monster’s journey through immortality, and fans will be sure to see other supernatural beings enter the fray to test Frankenstein’s hulk-like power and mental fortitude.

As of April 2013, the release date is scheduled for January 24, 2014.

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