10 Cool Xbox One Fitness Features you should know about before launch | Gamer Fitness
by Tamika Moultrie on November 19, 2013 at 04:09 PM EST

Xbox One Fitness Features

Xbox One Fitness is Xbox One’s premiere fitness  app which features a collection of the most popular fitness routines by the top fitness ‘gurus,’ now at your disposal, anytime — and all for free! With Xbox One’s latest Kinect 2.0, Microsoft is taking fitness to a whole new level, by tracking exact body movements and other measurements to keep gamers healthy in these new fitness gaming titles. We are closing in on Xbox One’s launch in just one week, so to give you a closer look as to what Xbox One ‘s premiere fitness title will bring to the table to get you Gamer Fit, here are ten cool facts you should know about Xbox One Fitness before it launches.

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  • Sheldon Prescott

    I’m prolly the only guy in America who is excited for Xbox Fitness. This and Dead Rising 3 were the two games/apps I wanted most this holiday.

    • http://gamerfitnation.com BlackBible

      You are not alone. Check out more on Gaming and Fitness related content.

  • Daddy libro

    Quality app, used it and was well impressed

  • jcreamer898

    Anyone know if you can do Xbox Fitness with 2 people?

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