Sony Gives Media Engraved PlayStation 4
by Antwand Pearman on November 11, 2013 at 10:22 PM EST

PlayStation 4

Sony has done it again. While at the PlayStation 4 review event, Sony gave members of the media engraved PlayStation 4’s. The picture which can be see above has my name engraved across the PS4. The event was fun and a blast to attend. Being able to talk with developers concerning the next generation of PlayStation brought about new ideas and information that you will see at a later date. We were also given many games ranging across third party to first party titles. Games like Battlefield 4, Madden 25, and Knack were given to media just name a few. If you are wondering when you are going to get yours look no further. The PlayStation 4 will be releases this Friday November 15th and if you have already gotten it pre-ordered a midnight launch might be up your alley.

PlayStation 4

Tell us what games you are buying on day one launch and whether or not you will be at the midnight launch. Look later this week as we will have a PlayStation 4 hardware review for you all to see.

PlayStation 4 Swag

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