Best Buy Employee Confirms Inital Xbox One Launch Editions Not Sold Out
by Gregory Laporte Editor Vice President on December 3, 2013 at 11:13 PM EST

Xbox One Best Buy

Recently, while GamerFitNation was at a Best Buy event for Madden 25, it was confirmed that the initial Xbox Day One launch editions from the launch day event  at the Best Buy theater in Union Square New York has not sold out. On a call with a Best Buy employee it was confirmed that they are not sold out but have a low quantity of the system available. When asked about the amount currently in stock, the employee wasn’t able to divulge the information, but said that there was some in stock. The system which retails for $499.99 has launched and has been achieving worldwide success. The console received an 8 out of 10 from us. The Xbox One sold over 1 Million consoles in its first 24hrs.

Best Buy

 The Xbox One and PS4 are in the battle for your holiday sales. If you got the chance to pick up one of the consoles, let us know in the comment section below.

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    • BlackBible

      Can you explain how this is a lie? I’m curious as to why you made that statement? Since it’s absolutely true. Also you act as if we are bashing Xbox, when we are just pointing that they didn’t sell out of launch editions. Also where they are still available to be bought.

      • Star

        It’s already been stated they have sold over 1 million so where do you get 800000 from?

        • norifumi155

          Xbox One released in 13 countries. around 800k of that was sold in the U.S. We know that 140k sold in the UK in two days. You can draw the rest to your own conclusions

        • BlackBible

          You mistakenly replied to me, instead of Ghause.



  • Edonus

    I went to my Bestbuy and they were sold out, but the same day I got lucky and picked up the last ONE at Target.

    There was a little controversy with my purchase but I heard them talking and it sounded like they had some in stock but the cant sell them until a certain date.

    • BlackBible

      I get you. Just to let you now this article is pointing out that the launch editions from the microsoft time square launch is being sold at Best Buy because it didn’t sell out.

      • jb223

        Apparently a good amount of stores are having to hold back stock to make up for potential faulty hardware…not sure if this is a common tradition or specific towards this box or generation, but either way there are definitely still boxes in the wild. I often wonder if these kinds of things sell huge numbers in a city like New York because of the population, or if they don’t sell as well in a city like NYC because of the astronomical cost of living there. If the sales for either system stay this strong then this will easily be the biggest console generation ever, which means more and more great games, that’s all that matters to me at the end of the day, hopefully Microsoft will step up their game in the exclusive department, but until that day I’ll be sticking w/ Sony personally.

      • peterpansyndrome94

        But MS officially announced that they sold out of XBOne?
        Now you have proven them inaccurate, did they lie to the public?
        If so why would they do that?
        To create a false sense of demand?

      • Daniel Lawson

        WTF why are they not shipping them to stores that have a backlog of orders on the system then?

  • CovertRain

    You guys are trying to make a mountain out of a molehill. Nobody is being honest. The local Walmart where I live was holding back both PS4s and XBOX Ones for example for Black Friday even though they were telling everyone they were both sold out. I was at Target and the manager admitted to me as well they were holding back stock for both systems for example when they had sales in their weekly ads.

    Both companies are full of it.

  • Daniel Lawson

    Lets get this straight… there is no confirmation there is just some guy saying something unless it’s a manager or you get multiple different sources it’s really just a guy and thus a rumor and even rumors should be multi sourced

    • Gregory Laporte

      Actually Antwand aka Blackbible was at the event and saw the systems there with his own eyes.

    • BlackBible

      It’s a Fact not a Rumor. Lets end the debate right now. Call them yourself. Simple. Have a nice day. :)

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