Despite Xbox One Being Sold Out, PlayStation 4 Dominates in Spain
by Soraya Perez on December 26, 2013 at 02:57 PM EST

yupOver the past few weeks, I’ve been writing articles about Spanish gaming culture and Spanish gamers. The articles have been getting a lot of attention, and GamerFitNation couldn’t think of a better way to complement them than with a regular video program. So, here it is!

GamerFitNation Spain is going to do a program once a month from now on with me, Soraya Perez, as the host. In these programs, I am going to talk about all the those topics related to gamers and gaming culture in this part of Europe. Mainly, these programs will be a way to supplement my weekly articles on GamerFitNation. In addition to discussing the articles, the videos will also feature interviews.

Of course, you readers are a very important part of this new adventure. You can participate by leaving your opinions and comments in order to let us know your impressions and how we can improve. Remember that you are important to us.

I hope you enjoy this new project as much as I do. Here’s the first installment of GamerFitNation Spain’s videos.

Edited by Zachary Bridge

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