Spanish Gamers And Gaming Culture
by Soraya Perez on December 9, 2013 at 10:38 AM EST

In Spain, that little country on the other side of the Atlantic, and a top consumer of video games, there are more game consoles and video game fans everyday. But in contrast to the west, Spain’s gamers have such firm tastes and sometimes, they are not so innovative when buying new games.

Most Spanish gamers are used to choosing AAA titles such as Call of Duty or Assassin’s Creed, or others just play FIFA or Pro Evolution soccer games. It also occurs that a great majority of them just buy consoles in order to play these two last titles. Welcome to the country with some of the most soccer culture in Europe, tied with Portugal!

 fifa-14       Sin título

On the other hand, since Counter Strike was released for PC in 1998 and for Xbox in 2004, a lot of Spanish gamers also define themselves as “shooters”, Battlefield being the most played titled among them.

And, what do they eat while playing?

Lots of gamer say that their habits have changed since video games companies discovered online multiplayer platforms. While gamers used to hang out all together at home and eat pizza or snacks while they play, things have changed quite a lot as they can play in group via online platforms. That is why “gamers’ diet” has changed. Those tables full of food have been substituted by a simple package of chips and a soda, while others don’t even eat while playing, since a lot of gamers opt for abstemious habits.


The last aspect has a lot to do with the Spanish vision of “no sedentary lifestyle” as well. Just because many Spanish gamers play, doesn’t mean that they aren’t athletic or being sedentary. That is why a lot of them use at least an hour a day to play sports.

Don’t Just Be Fit, Be Gamer Fit


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  • joben

    No this article is pretty wrong. You don’t known much about Spanish gamers

    • Soraya Perez

      Hello joben,
      Why do you think this article is wrong? Honestly, I think that it reflects the general idea of how Spanish gamers are.

    • Soraya

      Hello joben,
      Why do you think this article is wrong? Honestly, I think it reflects quite accurately a general idea of how Spanish gamers are. Of course there are many of them that don’t fit in this description, but the majority of them do, under my personal point of view.

    • Marc

      I’m with you. I’m Spanish, and it’s been years since I last bought a FIFA, Pro Evolution Soccer or Call of Duty game! I usually play offline, too. And I know other people just like me.

    • lizardude007

      I don’t get what you mean when you say this article is pretty wrong. I’d say it’s pretty spot on considering that I come across a lot of Spanish gamers when I’m playing FIFA online.

  • Matt

    I love your ambition to write. Keep working at it and it will only get better.

    • Soraya

      I truly thank your support, Matt

  • Santiago

    I’m a gamer from Spain. This post sucks and seems written from a child. You can do better

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  • Jos

    I’m Spanish, and I do not feel at all identified with this article, it is more, it seems an insult to generalize something like the scope of video games, to me, for example I do not like any game of football (FIFA or PES) , I moved more indie games like FEZ, The binding of Isaac, and yes, play games like CSS or BF4, but are another scope not as a priority as indies games, feeding especially not like anything while I’m immersed in the game, so I hope that next time I make reports more before prejudices towards a community that is not yours, thank you.

    • Soraya

      Hello Jos,
      I am so sorry to hear this complaint. From my honest point of view the only thing I wanted to do was a general article about Spanish gamers. As I have said before, I am aware of all the things you said here, because this is my community as well, believe it or no, but as I am not doing a monographic about the subject I can’t cover up every single aspect of Spanish Gamers. Hope you understand this as well. I think I have not made an article based in prejudices but based on the real facts: sales percentages, surveys, etc.

    • BlackBible

      Jos,… She’s from SPAIN! You guys don’t read! Where are you from?

    • lizardude007

      she never said that all Spanish people like football games.

  • jlurosa

    Are you serious?

  • alberto abuin

    Wow… Can you smell it? It’s the smell of racism…

  • BlackBible

    You Guys are being ridiculous. Someone from Spain Writes about what she has experience seeing in her culture and you say “she has doesn’t know what she’s talking about?” Let me ask How many of you are from “SPAIN”? I believe you saw the word “Spanish” but didn’t realize she was talking about “Gamers In Spain.” BTW she’s Spanish if you didn’t notice, also she’s not bashing “Spanish Gamers” she’s just making an observation of the spanish Gaming culture in her country. If you disagree that’s fine we can talk about it but being an “ass” while disagreeing is not.

  • Michael Lirio

    Soy español y estoy en totalmente de acuerdo. Solo juego a FIFA 2014 y Call of Duty.

    No comemos patatas fritas en sí, comemos Doritos y muchos refrescos.

    Peso 120 kg y todos mis amigos son como yo, tanto en ámbitos de juego como alimentación.

    Mi mayor deseo es que EA haga un juego sobre toreros, y que se llame, por ejemplo Toreros 2015.

    Ahora bien, voy a hacer mi propia opinión sobre los “American Gamers”.
    Pienso que solo juegan a Shooters como Battlefields y Call of Dutys y comen pizzas y hamburguesas.

    Por lo tanto, como podéis comprar un arma en cada esquina ( lo que aquí es un bar por esquina, vosotros tenéis una armería ), creo que están montando un ejercito y pretende matar mucha gente. He dicho.

    ¿Se nota el sarcasmo made in spain o qué?

    • Soraya

      Se nota, sí. Por ello a mi me gustaría contestarte con estadísticas en la mano. Los juegos más vendidos del 2013 en España han sido:
      1.GTA V (PS3)
      2.FIFA 14 (PS3)
      3.GTA V (XBOX 360)
      5.FIFA 14 (XBOX 360)

      3 de 5. Creo que los datos son evidentes. País de futboleros, mayor parte de los videojuegos vendidos de soccer.

      • BlackBible

        Soraya Usted está increíble mantener el buen trabajo!

      • lizardude007

        cada vez que juego contra alguien en FIFA me encuentro jugando contra alguien de España.

      • Pijonathan

        La verdad que tiene toda la razón. Yo no soy un jugador de FIFA ni de Assasins Creed(si de Call of Duty) pero siempre veo que son los más vendidos en España, es un hecho. ¿Me puede negar alguien eso? Muy buen artículo aunque a más de uno le escueza.

  • lizardude007

    great article! i’ve noticed many gamers online playing fifa are either from the US, Mexico, Brazil, Chile, United Kingdom, France, Germany and yes Spain!

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