Trade in Your Day One Xbox One and Have Enough Money for a New PS4
by Zachary Bridge on December 11, 2013 at 06:43 PM EST

Amazon is accepting Day One Xbox One consoles for trade-in, and the value of the trade-in is more than enough to buy a brand new PlayStation 4. Amazon will pay $427.50 for a Day One Xbox One, while a new PS4, if you can even find one — Amazon and many other retailers are currently sold out, unless you’re willing to pay a highly marked-up price — retails for $399.99.

Trade in Your Day One Xbox One and Have Enough Money for a New PS4-1

The Xbox One retails for $499.99, but Amazon is specifically looking for Day One editions, not standard editions. The Day One edition of a console is usually considered something special. Once they’re sold out, their price skyrockets. They usually sell out before the launch date of the console through pre-orders, but, as GamerFitNation reported, some retailers hadn’t sold out of Day One Xbox Ones over a week after the Xbox One launched, while both standard and Day One PS4s have sold out rapidly and are still difficult to find for retail price.

Amazon is buying Day One editions for 85% of the retail price, which is the same value they’re putting on standard edition PlayStation 4s. It seems like gamers aren’t placing as high a value on the Day One Xbox One as they’ve placed on Day One consoles in the past. This may be a result of Xbox One not doing as well expected, especially if those who bought a Day One console, who are usually the most dedicated to a console, aren’t as happy with the Xbox One as they thought they would be. The fact that the trade-in value of a Day One Xbox One is more than enough money to buy a new PS4 may be amusing to critics of the Xbox One, considering that one of the complaints about the Xbox One is that its price is so much higher than the PS4.

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  • Michael Clanton

    this has to be the stupidest article.
    Full of assumptions, and not doing as well? i dont see many places with stock, and its doing very well….

  • zpoccc

    the xbox one has sold 2 million units since its release. the ps4 already crossed that benchmark a week ago (and crossed it quicker than the xbox one did) but that doesn’t somehow invalidate microsoft’s sales. both systems are probably going to sell through their stock until after christmas and will both sell a fairly comparable amount. i think the ps4 is a better value, but pretending the xbox one is “not doing as well expected” (it actually is doing better than expected, if anything) is just dumb.

    • alchemistx24x7

      You do know that ps4 launched a “week” b4 Xbx1? you also know that xbx1 only launched in 13 countries while ps4 launched in 23 countries and 32 territories? you did know that rite…For all the bad pr MS an xbx1 has recieved that past 6months, because of krazed sony fanboys and the fact that xbx1 cost a $100 more and for Sony to only out sell MS buy less than a 100,000 units while launching in far more countries and territories does not bold well for Sony…….You can spin as you want but this is not good news for sony..Period…and on the games front for 2014 will also be dominated by XBX1 and Microsoft even worse news for sony..

      • zpoccc

        hey douchebag, first of all – my point was that the xbox one is selling well, so fuck you and your 3rd grade reading level. also let me take this chance to laugh at your pathetic emotional devotion to an inanimate box. i hate to break it to you, but YOUR XBOX ONE WILL NEVER LOVE YOU BACK.

        secondly, just because you’re such an asshole, let me rip apart your dumbass argument:

        the ps4 launched in the US *ONLY* and sold a million units the day it came out, compared to the xbox one’s 13 territories, and even then, the xbox one sold less. in fact, the ps4 still hasn’t been released in all 32 territories yet – most of them are coming later this month. and the ps4 sold 2.1 million OVER A WEEK AGO, so we don’t actually know what it’s current sales numbers are, but rest assured, they’re larger than the xbox one’s.

        once again, just to hammer my point home – my original comment was to refute this article’s claim that the xbox one was not doing well. i was arguing that it IS DOING WELL. have fun being an emotionally stunted man-child with a pathetic attachment to a toy.

        • alchemistx24x7

          You have got to be Retarded on November 29 again november 29 2013 Sony launched worldwide 23 countries and 32 territories…LMAO…God useless trolls…

          • zpoccc

            ps4: 1 million US ONLY sales in ONE day
            xbox one: 900,000 (…which i should clarify for you is LESS than 1 million) sales in NINE days.

  • X1ultimateGamer

    hey to the retarded author stick that PS4 up your ass who fuckin cares I don’t want failstation 4 bugged garbage the PSN network sucks so do you dam pony

    • Rory

      You are a complete idiot do you know that. First of both consoles are bugged, Xbox disc tray fucked up. PS4 has problems too with the hdmi port. Il agree this article is definitely biased. But to call the playstation the fail station, when the Xbox 1 has more fails is simply retarded. What age are you really, 15? Enjoy both consoles and quit with your shitty and plain wrong statements

  • Guest

    Hahaha, so it’s worth more than the $0N¥ PauperStation Foul. Glad to see the stores recognize that. $0N¥ paupers can go F themselves!

  • John Joe Silver

    didn’t you also report that the PS4 is having trade in values at 325 (could have been someone else)… that’d be roughly 82% of the value of the PS4’s 399… does this mean that technically the xbox one is more valuable by 3%?

    actually it was gamezone that reported the trade in values for the PS4 not you my bad

  • boobinz


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