YouTube Expert Gives Details On PlayStation As #1, Discusses MineCraft and Other Gaming Consoles
by Gregory Laporte Editor Vice President on December 17, 2013 at 10:00 AM EST

PS4 Tops YouTube Gaming Videos of 2013 List-3

Recently, GamerFitNation was able to interview Kevin Allocca, head of culture and trends for YouTube, about YouTube’s list of their most popular gaming videos of 2013. PlayStation and the PlayStation 4 topped the list with Microsoft and Nintendo nowhere to be found. We got the chance to get some questions answered, shining some light on how videos reach the levels of popularity required to make it on the list.

GamerFitNation: What makes a video successful?

Allocca: There’s no exact formula, but popular videos tend to have three key characteristics: They’re unexpected or surprising in some way; they’re something that you want to share with other people or participate in; and, increasingly, they come from a channel with more videos like it and a built-in audience.

GamerFitNation: Now, the PlayStation 4 was the number one gaming video this past year. How, significant is that, and what attributed to that success?

Allocca: This is a big year for gaming consoles, so it’s great to see PlayStation making a really creative video for their fans. Video game videos on YouTube overall are huge, and this launch was one of the biggest moments of the year — both of which played into its success.

GamerFitNation: How can companies like Microsoft and Nintendo make their videos more entertaining so that they can go viral?

Allocca: Same as #1.

GamerFitNation: How is Minecraft so popular? Where does its popularity come from?

Allocca: Minecraft isn’t just a video game; it’s a whole community of people that love playing it, sharing videos about it, and watching what other people in the community are doing.  This creative community is what has set it apart and helps explain its popularity.

GamerFitNation: After looking at the number one video on the list, we see the rest and it looks like there are a variety of videos. What made these videos reach out so far into the gaming community and become so popular?

Allocca: There’s so much going on in video game videos on YouTube, so you see a wide variety of successful videos. There’s how to videos, parodies, musicals and everything in between.

GamerFitNation: The Grand Theft Auto franchise has always been very popular. Has Rockstar mastered an art of making popular videos/games for both causal and hardcore markets?

Allocca: They put out their own great videos and also have tons of channels on YouTube putting out videos about their game, which helps the overall success.  They also know how to make videos that will get people talking!

GamerFitNation: Lastly, what trends can we expect to see in the future with gaming in 2014? Will Microsoft and Nintendo be able to compete with the power PlayStation has in the YouTube gaming market?

Allocca: You can expect 2014 to be even more unpredictable than this year.  I think we’ll see even more innovative work from some of these big companies. We’ll see more new channels from around the world stretching even more creative boundaries.

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