Rock Band and Guitar Hero a better workout than Wii Fit?
by GamerFitnation on January 27, 2014 at 03:11 PM EST

By: Brogan Cordova


One good mentality of fitness is that you should think that exercise is fun, to make it easier to encourage yourself to exercise more. Yes, technically a marathon would be fantastic and burn many calories. However, not everyone can bring themselves to do a marathon every day. No, it’s the everyday activities that should keep you fit.

With that in mind, if you frequently play Rock Band and Guitar Hero, keep it up and stop trying to force yourself to play Wii Fit. According to, Wii Fit can burn 250 calories an hour and band simulators burn 100 less, but it not just the “better” option.

The point they make is that Rock Band and Guitar Hero are more fun than Wii Fit and the more fun the game, the more likely it’s to be played. Wii Fit requires (a sometimes rare) dedication and discipline, while band simulators are a more natural and desirable gaming session. Harder difficulty levels and choosing drums enhances the calories to burn off.

It is not the first study that lessens the impact Wii Fit has on actual fitness. Research by Ace Fitness, shows that Wii Fit actually burns fewer calories than Wii Sports. This is because Wii Sports offers the freedom to keep moving around rather than being forced to stand on a board. However, they do praise Wii Fit for attempting to install the mindset of self-discipline through progress tracking and reminders.

Though whether you pick Wii Fit, Wii Sports, Guitar Hero, or Rock Band, the research clearly shows if you intend on losing weight through gaming, they’re all healthier than sitting on the couch with a standard controller.

Don’t Just Be Fit. Be Gamer Fit


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