Spain’s Love/Hate Relationship with PlayStation Plus
by Soraya Perez on January 14, 2014 at 10:00 AM EDT

PlayStation Plus in Spain

Spain, a country that has heavily favored PlayStation for years, was patiently waiting the PlayStation 4′s arrival on Nov. 29. Lot of gamers heard the rumors about Sony and PlayStation Plus — rumors that gamers were not going be able to be played online without a subscription to PlayStation Plus. Nothing was confirmed yet, so lot of Spanish gamers were still hopeful until the day Sony finally confirmed the news. One of Sony’s biggest advantages over Microsoft was history, and the new PS4 was going to be released with PlayStation Plus as a compulsory service to play online.

As Mark Stanley, head of PlayStation in Latin-America, said at the end of 2013, the decision to start up-charging consumers for this online service could create a division between video game consumers. On the other hand, he declared that those people who were going to pay for a service under PlayStation’s stamp will know that they were buying quality.


The division of which Stanley Spoke became a reality from the first day of the launch of the PS4 in Spain. In Spain PS4 buyers have only a 14-days free trial of PlayStation Plus, rather than the 30-day trial Americans have. There are still gamers who are not sure about buying this next-gen console because of the fact that subscribing to PlayStation Plus is absolutely necessary for online players. In fact, some of these gamers who pre-ordered the console and refused to buy it after learning they will need to pay to play online. However, other Spanish gamers understand that maintaining this service for free, as it was with PlayStation 3, is not viable anymore, so they consider a good idea paying €6.99/month or €49.99/year for PlayStation Plus.

“Apart from needing it to play online, you can download for free games that in other cases you would never have bought,” said one gamers who spoke with GamerFitNation. Another gamer added, “For almost €50/year, Sony fills your console up with new games every week, apart from the offers and discounts Sony does in other good titles.” This gamer also says that considering the economic crisis lot of gamers are suffering from in the country, this annual payment is a good option for those people who do not have enough money to buy new titles every month.

Sony does not want to reveal the number of PlayStation Plus subscriptions since PS4′s release, but they have confirmed that the majority of the users will renew their subscription next year, since 97% of the gamers are happy with the service PlayStation Plus is providing, according to the facts disclosed by the company.

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  • DarthDiggler

    If you like games for free PS+ is a no brainer. The service pays for it self several times.

  • J.j. Barrington

    What’s the difference between Spain and every other European country in this respect? And why make it sound like people just found these things out near launch? Plus being required for multiplayer was known around E3, if not before, so people had MONTHS to decide if it was worth buying.

    Not to mention: it’s not as if online is all buying Plus affords you. Is PS+ new to Spain, coming only with the launch of the PS4? If it is, that’s one thing, but I feel fairly certain it’s not. And in that case, Spanish gamers have had some years now to become acquainted with what Plus offers to them.

    Frankly, this article just seems like a rehash of months-old “controversy;” I don’t see the purpose in writing it.

    • BlackBible

      She’s speaking from what the current trend is in Spain. 1st you have to remember the culture difference between the US and others are huge in gaming. Most Gamers like yourself take what they learn from how the US consumer works and tried to apply it to the world. This is the wrong approach She’s simply pointing out the fact that Gamer in “Spain” love playstation but are not a fan of PS+. This is her Culture and she’s sharing it with us.

      • J.j. Barrington

        I’m not taking US anything and applying it here.

        Are Spanish gamers new to Plus? No? Then this isn’t news. Had this been an article from last year, sure. But we’re halfway through January.

        She says nothing was confirmed about Plus being required when the system launched, but that’s untrue, as Plus was stated to be necessary long before. Actually, I’m not really sure that’s what she said, because the first paragraph has no real flow. The system came out on the 29th, and that’s followed up by saying there were rumors of Plus being required, but doesn’t say WHEN Sony stated the rumors were true. Then it’s half a line about “history,” but that isn’t taken anywhere, as the next half of the sentence is about paying to play online.

        She talks about Stanley’s comment about the potential divide of the PS community, then implies that part of that is the difference between the free trials in Spain and the US, when it had nothing to do with that at all. The division he spoke of is between those who want to pay for Plus, and those who don’t. Somehow, it became about other things for the sake of this article.

        The whole article is really all over the place, and STILL focuses on topics that were made clear months before the PS4 released.

        The only thing I can see being an issue is the 14-day trial bit. That’s rather unfair, if other places are getting 30 days, though I seem to recall that we only got 14 days here in the US, as well, with games like Killzone. I could be wrong on that, though.

        Outside of that, it doesn’t make sense. Were Spanish gamers not keeping up with the news about the PS4 and Plus? Was the Spanish gaming media just not reporting on it? I can see if we’re talking about casuals who were just walking in to grab a system, but were the core gamers so out of touch?

        And still, this is an article for December, though the overall subject matter was something that was covered some seven months ago.

        • Soraya

          Hi J.j. Barrington,
          I am glad to see that you have read my article, mainly because you have made a “review” of it above.

          Secondly, I must say that lot of gamers didn’t know that PSPlus was going to be compulsory for online playing in the new PS4. In fact, as I have said in the article, so many of them pre-ordered the PS4 and cancelled their order right after knowing what Sony was going to do. Unfortunately Spain doesn’t have as huge gamer culture as US has an sometimes information is not correctly given. Spanish gamers also now that they cannot just look at US gamer news because those might not be the same in Europe.

          Thirdly, the majority of gamers in Spain hadn’t used PSPlus before. I must say that some of them did when a time ago (in 2011) Sony’s network was outaged. In order to compensate for the inconveniences Sony gave to gamers some days of PlayStation Plus for free. So some of them had the oportunity to use it, others hadn’t. Plus, all the gamers that tested that PSPlus in that time, didn’t have the opportunity to enjoy the 14 days free-trial for PS4, because Sony considered that those free days in 2011 were enough.

          I don’t consider this article a December one, mainly because is now, after Christmas, when most of the Spanish gamers have bought the new console.


  • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

    I think overtime Spain will not find this an issue anymore…just like U.S. got over Xbox Live’s subscription and became Xbox 360′s biggest market. and Go PS4!

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