Starpoint Gemini 2: A Massive, Open-World Space Action RPG
by Zachary Bridge on January 26, 2014 at 09:48 PM EST
Developer: Little Green Man Games
Publisher: Iceberg Interactive
Systems: PC (Steam)
Release Date: Currently in early access alpha

Little Green Man Gaming has great ambitions for Starpoint Gemini 2, their space-based action RPG which is currently available for early access alpha on Steam. The game already boasts a massive, open-world map with no loading screens and a wide variety of customizable ships. The developers are working on dynamic events that change based on the player’s actions, the ability to hire ships to create a fleet and the addition of a main storyline. The game will also be moddable, which is a feature that appeals to many PC gamers.

The current state of the game: showcasing the game world, the freelance quest system, and combat

The game world in the current version of Starpoint Gemini 2 is massive. The player only sees a loading screen when moving from the start menu to the actual game. Other than that, players are able to move throughout the entire galaxy with only a slight stutter when moving between sectors. There are many planets and space stations available to explore, where players can buy ships; weapons; enhancements and officers, which augment a ship’s capabilities. There’s also friendly and enemy ships moving throughout each sector, and the player can often find opposing factions battling each other.


Freelance quests are currently available for players to complete. They ask the player to perform a variety of tasks, including scanning anomalies, repairing damaged stations, transporting goods or clients from one location to another, defending a client from attackers and assassinating a group of enemies. They reward the player with experience points, credits and influence with some of the game’s many factions, though the influence system doesn’t seem to be fully implemented yet.

The game has a real-time combat system that incorporates both action and RPG elements. The player has control of the ship’s movement. The ship’s light weapons can be controlled manually or automatically, depending on whether the player wants to focus on maneuvering or precise attacks. Attacks are based on the location of the weapon on the ship; a turret on the right side of the ship can only fire if that side of the ship is facing the enemy. Like the weapons, there are also directionally based shields that protect the ship’s hull. The player can turn a damaged shield away from the enemy in order to protect himself. The player can also change the energy distribution of the ship’s systems, which results in faster shield or weapon recharge rates or faster movement speed. There’s also heavy weapons that have a limited number of uses that can be used to devastate the enemy.


There’s skill points and perk points that the player can spend on making different types of attacks and defenses better, as well as improving the amount of credits or experience points gained from performing actions.

The current build of the game also hints at the presence of nonviolent ways to make money and experience. In addition to the escort, repair and scanning missions, which usually don’t involve any combat, asteroids can be mined for materials that can be sold to merchants at space stations and planets.

Right now, there’s not much to do in the game other than experience the gameplay, explore the galaxy and check out some of the freelance missions. There’s also very little introduction to the game; the player is thrust into the world without any direction other than a few windows of text that teach the basic controls. The exciting parts of the game lie in the developers’ plans.

Work in progress: what the developers plan to add

There’s a large list of features that the developers plan to add to the game before launch. The most ambitious feature is an event system that produces random events based on the player’s actions. If done well, each playthrough of the game could be wildly different based on the player’s actions, which would add a huge amount of replayability to the game. The clashes between NPCs from opposing groups that are already present in the game show that shifting influences across the map could produce some interesting experiences for the player.

There’s only one controllable character in the game right now, but Little Green Man Games plans to have three different classes available in the full game.

The developers are also planning to add main scenario missions, side missions and a wider range of freelance missions.

If the developers deliver on their promises, Starpoint Gemini promises to be an exciting game with a constantly changing environment that will entertain players for a long time. It’s worth keeping up with updates to the game, so keep checking GamerFitNation for more updates.

Buying the game now on Steam includes a copy of the first game in the Starpoint Gemini series.

Check out Starpoint Gemini 2’s website for more information about progress on the game.

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