Be My Valentine, Nathan Drake
Gamers Choose Their Preferred Video Game Valentine
by Zachary Bridge on February 14, 2014 at 09:00 AM EDT

nathan_drake___render_20_by_snakeff7-d4hmc3n (1)

Gamers chose Uncharted‘s Nathan Drake as their preferred Valentine in a GamerFitNation survey.

The survey by GamerFitNation drew 100 respondents. Gamers were asked which male video game character they would choose to be their Valentine. The question was open-ended, so participants could choose any character they wanted.

Here are some of the other top choices:

Link (The Legend of Zelda)

valentine link

Leon Scott Kennedy (Resident Evil)

valentine leon kennedy

Ryu (Street Fighter)

valentine ryu

Squall Leonhart (Final Fantasy VIII)

valentine squall leonhart

Dominic Santiago (Gears of War)

valentine dominic santiago

Of those who responded to the survey, 55% of respondents were male and 45% were female. Those surveyed were ages 18 to 48; 32% were ages 18-24, 36% were ages 24-30, 25% were ages 30-36, 6% were ages 36-42, and 1% were ages 42-48.

The survey was posted on GamerFitNation’s Facebook, Twitter and Google+ accounts over the past two weeks.

Earlier this week, gamers voted on what they thought was the sexiest console, the sexiest male video game character and the sexiest female video game character.

Happy Valentine’s Day from GamerFitNation.

Don’t Just Be Fit. Be Gamer Fit.


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