Microsoft May Be Losing Games to Sony Because of Slow Communication
by Zachary Bridge on February 2, 2014 at 11:45 AM EDT

Recently announced Ready to Run may only be a PlayStation 4 exclusive because Sony communicates faster than its competitors.

Communication Xbox Please Wait

Alexey Menshikov, CEO of Beatshapers, the developer of Ready to Run, told GamerFitNation that “Playstation was and still the most open platform for us. We surely talking with other guys, but communication process is faster at Sony.”

It seems like Xbox One fans may be missing out on some games due to Microsoft’s slow communication in comparison to Sony.

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  • Dennis Crosby

    I don’t think there slow with communication there just going after different devs. When you look at the devs that both side have went after you can see a pattern Sony has been and a fast track to secure indie devs and Microsoft has been doing the opposite with AAA devs

    • Axe99

      I wouldn’t necessarily say this, Sony has just as many AAA devs support (arguably more when you throw in the high-profile free-to-play titles). MS was caught on the back foot with the indy thing though, no question about that, but once they’ve found their balance they’ll be fine.

  • spideynut71

    If MS had a real interest in the game, their response would have been prompt. Ladies, if the guy doesn’t call you within 3 days after your date…. you know what’s up, don’t you?

    Fact is, there will be far better, more impressive games than this made using Project Spark.

    • brianc6234

      Microsoft has been clueless for years. They had a chance to get LittleBigPlanet and said no. Then they tried making their own version and it was boring. Sony is always willing to take a chance on new types of games.

    • Adamphetamine


  • eeleeleels

    Just report what was said, don’t add your own bull

  • Hates bad writers.

    You think if they cared they would have done something. You sure nabbed a good one Sony, good job.

  • TheRedButterfly

    This happened with one company and the author chose to throw his opinion in at the very end of the quote. No where does the CEO say the game is exclusive because Sony reached out to us faster. In fact, they go out of their way to say the exact opposite. “Playstation was and still the most open platform for us. We surely talking with other guys, but communication process is faster at Sony.”

    The articles is two sentences long and comes to the conclusion of the headline? Is this what happens when everyone thinks they’re a game journalist? – _ -

  • Adamphetamine

    lol did anyone ever here of this company or dev? Didn’t think so. Hell I own a ps4 and could care less about whatever game this is. Seems to me, maybe Microsoft turned them down and they’re hurt, so they do something like this. Pretty sad really, and I definitely won’t be buying “game” lol what a joke of an article.

  • TheReal_Yoda

    That’s good. I hate MS for buying everything, then forcing publishers to put out dlc.

  • oliuhfsiuhfs

    Playstation is an open platform? What? If they want openness, don’t bother with any of the pathetically underpowered consoles.

  • Chiekotz

    I dont play Indie games so i dont really give a crap. AAA titles FTW.

  • Red Flame Fox

    PlayStation 2 days are back =)

  • Ana Heluši?

    PS4 wins

  • M3rcad0

    Reason why Microsoft is loosing like the broncos last night is because they have no idea what they are doing for a gaming console, also xbox is only being sold in 7-9 countries as to where Sony is selling over 13 countries. PS Vita along with a ps4 is well spent $600 unlike the crapbox one and its crappy kinect for $500. PS Plus is blowing Gold subs out the water not only for discounts on games and DLC sales but also free games monthly… Unlike gold which has just started and I believe it’s 1-2 games a month. Vita TV and a ps4 ($500) it’s still better then then your xbone bundle. Microsoft is loosing so badly they need to send reps to GameStop and try and push their system and nobody wants it because of its horrible launch and problems it still having. I highly doubt it’s slow communication, more like “we are still dodging angry customers about our bad system” – I personally can “kill” Microsoft sales on the “One” but the depressing sales of Xbox one seems to be enough for now.

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