Is There A Difference in Physical Activity Between the Wii, Kinect and Move?
by GamerFitnation on February 24, 2014 at 03:25 PM EST

By: Brogan Cordova


With the new console generation just started, the big three systems of the last generation are getting significantly cheaper. Those considering a cheap console for exergaming may be wondering which one is best for them. A new study suggests the variations between various forms of motion gaming may not be that significant.

A new study of 19 college students at University of Nebraska Kearney examined the physical activity levels of boxing games for the Wii, Playstation’s PS Move and Xbox Kinect. Researchers selected Wii Sports Boxing, Kinect Boxing, and PS Move’s Gladiator Duel (PS move doesn’t have a boxing game, so researchers found a suitable substitute). Research found that the majority of studies were done on the Wii, but not much on the Kinect and nothing on the PS Move. The UNK students hoped to balance the research out.

There’s no physical activity difference between having a controller (Wii and Move) and no controller (Kinect). This also means there’s no difference between a motion capture camera (Kinect and Move) and no camera (Wii).

They also looked for any differences between having a human opponent and a computer opponent. While they found no change, research done beforehand leads them to believe that the relationship between human opponents and their competitiveness may affect that.

The focus on boxing-like games creates a limitation to research, since other types may yield different results, the researchers said. Furthermore, the selected games required two hands to play, whereas full body movement games may require more physical activity.

While all the selected games involve more physical activity than sit-down games, they don’t meet commonly established exercise guidelines. However, they’re always good as a supplement or perhaps even a gateway to traditional exercise.

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  • BalramRules

    That’s strange, but they could’ve made it a more reliable test by comparing a range of sports, so comparing Wii Sports (Wii), Sports Champions (PS4) and whatever Kinect’s alternative was.

    Rather than simply boxing, which is apparently the definitive factor for physical activity according to this article.

    So I’m going to say they haven’t taken a broad enough range of sports, to truly test the physical activity of the students (kind of ironic, given that this was done at a university).

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