The Love/Hate Relationship with the Final Fantasy X, X-2 Remaster
by Gregory Laporte Editor Vice President on February 1, 2014 at 12:00 PM EDT

Final Fantasy X

Final Fantasy is a legendary franchise spanning many games. Many gamers see Final Fantasy X as one of the highlights of the franchise, but some were taken aback by the unique approach taken in X-2. Even though some were not happy with Final Fantasy X-2, is safe to say that there were enough people that like it to warrant a re-release of the title.

March marks the release of the Final Fantasy X, X-2 remaster. Final Fantasy X, which was personal favorite of mine, has players taking control of protagonist Tidus and companions on an epic quest to defeat the evil monster, Sin. This was a great title for a few reasons, like the memorable characters. Characters like Yuna, Wakka, and Auron really helped to create an intriguing storyline that provided something that all Final Fantasy fans could enjoy.

The combat system in Final Fantasy X was really easy to master as well. You could see who was up to attack and could strategically make decisions based on that for boss battles. It was a fun system that was easy to use, and it allowed Final Fantasy keep up the accessibility for which it has been known. It was a great title — one that I’m glad Square Enix is remastering. It’s the one title I know I am going to love when I play the remaster.

The other half of the remaster is the very unexpected Final Fantasy X-2. Final Fantasy X-2 was the first time a Final Fantasy game received a direct sequel. Although the game takes place in the same realm as Final Fantasy X, the characters are different and the combat was changed. You had a completely changed Yuna who was able to transform into different classes at the touch of button. The game also had Rikku, whom most people liked in Final Fantasy X, but it still had a few issues prevented it from being as fun as Final Fantasy X.

The story in this game was not as good as in its predecessor. I didn’t find it as engulfing in terms of story; it felt cheesy and, at times, boring.  The main reason why I was not a fan of this title was because of the lack of summons in the title. Aeons were a crucial part of the combat system in Final Fantasy X. Due to the new story and outcomes of the first title, there were no more aeons in the world. It was still a fun game to play with all of the extra added games in it. It wasn’t a top-notch Final Fantasy game, but one that helped to provide closure to Final Fantasy X’s story.

I have a love/hate relationship with this remaster because there were a lot of things I felt that one game did right and the other didn’t do as well. I found myself conflicted, remembering the nostalgic feel of one game, but also the convoluted story and gameplay of the other. However, the games will be here for PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita in March, so hopefully I can give the games a second chance.

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  • Anonymouse

    What? The entire second half of X-2 directly involves aeons.

    • BlackBible

      Yes, that’s true. Why are you making this statement?

    • Gregory Laporte

      I was referring to aeons in the combat system…

      • Anonybutts

        That’s why the dress spheres were introduced.

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