Xbox Games with Gold vs PlayStation Plus Showdown for February
by Tamika Moultrie on February 6, 2014 at 02:48 PM EST

 Which Service Shows the Most Love This Month ?

Well it is the first week on the month and last week both Sony and Microsoft shared news of what their loyalty online services has to offer. Xbox Live and Sony Entertainment Network formerly known as PlayStation Network accounts is a requirement to play online games. This may be a drag for many, but PlayStation as we know have become a trailblazer to reward users for using their service, giving a return back into the investment of PS+. Xbox has joined that same incentive with XBOX Games with Gold, to give XBOX Live subscribers two games a month.  A slow start but every new program has to find what is right through trial and error. Let’s take a look at which service comes out on top this month in what they have to offer for their online subscribers.

Xbox Games with Gold Line Up

xbox games with gold vs Playstation plus

This month Xbox starts off the first half of the month with Deep Silver’s Dead Island. Then on the 16th til the end of the month will release Dead Island, I myself was hoping for Riptide since it is a more recent one from Dead Island, but Xbox Live Gold member can take opportunity to download and enjoy if they missed out.

Dead Island 

Toy Soldiers: Cold War 

PlayStation Plus

xbox games with gold vs Playstation plus

Sony is feeling the themed month of love by spreading the love with its February line up for PS plus. A lot to choose from whether you want to play an intense horror game like Outlast for you love one to grasp you out of fear on Valentines, or play some co-op instead with Pay Day 2. In addition there are single player titles like Metro Last Light and Remember Me for those who slept on these two titles. For PlayStation Plus members who game on the go, Street Fighter X Tekken and Mod Nation Racers is on the menu. Here is the list below.

Outlast (PS4)

Metro Last Light

Pay Day 2

Remember Me

Mod Nation Racers (PS Vita)

Street Fighter X Tekken (PS Vita)


This month looks like PlayStation Plus comes out on top as the online service offers more for the value of the subscription. Various titles that aren’t too outdated for different platforms of Sony gives a bang for user’s bucks. Xbox’s Games with Gold is still ironing its kinks out and more is to come for XBOX One. According to a report made on Trusted Reviews, Microsoft’s Phil Spenser announced that Xbox One Games with Gold line up will be revealed soon,  but will it catch up to Sony’s PlayStation Plus caliber of monthly offerings ? Time will tell. Let us know what games you would like Microsoft to offer for Xbox One?

Source: PlayStation BlogMajor Nelson


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  • Trim Dose

    Dead Island, Toy Soldiers: Cold War

  • dirkradke

    It does appear clear that as far as the number of games being released Sony wins for this month. What I think about though is the only 1 of Sony’s games I want to consider playing is Metro Last Night. The rest of the lineup I don’t care about. Microsoft’s games I might want to try both of them. Of course I doubt any of the games on this list will keep my interest beyond a few hours of time.

    • brianc6234

      Neither of Microsoft’s games is interesting. Sony has a great list of games. That’s probably about what you’ll get from Microsoft over a whole year even.

      • albatrosMyster

        and you can still download the games offered in the last few months, right now PS3 has 10 free games available, most of them pretty good (obviously nobody will like all of them, but there has got to be something for any gamer in there).

  • alchemistx24x7

    You do know the difference with games with gold and psplus? Games with gold the games they offer and u download is ur game to keep if you decide to keep gold or not its ur game to play..While ps plus is a rental and if u cancel ur ps plus u loose those games u for me i rather go for the company that actually gives u free games not one that u takes it from u….Really always wanted to play dead island but never wanted to pay for it its a win here for me..

    • Username

      I’d rather “rent” games like Uncharted 3, Bioshock Infinite, Far Cry and more than own Toy Soldier. Besides, it’s not like I’ll stop having PS+ any time soon

      • optimuspecs

        No, what about the time you stop paying for ps+? Even if it’s for a period. You can not access the games. So keep on paying your ps+ for the rest of your life!

        • XSpike

          You know if you resub you have access to ALL the games you had added to your download history (you don’t have to download the game, just add it to your download history) And while your resubbed you gain more games!

          I don’t see how you can view PS+ being worse, its cheaper then XBL, its still needed for MP on PS4, it makes buying a PS4/3/Vita look super cheaper mainly after 1 year and you got 24+ games each for PSVita and PS3 and like 14 or so games for PS4.

          Its either I get games for my PS3/Vita and PS4 and A LOT of them, or I switch to Xbone and get 2 super old games for the Xb360 which I don’t use mine anymore.. Only payed for 1 year sub for MP before I got my PS3 and never had to pay for MP again. (even now in a sense that I would of kept PS+ anyways for the games, even if that was only for PS3/Vita)

          So yeah not getting an XBone until I see value in paying for another sub just to access demos, old games on 360, MP, access to demos, and still cost more then PS+. Oh the other reason is MS doesn’t make enough games, almost but just looking at the support Xbox 360 got the last 3-4 years… It was mostly Kinect.

        • albatrosMyster

          That’s still the greatest gaming deal of all time, no matter how you slice it, at 4.16 a month, even if the games erased themselves at the end of the month it would be better than games for gold… I have both a PS3 and 4, and thinking of getting a Vita just for the perks!

          So I get to try many games I did not consider were worthy of a buy when they were released AND I have more money to get the ones I actually want to keep on disc.

          If you don’t like the pseudo rental model, PS+ members also enjoy Steam like (maybe not as much, but pretty good) rebates on a lot of titles, that you get to keep as long as you want…

          • optimuspecs

            Jep, just like the xbox marketplace also has daily and weekly rebates. Even free games,besides the games with gold program. Like the wolf among us and tel tale walking dead FOR FREE!

          • albatrosMyster

            So MS offers secret free games?

          • optimuspecs

            Yes, you just log in and discover that some games are free. Besides of the games with gold program. Like a said walking dead and wolf among us were just free games.

          • GremDude

            Now you are just making stuff up! Demos are not “free”

          • Gamez Rule

            Well when you just log in and discover that some games are free like the Free 2 Play games you’ll also notice that ( Free to Play needs XBL Gold ) LMAO! ( That’s something you left out wasn’t it )?

            Free to Play games on PS4 = Free To Play with no need for a subscription? Hell Even the Free Gold Games you chat about NEEDS a 1+ month XBL subscription to get them LMAO!

            Yet on PS-Store ( for free ) is the DLCs for deadrising 2 ( as an example ) with no need for a subscription to get them ( something not possible on XBL )

          • optimuspecs

            As I said before. For Xbox online games you need xbox gold! SOME games on the ps4 doesn’t need subscription as free to play!

            And if your logic is that you need 1 months of xbox gold to get the monthly free games of the xbox games with gold program,… YEAH! Just like you need one month of the ps+ to get the monthly free games of the ps+ program. DUHHH!

          • Gamez Rule

            There is no logic in the fact that you NEED 1 month of Xbox gold to get the ( so called free monthly games from gold games program ). You have to have XBL Gold to play Free To Play games.

            Yet on Sonys network you DON’T NEED to have any PS+ subscription to get free content ( be that Games or DLC ) meaning that the free content is really FREE from Sony, while on XBL it’s NOT free at all?

          • optimuspecs

            Yet another bs on your part. All the games you get free with the ps+ monthly games become blocked when you don’t have ps+. That is a fact. Every game or dlc bought via xbl gold is still available if you don’t have xbl gold or xbl. IF you had a problem with your dlc of GOW, it’s because you had a new Xbox. And the license of your dlc wasn’t transfered to your new Xbox. Just look on the xbox website how to transfer license of a game from old xbox to new Xbox.
            Every game got free via xbl gold is still playable without xbl gold because the game is free and is yours. If the game has a mp you need xbl gold. If the game i single player, it’s forever yours, with or without xbl gold or xbl . On the playstations you are just leasing the game. These are the facts. Check it on your playstation website!

          • Gamez Rule

            “”Every game or dlc bought via xbl gold is still available if you don’t have xbl gold or xbl””

            WRONG as ANY content bought via XBL Store that uses online needs XBL online membership or it will not work?

            “”IF you had a problem with your dlc of GOW, it’s because you had a new Xbox””

            WRONG as the Gears of War DLC needed an XBL online membership to function. Even though I paid for the DLC and I owned the Map-Packs I STILL had to have online access to use my bought and paid content.

            “”Every game got free via xbl gold is still playable without xbl gold because the game is free and is yours””

            WRONG as clearly explained above. IF you bought a game that is online ( or given an online game for free ) you cannot use that game without paying for XBL Gold, ect.

            “”On the playstations you are just leasing the game””

            WRONG as PlayStation network gives out free games and content that is yours to use as you please without ANY fees.

            “”And in order to get your free PS +games, you need at least one month of PS +”

            WRONG as you can use the 14 day FREE trail from Sony to get 12 games from PS+ right now?


            WRONG as clearly shown above, but you do need at least One Month XBL online membership to access XBL Gold Games?

            So there we have it, you was wrong soooo many times it was unreal. IF you used PS+ you would have know the real deal ???

          • optimuspecs

            Everything you said is not only wrong but is BS! You also get games or dlc through xbox that have a single player. You can play the single player component for ever, with or without xbl or gold! Why do you stress ONLY on the multi-player part of the ? On the playstations all your free monthly games from the instant game collection are blocked when you don’t have ps +! This is a fact. Your 12 games have nothing to do with the monthly free games you RENT with ps+. And I just blocked your ss. Too much bs ;)

          • Gamez Rule

            “Everything you said is not only wrong but is BS” = LMAO!

            What I posted is the TRUTH? You are so in denial it’s becoming funny. I’d explain it to you further, but I don’t have any crayons with me.

            So READ what I posted BEFORE you start showing there is no vaccine against stupidity??? In fact calling you stupid would be an insult to stupid people.

        • Gamez Rule

          I bought all the Gears of war DLC, and many more games that allowed both online and offline access. Guess what happened when Gold ran out?

          You got it.. I couldn’t use my Gears of war DLC at all, even though i paid for it and it was mine. And the games I bought and paid for couldn’t be used online either ( even when i paid good money for them )

          So what’s better..

          YOU spending money on games from XBL Market ( having to keep on spending money for XBL gold to have access to YOUR bought and paid for games & DLC )


          Pay a one off fee to Sony for PS+ per year and get access to hundreds of pounds/dollars worth of games, new and old.

          Remember ( ANY games or DLC you bought from the Sony Store can be played & used without PS+ ) unlike MS consoles and XBL offerings?

          • optimuspecs

            You are totally wrong! You having the ps+ will have to keep paying ps+ to access your “free ps+ games”. The games NEVER become yours. Every game you get free or buy on xbl is yours and you can play it with or without xbl. IF the game has an online multi-player, then and only then you will need an xbl gold! Just like ps4. But the single player campaigns of ANY game bought or got free, is yours and is playable even without xbl gold!

          • Gamez Rule

            I’m not wrong at all. LMAO!

            Tell me how is this wrong..

            “Pay a one off fee to Sony for PS+ per year and get access to hundreds of pounds/dollars worth of games, new and old” ?

            Also how is this wrong..

            “Remember ( ANY games or DLC you bought from the Sony Store can be played & used without PS+ ) unlike MS consoles and XBL offerings?”

            And tell me how this is wrong..

            “I bought all the Gears of war DLC, and many more games that allowed both online and offline access. Guess what happened when Gold ran out? You got it.. I couldn’t use my Gears of war DLC at all, even though i paid for it and it was mine. And the games i bought and paid for couldn’t be used online either ( even when i paid good money for them )”

            I tell you what I’m not wrong in anything I posted.?

            unless I pay MS for XBL I cannot use ANY of my online games ( that I bought & paid for from the store ) BUT when I buy online games from the PS-Store I CAN use them online without using OR paying extra for PS+. And ANY PS+ game given to you at no extra cost that you buy works without using PS+ memberships. ( Unlike games from XBL ) So yes the games CAN becomes YOURS without using PS+?

            And ANY online DLC/Game bought from XBL will NOT work unless you have a XBL active online membership ( like Gold ) even when you bought that DLC/Game? ( while games bought from PS-Store work without PS+ and on more than one console at the same time )

          • optimuspecs

            You clearly don’t know the difference between single player and online multi-player. Yes you need xbox gold to play online games on the xbox, JUST LIKE YOU NEED PS+ for playing online games on the ps4! BUT if the game has a single player campaign you could still play it on the xbox, if you bought it via the marketplace and don’t have xbox gold. So that applies also to your gears of war dlc. You can play the single player IF the game has a single player. Without xbox gold. On the playstation ALL your “free games”, become blocked until you get ps+ again! Period. So I rather get REALLY free games. Games that I own! WITH OR WITHOUT A xbox gold sub! Like I am enjoying now FREE games that I didn’t play before. Like dead rising 2, wolf among us, walking dead and even rainbow six new Vegas. Games that I own with or without paying for a xbox gold sub! So you keep paying to have access to your supposedly “free” games on your ps3

          • GremDude

            Yeah but the games you “own” are so old and crappy. You can have them. Your whole argument is ridiculous. 95% of people play a game once and then sell it. Are you really planning on playing Dead Island 10 years from now? LOL. Plus guess what? This co op focused game will not even be playable online in 10 years!

          • optimuspecs

            Thank you for making clear that you don’t have ANY idea what you are talking about! First you say that 95 %of the people play a game and never touch it again. This is based on which study? Have you heard of the word replayebility? Meaning that there are some games that are so good, or have different endings or let you start the game with all your upgrades , that it’s a joy or intention to play it AGAIN! Games like fall out 3, are games me and other gamers play at least once a year. A game that came out in 2008.I am still having fun with this game and I still discover new things on every playthrough. When you watch a good movie don’t you ever watch it again? Do you know the words GAME COLLECTION? Lots of gamers don’t sell their games, surely not after one playthrough , but want to keep the game in order to play it again. People are discovering everyday the beauty of games like fall out 3, Bioshock, HALO and rainbow six Vegas for example. I played the s out of dead rising 2 and rainbow six Vegas. Games I never got a chance to buy before and now OWN thanks to xbox games with gold! You ask me if I will be playing these games over 10 years. I don’t know, but I know I will play them again in the next 5 years. And dead Island is a SINGLE PLAYER / multi-player game! So you can have enjoyment out of the sp campaign!

          • GremDude

            Wow. You actually expect me to read all that? You need help. Just admit that games with gold sucks and move on. You will be a lot happier.

          • Gamez Rule


            “BUT if the game has a single player campaign you could still play it on
            the xbox, if you bought it via the marketplace and don’t have xbox
            gold. So that applies also to your gears of war dlc.”

            The Gears DLC that i bought from XBL Marketplace does NOT work without XBL-active membership, that was for the golden gun and online mapping from that DLC.

            So like I stated, you can buy from XBL but when you stop using XBL-Gold ALL your online bought content ( Games / DLC / Add-ons ) stop working.( even access to apps too ) Unlike content bought from PS+ or the Sony Store.

            “On the playstation ALL your “free games”, become blocked until you get ps+ again!”….

            IF you bought them they do not LMAO!..

            example = Join PS+ and have “LittleBigPlanet game for free” added to the PS+ games list, and when the PS+ sub runs out you can STILL use LBP as it’s NOT blocked.

            ANY game that you bought from PS+ ( including the games ) still work without PS+ as anything you pay for is yours to keep. ( All the Map-Packs and other DLC given to you by PS+ ) also works without PS+ ( only the games you don’t buy stop ) until you rejoin PS+?

          • Ta’i Ngatokorua

            Anyone with a brain would see that Sony’s offer of renting an insane amount of recent games across 3 platforms, and having access to them any time given you were a member at the time it was first offered (not to mention the discounts etc too) is MUCH better than keeping a bunch of old games every now and then from Xbox live…not to mention ps+ is cheaper.

          • optimuspecs

            Anyone with a brain would know that you NEED ps+ in order to access the games you downloaded with the ps+ monthly free games program. Even if you had the ps+ at the time you downloaded it. So you will ALWAYS need the ps+ to access that game! For 36 dollars you have a year xbl gold and xbox also has free games ( outside the games with gold program) AND daily and weekly sales! Don’t forget that xbox also have the better online services for mp! Now go and cry

          • Gamez Rule

            You will ALWAYS NEED an XBL Online account ( Gold ) to access you BOUGHT GAMES that needed online features ( as well as ALL online DLC you own ) So that’s NOT really optional.
            Don’t tell me it’s optional either, because if you want to access the multi player portion of your bought game you HAVE to pay for XBL to use that game feature ( Not need from PlayStation network ) PS3 as example

            Here’s a fact for you: The only thing Microsoft has dominated is last place console sales. Sorry, but it’s true. They have never dominated a PlayStation platform. Now here’s my opinion. ( it’s not gonna happen this gen either )

          • Ta’i Ngatokorua

            We know that. But it’s cheaper than xbl, it’s cheaper to buy one year of ps+ than a brand new game and with that you get access to play so many games over 3 platforms which are a lot better than the ones offered to you on xbl even if you do get to keep them. And you sound like you think only xbox has daily and weekly sales. If you do then you’re probably too stupid to argue with because we also get good sales. And your online isnt even that much better. Also at least sony doesnt charge their own fees for services that microsoft does. I will cry. Over how much time I wasted talking to you. Reply if you want. Just keep in mind that I probably won’t bother reading it. Have a nice day :)

    • Josh Trolio

      When was the last time your gold membership ended and you didn’t renew it?

    • brianc6234

      Big deal. Once you play games you rarely go back. PS Plus gives you so many more great games. It’s worth it a lot more than what Microsoft is giving. Microsoft is just trying to copy Sony on this but isn’t even close.

      • alchemistx24x7

        Like sony has copied MS with party chat, trophies, sub, online gameplay it was MS who brought online gameplay to consoles, apps, and many

        • cj

          Lol ps2 had online gameplay (madden, the sims bustin out, etc.) That system was out a year before ms made their first system. Shut up and type facts only

          • alchemistx24x7

            Kid ur rite it did but not to after MS and xbox came out and established online gaming to the world of consoles then sony got into it not to after they followed MS..

          • Steve

            It was Sega who first brought online gaming to the world,not microsoft dude.

          • albatrosMyster

            As a Dreamcast owner I can attest of this, so can anyone who played Quake 3, Phantasy Star Online etc. it was not a service like “Gold” in that MP was offered for free in the games that supported it, but it was a core part of the console’s features.

            I would say live gold is mostly a result of technology evolution (on this specific aspect Sony did not catch up until a few years later, in therms of proper integration at least).

        • cj

          Btw it was Sega who bought online gameplay to consoles with the dreamcast

          • alchemistx24x7

            that i do agree but it died off and was brought back by MS..

      • Gamez Rule

        Agreed. Also remember that people like my mate will have the game for 1-3 months then sell it back to the shop OR trade it in ( unless it’s a popular online game )

        There has been times that he had a game on Disc that then came out on PS+, he would then sell the disc-based game for £20, and use the PS+ game ( but here is were it gets better ), by doing that he can now use that game on two consoles at the same time? while using the Disc he was only able to be it on one console at a time.

        Plus ( pardon the pun ) he has saved hundreds of £s on games due to PS+ giving him games he wanted to buy.

        Much better than what MS & XBL offers it’s gamers

    • James Fitzgerald

      IF you lose internet you lose the access to the games neither is a good thing but I still rather pay 50$ a year to get get games for my ps3 and vita as my gold membership gives me dick and cost 10$ more.

    • Allen

      That’s fine if you want to look like it like that.

      But if you do don’t cool yourself.

      If PS+ is renting games then XBL is renting basic features

      No Skype
      No browser
      No access to streaming services
      No cross game chat
      No online games

      X1 add
      No one guide
      No video capture/upload

      Then overpriced hardware & accessories both360 & X1

  • myAppleIsRotten

    No comparison at all. XBL may offer 2 games to keep per month, but for 1 system. PS+ offers many games for 3 systems. Sure PS+ you have to keep paying $49/yr to keep the games but XBL costs a similar amount and I doubt that anyone cancels either one once they start getting these ‘perks’.

  • Cooper

    I can’t believe people consider these lists comparable.

    Dead Island (released Sept.2011)

    Toy Soldiers: Cold War (Aug 2011)

    Outlast (PS4) (Feb.2014!!!!!)
    Metro Last Light (May 2013)
    Pay Day 2 (Aug 2013)
    Remember Me (June 2013)
    Mod Nation Racers (PS Vita) – (Feb 2012)
    Street Fighter X Tekken (PS Vita) – (Oct 2012)

    Not only is there twice as much offered on PS+ – THEY’RE ALL NEWER!!

    • albatrosMyster

      and the list does not even include the games from previous months that are still available (it’s great if you are a new member) examples:
      PS4: you can still get Resogun as well as Outlast
      PS3: if you became a new member you could download 10 games! most of them are actually great too (Uncharted 3, Brothers, Bioshock Infinite, Borderlands 2, xcom, LBP Karting, etc.)
      similar for the Vita!

      Kids have a great deal these days, I used to rent games at almost 5$ a day each when I was younger!

    • Rodger Princeton

      to bad outlast is to scary to play.. I downloaded it anyways.. some day i will play it from behind my couch

      • ggwphf

        hahaha, scaredy cat!

      • albatrosMyster

        It’s great with the tv off (no sound either)!

  • Dennis Crosby

    I don’t understand why people keep comparing ps+ and games with gold. If your going to do it you have compare the first year of ps+ to the first year of games with god not its 3rd year

    • albatrosMyster

      Because we are now?
      it’s like comparing the first year of PS3 games and xbox 360 games, it’s interesting, but doesn’t tell you what the current situation is at all…

      • Dennis Crosby

        but that the right way to do thing like ps plus and games with gold take time to get better to be honest ps plus first 6 months had some crappy games yea games with gold has old games but there old classics. you still hear about how Fable 2, Assassin creed 2,halo 3 were the best of there time you don’t here about infamous and dead nation which were ps plus first games

        • Gamez Rule

          Members of PlayStation Plus received 12 games instantly on day one as part of their membership when it was very first started, as well as SCEA offering a limited time offer for the one-year subscription with an additional three months for free, while SCEE offered one-year subscribers and a digital copy LittleBigPlanet free for just using PS+.

          The games were good back then too.

          Even now if someone joined today it wouldn’t cost them to get the games as they would get a free 14 day PS+ to get ( Outlast for PS4 / Metro: Last Light, Bioshock Infinite, Borderlands 2, XCOM: Enemy Unknown, LBP Karting, Uncharted 3, Guacamelee for PS3 / Gravity Rush, Uncharted: Golden Abyss, Guacamelee, Dynastey Warriors Next, Mod-Nation-Racers: Road Trip for PS-Vita )

          This is much better than XBL deals

          • Dennis Crosby

            I don’t think everyone is understanding what I’m saying yes ps+ is a good deal but it hasn’t been a year yet since games with gold started it takes time for them to make those kind of deals that ps+ offer in its 3rd year. games with gold will get better it takes time but offer a opinion is about how better ps+ in its 3rd year vs games with gold in its 8 month is nonsense you have to compare the 1st year wit ps+ and games with gold to see where its going

          • Gamez Rule

            “you have to compare the 1st year with ps+ and games with gold to see where its going”.

            Ok 12 games on PS+ in it’s 1st day release like i stated, with a free game to keep for life ( as well as all the other DLC like map-packs from PS+ )

            So we have PlayStation network that’s younger than XBL, yet has better subscription deals out the two, and not only that, but gave out more games before XBL did. How many gold games did MS give people??

            XBL was good in it’s day but IMO ( In My Opinion ) I believe that PlayStation Net now offers the better deal out the two, and not just about games or DLCs being subscription based, but not having apps, or features behind a pay wall like MS does. ( Cross Game Chat / Netflix, Internet ) all behind pay-wall. Yet Sony all free to use.

          • Dennis Crosby

            I see people bring this “paywall” situation up a lot when you go out an buy a console majority of the people buy to play online so it truly doesn’t matter but the key to Microsoft paywall is the fact that Xbox live has a quality that has yet to be matched on any service provided on consoles. The only Sony has done better then Microsoft was getting the jump on leting people play games on playsation plus on the other hand Microsoft providers quality in voice chat, stability with online play, being able to provide content first on there service also so ill take the paywall any day compare to what Sony provided because being able to play games throught PS plus and also having to deal with bad voice chat quality,it unstable network, and the constant downtime it has . I’m stating this as a person who owns every console made from the NES to the XB1.

          • Gamez Rule

            lmao! at “Microsoft paywall is the fact that Xbox live has a quality that has yet to be matched on any service provided on consoles” ???

            lmao! at “Microsoft providers quality in voice chat, stability with online play” ??

            lmao! at “being able to provide content first on there service” ?

            LMAO because it’s no longer like that, and hasn’t been for many years?

            PlayStation Network doesn’t charge for free to play games online ( XBL Not Free )

            PS+ Offers more content than XBL Gold Games

            PSN offers a mature, Mii-free interface ( unlike XBL )

            PS+ service is completely optional & not needed to play free to play games online ( XBL Gold is needed to use anything online including Netflix )

            Catch-up TV is a free-to-air television service from PSN ( Not Free from XBL )

            PSN = Little to no ads ( Live is cluttered with ads and specially with ads that have nothing to do with gaming )

            PSN has much more first party support than XBL

            PSN uses real money for monetary transactions ( something that XBL finally updated too )

            PSN allows content to be played on two consoles at a time ( like 2 x PS3 playing BF4 ) XBL doesn’t allow this.

            PSN allows Cross Game Chat FREE on Vita and PS4 ( XBL CGC is behind a pay-wall )

            PS+ is cheaper than XBL ( and give out more for the cost ) to PSP / PS-Vita / PS3 / PS4 users

            The list goes on and on?

  • Ujn Hunter

    Guess it all depends on if you want to play rental games or not. I don’t. :(

    • Fear Monkey

      Good for you…I would rather have those “Rentals” than old games I probably already own for free. PS PLUS has been amazing, coming from being a primary Xbox player, I’ts been giving me so many great titles to play. I got a Vita and I have so many great games to play on it for free as well.

      As long as your a PS+ member, you can play the games, and coming from XBL where I paid every year since 2002, totally not a big deal.

      The value I got for being a loyal longtime paying XBL member, multiplayer, the right to use apps that are unfortunately behind a stupid paywall, and old games I already had.

      The value I got for PS plus as a PS4 and Vita owner, more games than I can finish in just a few months, and multiplayer. PS plus is soooo much a batter value. The only reason games with gold exists is because of PS PLUS, every Xbox owner that downloads those games from MS should thank Sony.

      • Ujn Hunter

        Likewise, good for you.

  • alchemistx24x7

    Cant believe ppl still pay $60 a yr for gold Because 6 times a year for a total of 12 weeks amazon has gold for $40 and MS always has deals many times yr long i have alot of friends and none pay $60..Also have ps plus and amazon nor sony have sales on ps plus sub ever in the 3yrs i have had it..

    • Robbie Land

      I got my plus sub for 25 bucks on amazon … Full year BTW

      • alchemistx24x7

        Find that 2 believe only because i am affiliated with amazon and for the past 3+ yrs because of my work have been on amazon everyday specifically gaming and pc division and had never seen it below $50..but there may have been a day or to that i missed that sale..

        • Robbie Land

          Like comment states below it has been on sale…quick Google search will show you 22 bucks on eBay sale, 29.99 amazon, 30 bucks at GameStop…. I got it for 25 BC I had a $5 credit towards a digital purchase on amazon. Wasn’t attacking ya but it really isn’t too hard to believe.

        • Rodger Princeton


    • cj

      Lol wrong again. Ps plus was 30 on black Friday and the week of Christmas. Please type facts only andstop being so anti

    • sethro244

      not to metion every E# they do buy one year get an extra 3 months free which is when i buy mine

    • Rodger Princeton

      I got my PS+ Membership for 24.99 for a year on amazon, and Wal-Mart i have seen it for 29.99 yr.

  • Rick_Deckard

    Are you really comparing Plus to Live? Live is a joke…

  • Losyak

    BREAKING! Microsoft is greedy!

  • LadyFromLifeAlert

    BUT you have to keep paying for PS Plus to be able to play those games, so just call it renting.

    • Gamez Rule

      A renting service? PS+ is a multi featured service, not a game rental service. You get given stuff to keep forever.

      You still get to keep forever ( Map-Packs / Dynamic Themes / Premium Avatars / Premium Game Elements / ect ) even when your PS+ Sub Ends.

      If your subscription lapses and then you re-subscribe, the games you have already downloaded will reactivate, so you still have access to them. ( Whatever you buy ( using the PS+ discounts ) is also yours to keep forever ) including games?

      When PS+ first came out members scheduled their consoles to do mandatory updates & upload their game saves to the cloud system, as well as updating their game patches automatically to the consoles allowing gamers no waiting to play a game due to manual updating taking place from XBL.

      People say.. “You are only renting those games” = Well that’s not True at all ( as shown above ) But lets look at XBL? What happens when you don’t pay for XBL?

      You’re renting online gameplay for the games you bought from XBL market place. Including free apps like Youtube, Twitter, ect all behind a pay wall. I have been getting all of those features for FREE for many years now while Xbox 360 owners rent those features from MS from their XBL Service?

      So lets think about it. Is XBL really optional? Don’t tell me it’s optional, because if you want to access the multi-player portion of the game you bought and paid for you HAVE to PAY for XBL to use that game feature you already own”

  • V For Vincennes

    I’m a lot less annoyed when Games With Gold gives me something I don’t own, or at least haven’t played in a while and can kill some time with friends for free.

    Dead Island and Cold War aren’t too bad. Iron Brigade was probably my favorite so far that was offered seeing as I never got around to buying it.

    The older titles in the past, like Gears 1, Vegas, and Halo 3…….those were the ones I rolled my eyes a bit concerning, but whatever. Unlike most of the internet, I’m not going to waste time whining about (relatively) free titles on my hard drive I can fire up on occasion for kicks.

  • Guest

    At least on the Xbox you OWN everything you get instead of renting like on PauperStation Puss.
    $0N¥ is desperate for customers with their dying company and will take the entire industry down with their devaluing practices.

    • Ta’i Ngatokorua

      Are you too stupid to see how much more superior the deal of renting recent games across 3 different platforms from ps+ is over keeping crappy old games? Logic of an XB fanboy. and before you say I’m a sony fan boy, i’m not. I own both. and XB live can get fucked for its shitty value.

  • lassenwolf

    Xbox live is a joke if you use a credit card. You need 8 ways for security and if you mess up some how you wont get your tag back. The system is fine but MS accounts and customers service is the worst now and in the last year Ps+ hands down kills gwg even though it started last fall. from sr3, borderlands2,tale of two bros., far cry 2 ( awhile back) zen pin ball with marvel and star wars,Boishock infinite,Dragons dogma,Tekken online, killzone 3 online,uncharted 3 online,DMC reboot,plants Vs zombies,sonic 1 and 2, golden axe, king of fighters,DOA core online, DC universe online,free realms ,Home,binary domain,, many minis and ps1 games,sly cooper,free vita games and now free ps4 games. This isn’t even the full list. And yes if you got those games ,lost Plus and re signed up you can still get them. So how was Gwgold better , not even in the same world and I didn’t add the games they both had free like Sparticus online and others

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