Games with Gold vs. PlayStation Plus: March 2014
by Zachary Bridge on March 16, 2014 at 01:01 PM EDT

Each new month means new free games for Games with Gold and PlayStation Plus users, and a comparison between the games offered is inevitable.

GamerFitnation rounded up the facts about each game being offered this month.

The Games:

PlayStation Plus:

Dead Nation: Apocalypse Edition (PlayStation 4)

Games with Gold vs. PlayStation Plus March 2014

Developer: Climax Studios
Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment
Release date: March 4, 2014 (originally released on the PlayStation 3 on Nov. 30, 2010, though the Apocalypse Edition is new)
Value: $14.99
Metacritic score: 73

Tomb Raider (PlayStation 3)

Games with Gold vs. PlayStation Plus March 2014 - 2

Developer: Crystal Dynamics
Publisher: Square Enix
Release date: March 5, 2013
Value: $29.99
Metacritic score: 87

Games with Gold:

Sid Meier’s Civilization Revolution (Xbox 360)

Games with Gold vs. PlayStation Plus March 2014 - 3
Developer: Firaxis Games
Publisher: 2K Games
Release date: July 8, 2008
Value: $29.99
Metacritic score: 84

Dungeon Defenders (Xbox 360)

Games with Gold vs. PlayStation Plus March 2014 - 4

Developer: Trendy Entertainment
Publisher: Reverb Communications
Release date: Oct. 19, 2011
Value: $14.99
Metacritic score: 77

PlayStation appears to have the newer games, though Dead Nation: Apocalypse Edition is a newer version of a game that was originally released in 2010. Xbox and PlayStation are both tied for average Metacritic scores, and the scores are decently high, so few will complain about the quality of the games available this month. It’s worth noting that Tomb Raider has a Definitive Edition, but the version available with PlayStation Plus this month seems to only be the standard edition.

Microsoft still hasn’t implemented Games with Gold for the Xbox One, so PlayStation still has the next-gen advantage.

Both companies are offering the same number of games this month, and the games offered are of comparable quality. It seems that Games with Gold may be catching up with PlayStation Plus — for Xbox 360 owners, at least.

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  • ZMAN

    not even a little wii bit.

  • thetrooper1998

    Not even close.

  • Chuuzuu

    Yeah really? How can you say Xbox is catching up when they’re offering a game that came out in 2008 that no one played vs the best Tomb Raider in years that released…last year.

    • Blackmaile

      I almost feel sorry for the Xbox fanboys having to steep so low just to feel good about their crappy gold service

      Playstation plus – 5 games 1 PS4.. 2 PS3.. 2 Vita
      Xbox Live – 2 Xbox 360 games.

  • Rivv

    wat a troll website this guy compares the overall score for a game lol.
    if you compared the Popularity,Fun factor, how many games, the quality of the games then it would be different.

    games with gold catches up to PSN because of one month of releasing the same number of games with close overall scores lol

    its gotta be consistent then you can compare and not have it be 4 year old games

    • Makai Ookami

      He’s comparing 1 week’s worth of games on PS Plus to 1 months’ worth of games at a higher cost with Xbox Live Gold.

      It’s like comparing Pizza by the slice, to a Hot and Ready Pizza. Some people might honestly like their $3.00 a slice. Other people will just buy the Pizza for $6.00 at Little Ceasar’s.

  • dapaintrain

    Not even remotely close maybe if they offered halo 4 or gears judgement I’d consider it close but not this month no chance

  • ace-meza

    flawless victory for PS PLUS

  • incendy

    Neither has games I didn’t already play and beat, so they both lose

  • Dennis Crosby

    Its alot of thing that i have to factor when thinking about games with gold and ps+. One thing is that the game that ps+ member get have been on sale at low prices on Xbox360 multiple times throughout the year before they are available on ps+ last June I bought timber raider for $9.99 of the xb360 market place and now its free on ps+ a couple months before metro the last light went free on ps+ I got it for $15 on xb360 so it real depends on how you want you games you want to keep them or you want to get them through a service that you have to pretty much pay to play both are good service people just don’t like the older games that Microsoft gifts

  • XxX

    but playstation plus has more than 2 games this month dead nation PS4, Tomb Raider , Brothers for PS3 and Pixeljunk Monsters Ultimate HD , Smart as for PSVita

  • Aidan Murphy

    Erm… PS Plus got more than 2 games this month…. PS4: Dead Nation| PS3: Tomb Raider & Brothers: A Tale Of Two Sons| PS Vita: Smart As & PixelJunk HD.
    Xbox: What you listed above
    5 games vs 2
    Yeah… Xbox is catching up when both parties are still offering the same amount of games, while one is still offering more than the other.
    If you’re trolling, I’ll give you that and credit you for the amount of fuss you’ve caused in the comment articles and also on N4G, but if you aren’t….. could you plese explain how Xbox is catching up when Sony are offering 5 free games across 3 consoles and Xbox 2 across 1 console?

    • James Bauer

      But Gold members get to keep their games, regardless if they remain Gold members, while PS+ members must retain their membership in order to access those free games, essentially making the free games aspect of PS+, a glorified Gamefly

      • Wayne

        Gamefly is very different from PSPlus. If you don’t download a game while it is available, and it is taken down, that’s it, you have to pay regular price.

        • James Bauer

          So Gamefly is actually better…

      • datdude

        Whatever helps you sleep at night guy. Enjoy those ten year old games you get to “keep”. LOL!!!!!!

        • James Bauer

          Sony fans constantly go for the “old games” argument when comparing the 2 services. What they fail to realize is that regardless of age, a good game is a good game, and also regardless of age, not everyone has played them. That being said, I haven’t seen any games offered that are 10 yrs. old… your choice of words shows your bias and ignorance.

          • datdude

            Man, you xbots make alot of excuses for why the games with gold is sh#tty. Me, I’d rather be playing last years Tomb Raider, a game that received some goty votes. In fact, I am, for free. And that’s the norm on psplus. Games with gold? Crickets. Good luck with that. You’re going to need it.

          • James Bauer

            lol, I don’t need any luck, because I actually do prefer the the GWG service over what PS+ offers. There’s no excuses or justification needed – it’s just how it is. You wanna play the new Tomb Raider, that’s cool. I haven’t played a Tomb Raider game since the original Playstation, because I don’t like the Tomb Raider games. That being said, if I did want to play it, or any other game, I would just get it from Gamefly, and if I decided I wanted to keep it, I would get it at discount.

            You can enjoy PS+ all you want, I’ll still be preferring GWG. Isn’t it neat how different people can have different preferences?! ….Mind Blown…..

          • Jon Kage Vadovsky

            It’s not about preference its about value. I traded my 360 for a ps3 because I won’t be spending any money on old technology and the fact is PlayStation plus offers better games and more of them every month. On PlayStation I’m playing Devil may cry, bioshock infinite, metro last light, remember me, tomb raider, uncharted, outlast, Warframe, DCUniverseOnline, and more. Make all the excuse you want but GWG is a trash program, they literally aren’t comparable.

          • James Bauer

            Your problem seems to be that you are speaking your own opinion, and applying it the community as whole, essentially saying that since you see it this way, everyone else does to.

            Seeing as I have a high-end PC and a Gamefly subscription, virtually everything that you speak of in terms of value from PS+, I am able to obtain elsewhere. DCUO and Warframe? I play them on PC, as well as Planetside 2. Having access to all those other games you listed? I have Gamefly for that, and I own XCOM on PC, as well as Metro. I also use Steam a lot for many free to play games, that neither GWG or PS+ can offer me.

            Seeing as how I have all the “value” I could ever want in terms of access to games, it really comes down to preference, and I prefer saving and keeping games on my 360, turning into a console will a full library of games to play, rather than simply being granted access to games that I can get from other sources.

            I am not speaking for a group, nor am I claiming GWG is better than PS+. I am simply saying that for me personally, I find GWG to be the better option, since it meets my needs where they aren’t already met. I don’t see why this is so hard for you to grasp.

          • datdude

            Of course you can enjoy what you want as you like. But you’re in the vast minority. Only an ignoramus would prefer an inferior experience. I suppose you also enjoy chewing rocks instead of a nice steak. Enjoy your rocks. Watch your teeth.

          • James Bauer

            I actually don’t like steak – I really don’t eat beef at all, so I probably would choose the rocks…

            The important thing is that people choose different services for different reasons. For you, GWG is inferior, for me, and what it offers, it is not. PS+ is the inferior service for me, since everything I would want form it, I can already get elsewhere. People like you seem to be so blindly devoted to Sony/their service, that you can’t even acknowledge other peoples opinions that differ from your own, without attempting to belittle or discredit them, hence the “vast minority” statement (which is also a blind assumption) hence the “inferior experience” statement, hence the “rocks over steak” statement.

            As for the “vast minority,” who cares? What does that even mean? Your “mob rule” mentality doesn’t actually prove anything, since popularity doesn’t equate to quality. Virtually all the music artists in my library, get no radio play and are never/rarely on the Billboard top 100. They rarely win or are even nominated for a Grammy, and they don’t break sales records, so I guess this means they suck, right, even though a good number of them have actually studied music at schools like Berklee and Julliard, and are insanely talented at their craft.

            You and others here actually come off as angry that anyone would dare choose GWG over PS+. It’s time to grow up and realize that not everybody like the same things you do, even if they are factually better/worse. People prefer different things for different reasons, and as an adult (which I assume you are…) you should be able to acknowledge this, and while maybe not agreeing with them, at least respect it and/or their reasons behind it, without going on the defensive, and resorting to insults…. when you learn how to do this, maybe then we can engage in an adult conversion….

          • datdude

            I reiterate…watch your teeth.

  • Wayne

    “Microsoft still hasn’t implemented Games with Gold for the Xbox One, so PlayStation still has the NEXT-GEN advantage.”

    You meant to say current-gen.

  • Germaximus

    It goes back and forth. Xbox has done good with its start. PlayStation has given out plenty of smaller titles that I wouldn’t care about but I do think it’s cool. Including Dungeon Defenders.

  • albatrosMyster

    That’s without counting that you still have access to games offered the previous months on PS+, as well as games for all your Sony systems from the PSP all the way to the PS4!

    And the service is not forced on you to get most features working on your box.

  • datdude

    What a joke of an article.

  • GeorgeAlbanis

    Its not even close. PS plus is still a better deal. You dont need it to play most online games and you dont need PSplus to watch Netflix either. Plus the selection is far far better. Borderlands 2. Dragons Dogma and this past month Xcom and Bioshock Infinite.

    By the way, these games on Gold for Games are usually less than a few bucks as bundles on Steam.

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