Games for Hospitalized Children Provided by New UK Charity
by GamerFitnation on March 10, 2014 at 10:03 AM EDT

By: Brogan Cordova


One day, 25-year-old James Stewart was playing his Xbox 360 and noticed he had quite a few games that he wasn’t playing anymore. He knew about the Get-Well Gamers Foundation in the U.S., and asked them if they had a U.K. division he could donate his games to.

That’s when Ryan Sharpe, the founder of GWGF, e-mailed Stewart back, saying they had no U.K. affiliate but they were interested expanding. Sharpe offered him the chance to be the founder of their U.K. effort.

Now Stewart is the director of Get-Well Gamers U.K., asking people to donate their unused consoles and games and then passing them on to hospitals.

Through play specialists and play teams in hospitals, Stewart said, play therapy helps children stay positive during their treatment and recover.

“Children can understandably be anxious during hospital stays,” Stewart said. “Video gaming is engaging and provides a great outlet for anyone.”

Founded in California in 2001, GWGF has linked up to hundreds of U.S. hospitals and donated games and consoles to “hundreds of thousands” of children across the country. Games have been found as an effective pain management tool.

Donations and contributions for the U.K. division are accepted on its website.

If you live in the U.S. and want to donate games in the states, here is the U.S. site.

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