Games with Gold vs. PlayStation Plus Free Games: April 2014
by Zachary Bridge on April 20, 2014 at 09:00 AM EDT

Games with Gold vs. PlayStation Plus April

Both Microsoft and Sony offer free games to subscribers to their premium services. New games are offered each month, and a comparison between the two services is inevitable.


Microsoft is still only offering free games for the Xbox 360, which is a major hit against the Games with Gold program. Sony offers games for the PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation Vita for a total of six games. The Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 are each offering two games, so even if you only compare the Xbox 360 with its generation’s counterpart, the two are equal as far as number of games offered.

For genre variety, both Sony and Microsoft are offering mostly action games, though PixelJunk Monsters Ultimate HD on the PS Vita is a strategy game. There’s not a huge discrepancy between the genre variety of April’s games.


Both Hitman: Absolution and Deadlight are from 2012. Batman: Arkham City is the oldest game on the list, being from 2011, but PlayStation also offers Mercenary Kings, which is a brand-new game that came out on April 1. The rest of PlayStation’s games are from 2013, so Sony is offering newer games than Microsoft this month.


The total value of the games from Games with Gold is $34.98, while the PlayStation Plus games total $87.44.

The average value of the games offered by Microsoft is about $17.50, while the average price of Sony’s games is about $14.57.

The total value of PlayStation Plus’ games is more than double the value of Games with Gold. Even comparing only Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, PlayStation 3 is offering more expensive games.


While the quality of a game is pretty subjective, a game’s Metacritic scores are a pretty decent indication of the gaming community’s general reaction to a game.

The highest critic score for the Xbox games is 79 for Hitman: Absolution, and the lowest is 68 for Deadlight. The user scores are inverted; Hitman: Absolution received a 6.9, and Deadlight received 8.0.

The average critic score of the Xbox games is 73.50, and the average user score is 7.45.

The highest PlayStation critic score is 96 for Batman: Arkham City, and the lowest is Mercenary Kings with 69. The highest user score is Batman: Arkham City with 8.5, and the lowest is Mercenary Kings with 6.9.

The average critic score of the PlayStation games is 81.83, and the average user score is 7.78.

Users and critics seem to agree that PlayStation is offering higher quality games than Xbox, though the discrepancy between the scores is much lower between users than between critics.

Note: Mercenary Kings didn’t have a Metacritic critic score at the beginning of the month because it was a new game. The critic score is currently 69.

Games with Gold vs. PlayStation Plus April 3


Sony gives the impression that its free games program is for the users, while Microsoft gives the impression that Games with Gold is an obligation that they need to meet in order to compete with Sony.

Sony offers more games on more systems, and the games they offer are newer and rated better than the games that Microsoft offers. They even offer brand-new games like Mercenary Kings.

Even comparing the PlayStation 3 with the Xbox 360, Sony is offering more games than Microsoft.

If Microsoft is treating its Games with Gold program like a competition with Sony, then Microsoft is losing the competition. It’s not fair to count the PlayStation Vita games against Microsoft because Microsoft doesn’t have a handheld system, but the Xbox One is still not part of the Games with Gold program five months after the console’s release.

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  • Falo a verdade

    So… PSN + is just a rental service, if you stop to pay psn plus, your games ”gained” from promotion, will disappear.

    So Microsoft gives you two games per month and these games is ”forever” no matter if you cancel your Xbox Live Gold or whatever sony fanboys thinks about that.

    • Prime157

      Xbox trolls came out fast. Lol.

      Xbox pay-wall makes pretty much anything on 360/xbone a rental.

      I can spin too.

      • Da GeeZ

        Wow… this is the typical sonyfanboy non-logic that gets spewed across the net. How does this even make sense?

        I pay for XboxLive and I get to KEEP games, real ownership. I pay for psn and I get rental. This is how it works right?

        Wow, I mean wow… this comment has completely spun me out. This is the typical cognitive-dissonance I associate with the sonyfanboy, they really do not live in the world of facts. It feels like the disaster of the ps3, coupled with the terminal death spiral of sony, is so painful for the sonyfanboy that it’s split their mentality into two radically different realities. The sonyfanboy seems to live in the late 1990′s to 2006 when sony seemed invincible, it’s like they can’t adjust to reality or admit sonys mistakes or any weakness in the last 10 years.

        Bizarre… truly Bizarre… sonyfanboy cognitive-dissonance will never die.

        • Prime157

          Just get a pc, kiddo. The route of the problem, or what you deem cognitive dissonance, is the fact that you are paying for two services. BOTH have stipulations, and BOTH offer pros and cons.

          You fixate on the rental aspect, and I fixate on the fact that xbl pay walls almost everything (would have LITERALLY pay walled even single player, or paper-weighted the system had people not bished about drm). So I’m sorry you put so much emphasis On the licence for these crappy games, but the fact is, many people preferred the value of psn to gold even before ps4.

          • Da GeeZ

            Ah, now I get where you are coming from. Yes, aspects of Microsoft where about to do some pretty heinous stuff with Xbox1, it felt like the worst of the suits had gotten hold of the Xbox division and put them over a barrel, true. So, that’s gone, back to today and reality…

            Paying for XboxLive means you have a professional service, it’s meant excellent servers, the best DLC 1st… and safety… let’s not forget about safety and world class software… Hmmm, I seem to remember the psn hack… you know when it was down for days, and peoples details were open and sony just stood back and made sure they were all good before announcing that psn users should maybe change their passwords. Completely 2nd rate effort there… you get what you pay for buddy. The psn framework is most definitely second rate. If PC gaming is your thing… go for it mate… knock yourself out.

            Isn’t sony ‘pay-walling’ with the failstation4 as well. Hmmm, not sure what your point is now.

            Oh licensing… of yes… Microsoft gives you the games and sony just rents them. It’s as if sony is that kid that snatches his ball back and runs home to mummy if the other kids won’t play how he wants them to.

          • Toolca

            “Professional Service” I beg to differ. MS has had Xbox live blackouts and even Hotmail hacks through the roof.
            I even remember Xbox live being offline for over 2 weeks and not 1 words as to why. but as soon as it was back up everyone gets free gold for the days offline and a free game, but still not a word as to why it was offline. it took another week for them to give a half assed reason that could have been said at day 1 when Live was back. This has happened more than you think.
            Yet Sony actually told their customers that they may have been hacked and want their customers to change their passwords.
            If MS gets hacked like way back when, I can guarantee that MS will not let the public know even if it involves bank details.

          • FoRSaKeN 1

            LOL Talk about Fanboys… Jesus..

            You can’t even see past the blind hate, to see how stupid this post is…

            You just said “You can’t talk about what Microsoft said that flipped EVERYONE OUT at E3 last year..” .. “let’s talk about how sony got hacked by some xbox loving fanboys 3 years ago though”..

            Rofl.. and with that.. I am done reading your rubbish.. too many better people to have intellectual conversations with..

    • brianc6234

      Yawn. You Xbots are retards. Go play with your Wii.

      • Da GeeZ

        Pot meet Kettle.

  • Da GeeZ

    This article is extremely misleading…

    The psn is a rental system ONLY. The psn system does not give you games, you do NOT own them. You pay a subscription to rent these games off of sony.

    The XboxLive Games with Gold system gives you ownership of the games. You get the games perminently. You own them, you brought them with Gold, if you drop Xboxlive you keep the games.

    In short…
    psn = Rental
    XboxLive = Ownership

    • Kingdom17

      Granted, but for the quality and quantity of the games that you get with the rental, most don’t care.

      • Chuck Green

        I know I don’t care about this. Either way I get to play better games for the price I pay anyway. Rental or ownership who cares as I can’t resell either one when I’m done.

        • Da GeeZ

          Not interested in reselling.

          I get ownership and I’m not being blackmailed into paying for psn based on fear that I will loose my games.

          I get to keep them.

          • Jason Mounce

            And if you’re given a Multiplayer-focused game and your Gold Membership goes away. Guess what also goes away? The online servers.

            Your use of the word ‘Blackmailed’ is, idiotic. Doubly-so how obnoxious your bias is. Lol

          • zeuanimals

            You’re really complaining about “rentals”? You’ve been renting the majority of your systems uses for years now.

            PS+ might be a “rental” service, but it has much better games and so many games across many platforms. PS+ is so good, I’m not gonna want to drop it. I mean, why would I? I’d be missing out on the next-week’s game, and the week’s after that. I’m not even worried about the games I’ve already beaten, I want the new ones and to get them, I need PS+.

            Hell, I’ve racked up $500+ worth of value, and I paid $50 for it… That’s a $450 profit, and I still have 2 months until it expires. it’ll probably be $500 profit when it does end, but I’ll renew it to keep that streak going.

            With Gold, I feel no need to resubscribe because what they’ve been giving out pales in comparison. Publishers don’t want to give away their games forever for people who unsubscribe, that’s why they’re more inclined to give games to PS+. If GWG wants to compete, it’s gonna have to become a “rental” service too.

          • Kenshi Ryden

            The “you’re just paying for a rental” argument is utter bullshit.

            Not because it’s facetious. It’s technically true. But because it’s irrelevant. Irrelevant to how much enjoyment you can get out of free content..

            Let’s compare an identical scenario:

            You get Hitman: Absolution on GWG for free yeah? You play it for 2-4 weeks maximum probably. Then you’re done with it. You probably won’t play it for a long time after that.

            Now say, hypothetically, you also got Hitman: Absolution on PS+. You download it, you play it for 2-4 weeks maximum, then you’re done with it. You probably won’t play it for a long time after that- and when you do, you’ll probably still be subscribed to PS+, it hasn’t gone anywhere, so you’ll just play it again. (If you aren’t subbed to PS+, it’s probably down to about £3 on Amazon anyway.)

            Yes, with PS+ it’s technically a rental. But:

            1) if your subscription has lapsed and you fancy playing the game again years later, it takes a £5 payment to play it (and all the other ones you got) for a month. Which is far more time than you’ll need to enjoy a game fully.

            2) The majority of people don’t even finish their games, let alone play them for periods of time longer than a few months or a year. The weeks or months you get, at minimum, with a PS+ rental, is more than enough to enjoy a game fully.

            In order to get all you need to get out of a game, PS+ is fine. You play the game all you want, and your subscription will lapse LONG AFTER you finish with the game. In terms of playtime, the “rental” argument is irrelevant.

          • wampdog29

            I don’t really think it’s even “technically” true. When you rent games, you have to send them back. With PS Plus, you never give them back. Even if you decided to NOT renew your membership for a few months and then start it up again, you STILL have those games you downloaded for free before…

            It’s also a bit misleading for the original commenter to say that Xbox gives you OWNERSHIP. That’s bull. In today’s media market, you don’t own sh!t. They say it everywhere. You are buying the RIGHT TO USE, not the RIGHT TO OWN. You cannot own a piece of media as the original creator is the owner. This is why they are allowed to do whatever they want to the game even after you purchase it… because you don’t purchase the game, you purchase a license to use…and yes, this even applies to Games for Gold.

      • Da GeeZ

        I feel that’s a a fairly accurate statement of the general sentiment, but it’s not everyone.

        My above comment highlights the real nature of the two services. We must also consider the feeling of being ‘blackmailed’ by the psn, if I don’t pay, I loose my games library. There’s no such thing on Games with Gold, I loose nothing I’ve already paid for.

        • Kingdom17

          Fair enough, while I would never feel blackmailed (as I don’t feel blackmailed to pay Netflix, well maybe) But I can see the allure to technically owning the game, but my backlog is big enough so I’m a little happy about that at the same time lol Main reason I really don’t use Gold and try and in get in on these is games is I’ve had horrible experiences trying to get access to my account with customer service, and I don’t play that much on my 360.

          • Da GeeZ

            sony are clever, I’d say nefariously devious, they knew full well when designing the psn rental system that it would create a nasty hook for users when they decide to leave the psn. You leave psn and you instantly turn off an ever growing games library. It’s clever, devious, intentional.

            The Microsoft system doesn’t have any nasty hook, it’s straight forward, open and honest.

          • Ittoryu

            actually you have the games for about a week after you stop paying and it’s not like they aren’t on the hard drive if you want to play them you just drop 8$. I feel live was blackmailing me more making me pay for live to use my netflix which I already paid for once. I paid for PS+ for two months to give it a try and I actually felt like I was getting something for my money unlike live where it seemd, even with GWG I already owned everything they gave away because the games are so old, I was just paying to use a service I could get free on my PS3.

          • Da GeeZ

            So there’s 1 week before you loose everything you’ve paid for… oh ok, that’s a world of difference, this changes everything.

            Again, it’s devious, sly and manipulative… everything that sony is at it’s core. The psn is not a straightforward service… it’s always been 2nd rate… remember the shocking psn hack where it took sony DAYS to even tell it’s users their accounts might be fully open to hackers… this wasn’t honest, this was devious and sly… they ain’t about the customer, just about the money.

            Games with Gold is growing, giving away full games against renting them is a different ballgame, this is what people seem to forget. Microsoft are actually giving away games, unlike sony.

          • You are flat out wrong

            Xbone is finished.

          • Gamez Rule

            PS+ is a multi featured service, not a game rental service. You get given stuff like Map-Packs for FREE to keep forever, you can keep all the Avatars / Dynamic Themes / Add-ons, including DLC which do not expire when a PlayStation Plus subscription lapses. Yet people seem to leave that part out?

            Whatever you buy ( using the PS+ discounts ) is also yours to keep forever. Now this is NOT my opinion when i say PS+ offers the best deal on any console network for gamers.

            So lets think about this for one minute. Is XBL is really optional?

            people can’t tell me it’s optional, because if you want to access the multi player portion of the game you paid for you HAVE to pay for XBL Online Membership to use that game feature? And GFG ( Games For Gold ) is no exception ( something that doesn’t affect PS3 gamers )

            The only thing Microsoft has dominated is last place. Sorry, but it’s true. They have never dominated a PlayStation platform and it’s not gonna happen this gen either?

          • Kenshi Ryden

            It’s really not devious. It’s a way of giving content to an exclusive community of people who want to support the PSN voluntarily.

            Do you know how much the GWG games are usually worth? Every week a game on GWG came out, I would check how much I could buy it for. Usually it was less than £4. That’s about $6-7. And they’re giving you a 4-5 year old game for free. One that you’ve probably played already. Big woop.

            Then on PS+ I got Bioshock Infinite, still going for £20-30 (like $40-50) AND Outlast, freshly released for £16.

            You’re imagining digital content is worth the same as physically owned content. It’s not. If XBL goes down, just like with PSN, you CANNOT access your games. Very few of them, at least.

            Digital content can be measured by playtime and real-world value. Not whether it’s “rented” or not. You can ONLY measure it based on how much fun you’ll get out of it and for how much versus a real world purchase.

            And PS+ wins hands down every time. It’s not devious, it’s not odious, it’s not sinister- it’s just a better service. You clearly don’t have it, have never had it, and are infatuated with Xbox. I have both consoles, and while I love both, PS+ KILLS XBL GWG.

          • jnemesh

            Seeing Bioshock Infinite was what tipped me over to subscribing! Then, almost immediately, they gave me Borderlands 2 and XCOM as well! Now I have a PS4, and I just got several games for that as well! When I get my Vita, I will get Vita games free too! The author of the article gets it spot on “Sony gives the impression that its free games program is for the users, while Microsoft gives the impression that Games with Gold is an obligation that they need to meet in order to compete with Sony.”

          • Gamez Rule

            “So there’s 1 week before you loose everything you’ve paid for”

            You don’t lose anything you’ve paid for from PSN / PS+. You only lose access to games from PS+ once your sub expires ( which when you re-subscribe to PS+, the games you have already downloaded will reactivate ) but everything else given by PS+ still works.

            “they ain’t about the customer, just about the money.”

            Sounds more like MS with XBL if you ask me, as it’s certainly not Sony with PSN or PS+ as they always gave back to the gamer and have done for many years.

            “Games with Gold is growing, giving away full games against renting them is a different ballgame”

            Just to let you know that the games for gold are NOT free either…”Games with Gold” free games offer available for paid Xbox Live Gold members only”… and the fact is when your XBL stops the online access to those so called free games doesn’t work, so you’re still locked to XBL Gold charges to play online something that PS3 gamers don’t have to worry about.

          • Ittoryu

            Um no Gamez Rule they still work it isn’t like PS+. once you download the game it’s yours. The problem is they are all almost 7 years old. I think the best game they gave away so far was Sleeping Dogs.

          • Gamez Rule


            I stated “You don’t lose anything you’ve paid for from PSN / PS+” so why post ( Um no Gamez Rule they still work it isn’t like PS+ )?

            IF you are on about GFG from XBL, what I also stated is correct too, and that is that you’ll need a one month XBL online sub before you can get the games, and when your XBL online sub expires you cannot access online from the GFG.

          • Ittoryu

            Your not making sense. Once you download the game from Games with Gold that game can be played without paying for live ever again.

          • Gamez Rule

            First of all you have to have a one month XBL online membership to get the GFG deal.

            IF you want to play the games from GFG online you NEED to pay MS for an XBL online membership.( something that PS3 gamers don’t have to worry about with any games )

            IF you have games ( bought by yourself or given to you from MS ) that need online access you’ll need to have an active XBL Online membership.

          • Ittoryu


          • Ittoryu

            You didn’t pay for anything, you are as you said renting them everyone understand this, there is nothing devious or manipulative about it. You paid 50$ a year to have excess to the games they let you have pretty simple. GWG is a nice start but it simply sucks. I have every game they have given away from the start and PSN has nothing to do with PS+ you don’t have to pay it, if you choose to you get to download some games and once you do as long as they are on PSN you can re download any time. An xbox is pretty useless without live which you have to pay for to basically do anything but games on it. PSN does lack features but the features it lacks I never used on my 360 anyway so I’m not missing anything.

            I’m not trying to convince anyone PS+ is better, I find it a cheaper, better value then Live plain and simple. Its only 50$ a year, I get better games on PS+, when I choose to purchase, I actually get discounts, sometimes up to 75% sometimes, on digital and its good across all PS platforms and not just one account. MS began GWG and made the gold account good for any user on the xbone because of PS+ and Sony that is a win for Xbox fans, so you’re benefiting from the pressure Sony created with the model they use on PS+.

            Neither company is about the consumer in fact no company is about the consumer the only thing any company is about is money that is just the bottom line.

            I choose to go with the company that didn’t try to kill the used games market, take my control over the media I purchase and trample my consumer rights. That’s why I stop supporting MS. I used to be a big Xbox supporter but they screwed up and it’s going to take more than GWG to get my money back.

          • Gamez Rule

            People seem to forget that for a small fee to Sony for using PS+ you get access to all the games you added to the cart from the given selection? As well as brand new games for PS4 ( something GFG doesn’t offer for Xbone gamers ) AND not to just stop there but ALL accounts on the consoles that use PS+ can use the games ( unlike MS and there GFG ) as the games from PS+ work at the same time on more than one console on more than one account.

            How many games would people have access too from being from a day one PS+ member? It’s well over a hundred of games. You still get to keep forever ( map-packs / dynamic themes / premium avatars / premium game elements / ect ) even when your PS+ Sub Ends. You also get to keep anything you bought using the PS+ % discounts.

            PLEASE NOTE: If your subscription lapses and then you re-subscribe, the games you have already downloaded will reactivate, so you still have access to them on more than one console using more than one account in more than one country.

            MS does have a nasty hook with XBL and it’s not straight forward, let alone open and honest, as XBL Gold STOPS people from using their own bought content online when you stop paying MS for it. ( including online services like Netfilx, ect ) as well as ALL the Map-Packs you bought that need online usage… ( Something Sony doesn’t do ).

            PSN is always being made out to be of a lesser standard compared to Xbox Live. This is just false. PSN offers more than what XBL offers in many ways that count to gamers.

          • FoRSaKeN 1

            A Nasty Hook would be not being able to play your games on the high speed internet that you already drop 40$ a month for without subscribing another 60$.. So who feels blackmailed? “If you wanna play with your friends, on this wicked cool game here.. Subscribe to Gold”

            They never came up with giving free games away on their own. It was a response to PS+ giving away “rentals” for free. You know what is really funny about you calling them “rentals”? I don’t agree with that.. because I am SO happy with the amount of free stuff, and reduced costs on many DLC packs.. That I bought PS+ on the PS3, and when I upgraded to the PS4, guess what? I already had it.. plus 3 extra Indie games, and a free game every month SINCE the release date. How many free games you got on your GWG?

            Oh btw, I have an XBox One.. and I bought Gold.. I got the 2 year subscription from Amazon, best deal, ends up being under 50$ too, who wouldn’t? Plus I don’t gotta worry about it again for 2 years. Whether you own a game or are renting it, no longer matters.. If you are playing online, on either system now, you will have BOTH SERVICES as long as you are playing ONLINE GAMES.. which most games are ONLINE Driven Experiences now.. So hmm.. even though I might lose them if I don’t have PS+ anymore.. I’m always going to have it.. so.. Even though I want to play Titanfall, I have to have a subscription.. If its ever “free” I would still have to pay to play it online. You are the one being blackmailed.. you are just too blind to see it.. You’ve been forced to pay for your internet twice for a decade.. Congrats for the moron of the year award.. I opted to pay for PS+ when it first came out, because It provided me with VALUE, and I WANTED IT.. not because I was forced to..

            Also I have a build up of free games on PS+ that I still haven’t even tried yet.. guess what? I can still play them.. because I WILL ALWAYS HAVE PS+… so the fact a game “Could” not be available, that was a “rental” if the service wasn’t subscribed to anymore will never happen… Just like you wanting to play Titanfall and not having a membership to Gold.. will never happen.. Who’s the pony here?

        • You are flat out wrong

          Xbone has no games.

        • Gamez Rule

          So you don’t feel ‘blackmailed’ by the XBL Online Fees then. if you don’t pay, you’ll loose your games library that needs online access? So if you don’t pay you can’t use ANY online content on MS consoles whatsoever.

  • brianc6234

    That’s a mediocre list of sites that reviewed Mercenary Kings. Who in the world are most of those sites?

  • pabsis

    thanks Captain Obvious

  • Cameron

    Don’t forget: The games you get on Xbox 360 are games you get to keep, even if your gold account relapses. You do not get to keep your PSN games if you stop purchasing PS+. That’s a pretty nice addition to Microsoft’s program.

    • Gamez Rule

      PS+ is a multi featured service, not a game rental service. You get given stuff like Map-Packs to keep forever, you can keep all the Avatars / Dyamic Themes / Add-ons, including DLC which “do not expire” when a PlayStation Plus subscription lapses. Whatever you buy ( using the PS+ discounts ) is also yours to keep forever.

      So yes you do get to keep PS+ content even when your sub expires, it’s just the games given to PS+ subscribers stops, BUT they are still tied to your account so you still get to keep them. To use them you need to re-subscribe. BUT even with Games with Gold the games offer is only available for paid Xbox Live Gold members only. You cannot have those games unless you pay MS first too?

      So yes you get to keep the games given too you from GFG once your XBL sub expires, BUT you cannot use the online features of those games without XBL online memberships. ( something that doesn’t effect PS3 gamers )

    • ImonadrugcalledCharlieSheen

      I’d rather not permanently own great games, then get to “keep” the pure crap Microsoft gives its fans.

  • Gamez Rule

    So lets look at it this way..

    Right now IF you didn’t have PS+ or XBL GFG what one would you choose out the two offers?

    Right now you can get One game from GFG ( DEADLIGHT ) as that is the only game showing to get from XBL when you have a one month XBL membership.

    Right now you can get One PS4 game ( Mercenary Kings ) as well as Eight PS3 games ( PES 2014 / Sly Cooper: Thieves In Time / Hotline Miami / Brothers: A Tale Of Two Sons / Bioshock Infinite / Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception / Xcom: Enemy Unknown / LittleBigPlanet: Karting )

    But it doesn’t stop there. PS+ also has Five PS-Vita games ( Sly Cooper: Thieves In Time / Hotline Miami / MotoGP 13 / Uncharted: Golden Abyss / Gravity Crush ) and here is the best thing about it all… You can get all the above with a FREE 14 Day PS+ Trial. ((( As well as 25 Dynamic Themes / 13 Avatars ))) and a FREE Tunein Radio App plus a 38 FULL game trail selection.

    I’ll let people decide what’s better.

  • ImonadrugcalledCharlieSheen

    We didn’t need an article to tell us PSN+ is far far superior in every way to Microsoft’s joke of a service.

  • Jorge Almeida

    For Us europeans this month was better for Xbox, since the games are the same of US, but for ps3 it was PES2014 wich i dont really enjoy, and Sly travelers in time boring game from what’ve played so far

  • V For Vincennes

    Since January, Games With Gold has been pretty good to me. Hitman and Deadlight were the best titles yet. Curious how they’ll follow up for May.

  • Gamez Rule

    Batman: Arkham City = £40
    Red Dead Redemption = £40
    Mass Effect 3 = £40
    LittleBigPlanet 2 = £40
    Deus Ex: Human Revolution = £40
    Dead Space 2 = £40
    Bioshock 2 = £40
    Resident Evil 5 Gold Edition = £40
    Crysis 2 = £40
    Vanquish = £40
    inFamous 2 = £40
    Darksiders = £40
    Just Cause 2 = $40
    Borderlands = £40
    Sleeping Dogs = £30
    Hitman Absolution = £40
    Saints Row 2 = £40
    Virtua Fighter 5: Final Showdown = £35
    Catherine = £35
    Motorstorm Apocalypse = £40
    Dead or Alive 5 = £40
    Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine = £40
    Ratchet and Clank All 4 One = £40
    Lord of the Rings: War in the North = £40
    F1 Race Stars = £35
    Knytt Underground = £10
    Okami HD = £15
    LIMBO = £10
    Lara Croft & the Guardian of Light = £20
    Outland = £8
    Oddworld: Strangers Wrath HD = £7
    Renegade Ops = £6
    Quantum Conundrum = £8
    Retro/Grade = £8
    Chime Super Deluxe = £7
    Machinarium = £6
    Joe Danger 2 = £10
    Scott Pilgrim vs. The World = £8
    Guardians of Middle Earth = £30
    The Cave = £10
    Double Dragon Neon = £6
    Cubixx HD = £6
    Rock of Ages = £6
    Hell Yeah! Wrath of Dead Rabbit = £10
    Malicious = £6
    Zero Escape: Virtue’s Last Reward = £30
    Gravity Rush = £30
    Lumines Electronic Symphony = £15
    Metal Gear Solid HD Collection (Vita) =£25
    Uncharted: Golden Abyss (Vita) = £40
    WipEout 2048 = £10
    Tales from Space: Mutant Blobs Attack = £6
    Sine Mora = £8
    Pinball Arcade = £8
    Thomas Was Alone = £6
    Puddle = £8
    Jet Set Radio = £6
    Big Sky Infinity = £8
    Chronovolt = £5
    Velocity Ultra HD = £7
    Mortal Kombat = £40
    Demon Souls = £40
    ICO and Shadow of the Colossus = £30
    Ninja Gaiden Sigma Plus (Vita) = £40
    Unit 13 (Vita) = £30
    Battlefield 3 = £40
    Payday: The Heist = £30
    Saints Row the Third = £40
    XCOM: Enemy Unknown = £40
    LittleBigPlanet Karting = £40
    Bulletstorm = £40
    Batman Arkham Asylum = £40
    God of War HD = £30

    Total of 73 PS+ games set at Original Prices comes to a total of £1`864 *within 12-14 months* Cost to PS+ members = £40 ( for an 18 month PS+ Subscription deal )

    ( List doesn’t show all games given to PS+ Members ) or DLC like Map-Packs / ect as I’ve only added up to 14 months worth. ( not up to date either as list I made was on 13.07.2013 )

    Original game prices shown came to a total of £1`864. Now takeway the cost laid out for PS+ ( £40 ) Leaving a great money saving of £1`824 ( $2`754 ) In 12-14 months. ( 13 / 07 / 2013 ) 12:15 ( 1 BPS equals 1.51 US Dollar )

  • Aaron Gooch


  • N3M3S1S75

    I think that plus is a great idea, I have a subscription that runs out in 2016, I only top up when it goes on sale (unless it doesn’t go on sale between now and 2016) I have all three ps systems so I get the most out of plus. I will stop getting plus when I can no longer game or am dead. I still buy new release games and if that game comes out on plus than I trade it in. Keep up the good work Sony.

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