Free Xbox Games, Free PlayStation Games: May 2014 Breakdown
by Zachary Bridge on May 3, 2014 at 09:00 AM EDT

Every month, Xbox Live Gold subscribers get access to a new batch of free Xbox games with the Games with Gold program, and PlayStation Plus subscribers get some new free PlayStation games.

This May, Xbox 360 users with Xbox Live Gold can download Dust: An Elysian Tail from May 1-15 and Saints Row: The Third from May 16-31.

PlayStation Plus subscribers will be able to play Stick It to the Man! on PlayStation 4; Puppeteer, Pro Evolution Soccer 2014 and Skullgirls: Encore on the PlayStation 3 and Surge Deluxe and Limbo on the PlayStation Vita.

Read on for more specific information about each game.

Free Xbox Games with Games with Gold in May 2014

Dust: An Elysian Tail (May 1-15)

Free Xbox Games Free PlayStation Games Dust An Elysian Tail

Platform: Xbox 360
Developer: Humble Hearts LLC
Publisher: Microsoft Studios
Genre: Action & adventure, platformer
Release date: Aug. 15, 2012
Value: $14.99
Metacritic score: 83
Metacritic user score: 7.9
Rating: E10

Saints Row: The Third (May 16-31)

Free Xbox Games Free PlayStation Games Saints Row The Third

Platform: Xbox 360
Developer: DS Volition
Publisher: Koch Media
Genre: Action & Adventure, Shooter
Release date: Nov. 15, 2011
Value: $19.99
Metacritic score: 84
Metacritic user score: 7.5
Rating: M

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